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Proof of funds on entry into Canada

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Hi all,

Our PR has been approved, we have our passports back with all visas and paperwork, and we're just tying up loose ends before moving to Canada. That doesn't mean that the worrying is over though, so I need advise from the collective once again...

We used a bank account as proof of funds when applying for PR. The money is still sitting in that account, but I'm having timing issues with my cash flow that is complicating things. So my questions are:

1. I am the main applicant for PR and will be entering Canada around 5 weeks before my husband and the dogs. If I leave the cash that I currently have in my bank account and use this as proof of funds to activate my PR, can I start using it after entering Canada? Or does it have to stay there until hubby enters? I guess what I want to know is if my hubby also has to show proof of funds upon entry?

2. I can't really leave the cash alone until I enter Canada as I need it to stay afloat for the last couple of months in SA (neither hubby or me are working right now ?)... HOWEVER, or house has been sold last week. We have the signed sales agreement and we're just waiting for the buyer's bond to be approved. The transfer date is only after we'll both be in Canada though, so I can't wait for the sales proceeds but will have it two weeks after hubby arrives.  Do you think it would be safe to use some of the 'Canada cash' once we know that their bond has been approved, and then use the sales agreement and bond approval as proof of funds when I activate my PR?

Proof of funds is my biggest headache in this whole process, I would be very grateful for any advise.

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@Arya, congratulations. They're not going to count pennies when you land. Don't worry. Bring the documentation that shows that you have the settlement funds amount required. And that's it.

With hubby's arrival weeks later, he doesn't need to prove settlements funds again. You could perhaps give him the same funds document you used for landing if it eases your mind.

Monies in the bank moved all the time. Just make sure you bring some when you first land. They know that not all monies physically  come with the applicants and some do bank transfers at a later stage once they've landed.

Personal experience wise, all I got asked when I was landing was how much money I had on my person. I didn't even get to show them the physical cash nor my bank statements to prove my settlement funds. Slightly disappointed after I worried a bit about it too prior to landing but hey, it just goes to show that I was worrying for naught.

All the best for landing!

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