Vacancy for a young chemical engineer

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Hi everyone

My name is Driaan van Gas. I am 24 years old and is a chemical engineer. I graduated  I graduated in 2016 with a degree in chemical engineering (B.Eng Chem) as a Cum Laude student.  I am a hard working and dedicated person. I am currently unemployed and any help or referrals will be greatly appreciated. I am willing to relocate if it is required. I have a year's experience in high pressure die casting of aluminum, brass and zinc . Other experiences and career achievements are mentioned below. Thanks for your help.


  • Research and development 
  • Designing Chemical Production processes 
  • Testing production techniques and materials 
  • Using Computer Models to evaluate the efficiency of production processes 
  • Managing production facilities
  • Conducting technical audits and inspections 
  • Overseeing Quality Assurance and Coordinating the management and disposal of chemical waste 

Career Achievements: 

  • Obtained a Golden Key Award 2015
  • Passed his B.Eng Chemical Engineering as Cum Laude Student in 2016
  • Was involved in several casting Projects with various Engineers – the aim was reduce porosity within our parts and determine which factors contribute porosity more


Kind Regards

Driaan van Gas

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