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Experience without qualifications questions

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Shelly Olivier

Myself and my fiance are 25 and 26 years old. We have a 3 year old.

I do not have any qualifications other than a matric and 6 years experience in real estate , I am however an award winning agent and a very well trained agent.

My fiance has about 8 years experience  in the scrap metal recycling industry starting from labourer to his current managerial position. He has done safety through Samtrac and has a bunch of other certifications. 

What are our chances of immigrating to Canada , funds are not a problem our qualifications are.

Any advise from people who have been successful in a similar position as us? 

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Going to be blunt here - I would say your chances would not be good.  Canada does not value experience very much (in immigration).  Qualifications are the things that gets you points.

Have a look to see what your points are:

I would have a long hard look at NZ.  Your fiance will probably have a very good chance of getting a job offer there.

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Welcome to the forums @Shelly Olivier!

I think your fiancé's profession will fall under NOC code 9211 -

This would mean that he probably can apply under Federal Skilled Trades Program -

The hurdle with this route is that while academic qualifications are not as important, either getting a job offer or a provincial certificate of qualification is. To get a certificate of qualification, your fiancé will need to apply to get his skills assessed. There may be some studying and examination involved, as well as apprenticeship.

I am not too familiar with the trades program, but know that some people have been able to go through that route. It's more difficult than the straight forward EE (for me to understand anyway), but it certainly is doable.

Good luck!

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