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8 Ways to Get a Job Outside of SA

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I read the following article on News24 today....

Always wanted to work and live abroad? Here is how.

Working abroad can be an amazing experience, especially as you get to travel and gain new cultural experiences. But how to go about getting there?

1. Use social media

While it may seem like a weird idea to get a job using Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, it’s more about networking. Using social media is a great way to meet people overseas. Many great companies advertise and market themselves using various social media platforms. Try to follow a few companies online, as you get to find out more about the business, its vision and might even get to engage with their employees.

Twitter accounts to follow: Opportunities for Africans and Expat Careers.

2. Teach English

Have a degree? Then why not teach English to kids or people in foreign countries abroad? There are various ways you can go about teaching overseas: you can either become a tutor or you can teach any subject you are qualified in. If you want to become a teacher and you don’t have a college degree, you do need have a TEFL (Teach English as Foreign Language) certificate.

Countries with a grave shortage English teachers: Thailand, South Korea, Nicaragua, Dubai, China, Russia, Vietnam, Chile and many more.

Where to go: Teach Abroad, CIEE, Teaching Abroad Direct and Teach Away.

3. Internships

Doing an internship abroad is not only a great way to build up your skills for your CV, but you can also get the opportunity to help companies in need.

Where to go: Opportunity Desk, Intern Abroad, Go Overseas and Global Placement.

4. Volunteering

Volunteering is about lending your skills to disadvantaged companies or causes that cannot afford to pay you in exchange for gaining invaluable experience.

Countries: Argentina, Ethiopia, Romania, Jamaica, Mexico, Cambodia, Peru, Ghana, Sri Lanka and many more.

Where to go: Project Abroad and United Planet.

5. Au Pair

If you love kids then becoming an au pair is perfect. By au pairing you are allowed to live with the family you work for, as well as do some housework (although most homes include a maid) and buy groceries.

Where to go: Au Pairs Worldwide, Cultural Care Au Pair and Au Pair World.

6. Studying

Studying abroad is every student’s dream, as you can get a degree at an internationally acclaimed university. Although studying lasts a year or two, job opportunities may arise via networking.

Where to go: Study Abroad, Study Overseas and Top Universities.

7. Join recruitment agencies

Getting a job overseas through a recruitment agency is probably one of the safest ways to go. Some companies hire recruitment agencies to find suitable employees and this could provide you with ongoing opportunities. Instead of you doing everything by yourself, the recruitment agency will sort out all the paperwork required for you to do the interview and get the job.

Where to go: Drake International, Antal, International Staffing Consultants and Bridging the Gap.

8. Cruise ships

Do you want a job in the hospitality industry? Working on a cruise ship is great – unless you suffer from motion sickness – as you get to save money, as you don’t have need to pay for you accommodation or food. You can work as a waitress, masseuse, musician or even nurse. You also get to meet interesting new people, while visiting and exploring exotic countries around the world.

Where to go: MSC Cruise, Cruise Ship Jobs, Princess Cruise and All Cruise Jobs.

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