Engineer seeking employment tips in Canada

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Hi there

Me and my wife visited Toronto and the GTA this December for 2 weeks to explore and experience a bit more of Canada than we could by doing research on the Internet before we make our final decision. We were very pleased with what we saw and insight that we gained by visiting different Saffers while we were there to hear their stories and getting some tips.

We want to make the big move. We haven't started the PR process yet, but plan to do so soon.  While we get the process running I want to ask if there are any Saffers that could give me some advice or tips on a career in Canada as a Mechanical Engineer.

Some background about myself: I have 4 years of full time work experience. Experience includes working at a powerstation (Eskom) and also in an aviation production plant (manufacturing components for Airbus and Boeing). 

Is there anybody here that has an Engineering degree that can share his/her story on how he/she managed to get work in Canada? Did you get an offer before you landed or did you first land an then seeked employment? If it is the latter, how difficult is it to get a decent job there? Even if it is an entry level job with the possibility of moving up the ladder while working there. 

Then another question is about professional membership. Do I need to belong to a council there (like ECSA in South Africa) before companies will consider hiring me or is it optional? I am not ECSA Pr registered in SA B.T.W. If I need to belong to such a council, can I do it from SA or can I only apply once I am there?  The same goes for any bridging courses that are needed. 

We would like to settle down in the GTA, more specifically Oakville or Mississauga, but if one of us manages to find work anywhere else we will definitely consider it. 

I know I am asking many questions here, but I would appreciate if somebody can answer some of my questions to give me a better idea of how I should approach a career in Canada as a Mechanical engineer.

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My 2 cents' worth with regards professional membership below. I have no idea about what engineers go through here in Canada but can offer website links that may help you with your research.

All the best.


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have you read this thread at all? 



Its a good start to answer some of your questions.


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