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Braam & Sanelle Cronje

Applying at Pretoria VFS

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Braam & Sanelle Cronje

Good day all,

Just got to Pretoria from Nelspruit. We will be going for our medicals tomorrow, 14 July with Dr. Erwin Lingenfelder in Pretoria and after that off to the VFS office to hand in our application.

I hope some of you guys that have applied at the VFS office lately can answer or help on a couple of my questions.

I'm a bit disappointed in the service I got on the VFS online chat. I had a couple of questions that I have asked to make sure that we have all forms and supporting docs in place so we can hand in the application as soon as we are finish with the medicals.

Just for interest sake, I'm the main applicant applying for a WP for me, Open WP for Sanelle and Open Study Permits for our 7 and 5 year old kids.

Under the WP application package you have two check lists, the standard IMM5488, this is the document checklist for a WP from CIC then you now also have the IMM5925 Pretoria Visa Office Instuction guide.

Witch one do you use or do you use both? As one of the VFS personnel said both and the other say the Pretoria one.

For interest sake the IMM5488 ask for the family info form IMM5645 and the IMM5925 ask for the family info form IMM5406, so I rather filled in both. Not sure witch one they actually want.

The VFS also said that both me and my wife should fill in or submit the IMM5925 Pretoria form, each must have copies of all persons passports, both must have proof of payment, proof of funds and unabridged Marraige. Now this I do not understand as this is one application package under me as the main applicant.

Then under the kids study permit application you also have two check forms the IMM5483 from CIC and then IMM5845 Pretoria visa office check list. As far as I understand this form you only need to fill it in if the student is older as 18 or under 18 and will be studying in Canada on his or her own. Am I correct?

Do we have to fill in the IMM5845 Pretoria form for our kids or not?

The Castodian form, again one of the VFS personnel said we do not need to fill it in as the kids will be living with us. The other one said what ever detail you can fill in, fill it in. Now this I did not fill in as our kids will be living with us? Did any of you have to fill this in in the same situation as this?

Do we need to add any of the kids school reports?

Hope some of you can shed some light on this before we have to go to the VFS office tomorrow.

I will also give full feed back on here as soon as we have finished with the medicals and the VFS office tomorrow.

My biggest question is what is the function of the VAC or VFS offices if they state that they can not tell you what forms to fill and also not give advise on how. Maybe I have this wrong, but as far as I have it CIC decided to make use of VAC and or VFS offices to assist applicants, yes in some cases thy do assist but without consistency between answers.

My biggest concern is getting there tomorrow, hand in the application, pay close to R400 per person that they "assist" with the application and the application package is not correct and gets rejected or cause delays at the Canadian Visa Office.

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I would guess (and I'm only surmising) that VFS is part of the "upliftment" programme and they're petty much useless... I rang them from Canada to ascertain whether I needed to send my Parents-in-law's application for visitor visas via them or not... and they did their best to persuade me that yes, I needed to, but when I asked a couple of more questions they conceded, no, I didn't need to... "but I wouldn't be able to "track" the "progress" of their passports..." ummmm. R250 odds per passport for THAT? No, thank you. I went directly to the High Commission. All ok.

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Ok, i'm going to try my best to answer this.

  1. Checklist: From what I see is the IMM5488 and the IMM5925 are similar. We got a checklist from our lawyers AND we completed what looked like a simplified version of the IMM5488 as well as the IMM5925. So in conclusion I would say submit both and make sure you complete both where applicable (there'll be a lot of cross casting so it shouldn't be too much.
  2. VFS: When looking at the VFS Faq section on documentation they seem to refer to the CIC so it looks like they accept the documents as per the CIC: Also while we're on the topic, here's the details on what the role of the VAC is according to CIC: :ilikeit:
  3. We both completed the IMM5406. The IMM5406 seems newer than the IMM5645. I'm not too sure about that. Might be better to have both handy and then ask one of the ladies at VFS. We had really good experiences with them there. If in doubt, you can always submit both.
  4. Because your wife is also applying for a work permit, she will also have to submit the same documents. Most of the documents will already be covered under your checklist so it won't be much of a duplication. M just needed to also add his resume and educational background. Both M and I had to complete the IMM1295. As quoted by the IMM5925: "If an accompanying spouse is applying for a work permit, the spouse is required to complete an Application Form (IMM 1295) and Additional Family Information Form (IMM 5406)."
  5. I can't really give much advise on the kids so I'm going to leave this to someone with kids who knows - sorry. :whistling:
  6. You all need to have the TRV form IMM5257 - Schedule 1 completed.

I honestly have had no personal complaints regarding VFS. We submitted through them and had no worries.

Hope this helps at least a bit. :ilikeit:


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