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Job offer chances increase by visiting Canada

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19 hours ago, YolandaB said:

Hi @Sparky6, What was your job codes to just send a EOI? Do you have to be in a specific Job (NB skills list) or did you just try and succeeded?

@Chantel & Graeme Franck , how did your research go about this? have you achieved closer to 400 points or and you looking at alternatives? We also scored lower than 400 so we will need to change our strategy :unsure:

Just a heads up that New Brunswick is only accepting EOI's from people currently employed in New Brunswick. They seem to be currently focusing on their Atlantic Immigration Pilot project.

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On 2017-4-21 at 3:09 AM, YolandaB said:

i must say if this is true this would be indeed a big wakeup call if it is indeed that difficult to find work in Canada !

There's only one thing worst than not getting PR and that is not getting a job...we have to live of something :unsure:

Looking for a job is a skill because you are in a new environment, not because the job market in Canada is difficult.

My point of view is, that once you're here, you will find a job, but not necessarily the one you want. It may not even be in your field, but there should be some job that can help you get money in, in stead of just spending it.

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