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LSD Trip planned for November - Guidance needed

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Kyle T

Hi All, 

My partner and I are sitting in the pool at 418, so are not holding our breath with regards to getting a direct ITA. We realize that a job offer is our only chance of increasing our points at this stage but wanted to this community what they felt about our plan for the future. 

Having never visited Canada, a LSD trip has always been something we would have loved to do, but were never financially able to do so. We have since sucked it up, put money aside for this trip and started planning our visit for November. We plan to spend  of 6-8 weeks cruising around, with accommodation booked in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. The main objective is obviously deciding what city feels right for us, but I have a few questions about what is technically allowed during this visit, and what could possibly jeopardize our application for EE. 

The job hunt has been bleak. Myself in Product Design, partner in Hospitality, and it really feels like we are just sending our resumes out into space. We get the odd company getting back to us with the ol 'thanks but no thanks' email, but apart from that, it really feels like we are wasting our time trying to do this by ourselves and not contacting some sort of recruitment agency.

Would we be 'allowed' to go to companies/hotels and drop off resumes in person during our visit?  And does anyone have any suggestions for recruitment agencies in those 3 cities that we could also visit in person? We do not plan on relaxing and trying to sight-see, but plan to rather use this trip to try get that elusive job offer. Has anyone had any success doing something similar in the past??

We appreciate any information you can offer on this plan of ours..... Thanks in advance

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We intended to do the same thing on our trip - We did get a visitor visa and I asked our agent what we should do about job searching.  He then just said that you should just be honest on your visa application (on the application process you complete whether you have an invitation - which we obviously did not - or if it is a business trip and if it is, you also need proof of this - which we did not)  So we ended up phoning the consulate and asked how to approach this and they said we can get a visitor visa.  We ended up just contacting lawyers who were from SA and basically just met with them to chat about how the process was, how they adapted etc (we did not ask for jobs because we were still too scared to step over the line though)


I have heard during our first consult with our agent that some have gone over and gotten jobs


I will follow this thread and hope to also hear about this


November and December is not always the easiest travelling times and there will be occasions that you cannot travel (mostly in the prairies from what I understand) some of the highways closes in peak winter times - just take note of your routes and find out if they are one of them.


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I just noticed the November/December timeline.  That is probably not the best time to travel. Loads of times you are not able to see the lines on the road.  Trying to drive through snow when you are not even comfortable driving on the other side of the road can be very hazardous.   There can be snow storms where everything is shut down.  Travelling at all during the week of Christmas is also completely not advised.  It is chaos as everyone tries to get home for Christmas (schools shut down for that week or so, universities shut down for that week or so, so EVERYONE is travelling).  If at all possible, it would be better to move it ahead one month to October/November.  

Also, don't plan on driving from Toronto to Vancouver.  It is way to far, and will eat up way to much into your travel time.  Plus, if you rent a car in Toronto, and drive it to Vancoucer, they will charge you a bucket load of money.  That said, flying in Canada can be pretty expensive, so remember to take that into consideration.  In winter Vancouver will probably always look better than any other city :)  There is a reason everyone wants to live in BC.  But it is also seriously expensive to live in Vancouver.  And your salary does not scale up to match.  

It will probably not help you much to contact recruitement agents.  They won't help you get over here, they will simply help you get a job once you are here. 


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