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Doing my landing formalities 1st week March

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Hi, I am landing in Toronto in the first week of March - tickets all booked. I am making the landing myself as I was the primary member during the express entry process. I want to see what I can get done within 10 days. My goals are:

  1. Open a bank account: Need to choose between RBC and BMO. leaning to RBC
  2. Meet some IT recruiters (best case maybe even attend an interview or 2)
  3. Meet an estate agent who can help me with accommodation for when I land permanently in May
  4. Maybe look at getting my drivers license in that time - I highly doubt I will have time for this though

Can anyone assist me with any tips or contacts regarding any of the points?

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1. Definitely doable. Either bank should be fine. I personally bank with RBC.

2. Also doable. You’d have to connect with them online before arrival. Sorry can’t help you with a contact here.

3. Contact @Linda via PM. She may be able to help. She’s the only agent I know on the forum. But I think there are quite a few more recommended by others. If you search you may find them.

4. Might not be as doable like the others.

Have a safe trip!

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