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Have any of you recently applied for documents at the Home Affairs office in Wynberg? We are planning on going there on Thursday for a bunch of documents. Passports, unabridged birth certificates, unabridged marriage certificate. The last time I was there was in January, had to que outside the mall in the early hours of the morning only to get to the front to find out there are no more numbers i.e spots available to be helped and had to leave....... colossal waste of time!!! This was on a Saturday. We are going on Thursday..... Are things quieter during the week? Can we go a little later, say just before opening time to sit and wait in the mall or do we need to be there at 6am to stand in the que outside? I'm not keen on that as the kids (1 and 3) also need passports and we don't want to sit for 2 hours outside in the cold with them

Also, has anyone used the Home Affairs E-Services? Does it make the process quicker and easier? That you don't have to wait in the long ques to be helped?

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Willem sing

Hi Jimmy

You must definitely use the Home Affairs E-Services where possible.

For us it had two benefits:

1. Time spend inside Home Affairs was a lot shorter.

2. We went to CBD with our two small children (1.5 and 3.11 at the time) and arrived 07:40. Doors open at 08:00. When the doors opened, we told the security guy/ queue controller at the front we did the online application and they allowed us to jump queue (along the others who did the same) right to the front (passing 10000000 people) to get the ticket for the photos and fingerprints. Not sure if all branches do the same, but CBD told us beforehand this is how they operate,  and this was confirmed by our experience January 2018. (Remember to bring printouts of online process confirmation with you!)

Must also point out that it is possible - as part of the E-Services -  to do photos and fingerprints at certain banks in Cape Town area per appointment. Definitely worth investigating. Last step in the online process is to either make the booking at a bank, or select the Home Affairs branch you will be visiting. Have heard e.g. Standard Bank at Canal Walk is now an option. Am sure more banks will be / have been added? But even if you don’t follow the bank route, do at least the rest of the process online (for passport/ID).

Some positives: we received our passports within 5 working days, and our unabridged birth certificates within 9 working days.

I presume the unabridged birth certificates will be for you and your wife? Remember to take full names of your parents, IDs, as well as their places of birth. We did not need copies of their IDs.

My own experience was that things at Home Affairs are quieter further away from pay days. (Have heard that January and February 2018 were exceptionally busy due to some incorrect media release about green ID books that will soon expire. Apparently this created some frenzy.)

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@Willem sing what a legend! Thanks for the assistance, the info helped. 

Unfortunately we didn't succeed in our mission to get everything done in one go. This is what I've learned:

At Wynberg, you cannot skip the queue for passport or id application even if you have applied online

The CBD branch has a special section accommodating online applications, it is only there where you can skip the queue. 

In Cape Town, it is only Standard Bank who is currently processing id's / passports, but you must be a client. 

If your passport has not expired yet and you are applying online, you will be prompted to pay DOUBLE for the new passport. However, you don't have to pay online. Select to pay at the branch, once there they will waiver the additional charge provided that you bring your current passport with you. 

At Wynberg there is a separate queue for birth- and marriage certificates, which is basically a walk through. Applications for this are straight forward, quick and easy. 

My wife's passport expires in 2022, mine and my son's expires in 2020. The idea was that while we are going for our daughter's first passport and the certificates, we might as well apply for new passports for all of us which will sort us out for the next 5 / 10 years. We only managed to apply for the certificates, but will try going to the CBD for our passports on another day. 

I hope this will help anyone else that still needs to go through this process.... 

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Having tried Home Affairs in Somerset West, Wynberg and CBD (last year and this year), I highly recommend the CBD - my best time was arriving between 10.30 and 11.30 during the week - walked right in both times, and was out in less than an hour both times. Staff were much nicer and more competent than Wynberg.

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