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Double Applications - Express Entry

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Hi guys

If this is a duplication of anyone's previous question, please just reply with a link to the thread that can answer the following:

My fiance and I are both creating profiles on the CIC website, one with me as the main applicant and one with him as the main applicant. We are both listed on each other's main application to try increase our chances of getting invitations to apply. Yesterday though, whilst Googling, we found that some people advise against this as the CIC supposedly has issues with "double applications". Because if both profiles are chosen, one would decline the invitation and tag along with the other who has accepted and this, from what we've found, reflects badly on the individual and could cause problems.

Can anyone verify if this is a problem or not? Has anyone done the double application thing without any problems?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi EyelidGoose

I'm not an EE candidate but follow conversations with regards it closely. So here's my 2 cents:

Im pretty sure you are both able to create EE profiles like you said as above.

However, if your CRS scores are so close, then there's really no reason to do both. Select the applicant with the higher score and go with that.

One reason that applicants (partners) apply in each of their capacity is that they are thinking ahead. There were talks of job matching on EE earlier in the year but so far, this process has not materialised.

So for now, if your scores are not far off (and you are worried about this) anyways, just go with one (and the other one as a tag along).

Good luck with your application!

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