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13 minutes ago, Nettie said:

@Reibtseb My experience this time round, is very different from my first time moving here. The first time I was a young mom and my friends were from church, or other homeschoolers. This time I had a hard reality check when I entered the job market and met more people outside of that setting. Sometimes you have to choose between keeping/getting a job vs talking about your faith. I did admit that I'm pro-life during a recent interview and got the job, but I have also been attacked in the work place for the same view, when I was asked point blank (I just said "yes", didn't try to prove my point). I usually don't talk politics or faith at work or on forums :unsure:.

On the plus side, you should be able to find a church where you can fellowship with other Believers and grow in your faith. 


Wisdom is needed in everything we do, both at work and even at church. Knowing when to speak and when not to. I'm a firm believer in fruit. The greatest tenet of Christianity is LOVE, we need to let our lives do the talking and hence they say by their fruits we shall know them.

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