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Hi All. Myself and my wife would like some guidance on two questions please. 
1. What province / cities would be best for both of us to get work in? I am an environmental consultant in the petrochemical industry with ground penetrating radar experience, and my wife is a food product developer. 
2. Based on our current industries, who should we make the main applicant? 
Full disclosure, we will be doing the process ourselves. 
Many thanks!

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Hi Jako, I believe your wifey posted a similar thread on the FB page, and I agree with what was said - look at Alberta initially but don't discount Ontario, but also do research regarding where the jobs are - it might be somewhere totally different. Indeed.ca etc

I repeat what I said there - you should each create a profile with the other as dependent and see what your scores are. I am hoping someone with experience in your field will pitch in here and give advice.

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