Finding a job in Canada, why is it so difficult?

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33 minutes ago, Khushboo Desai said:

Hi Jules 

I am content with getting a more junior level job but in my field. So if I am a Risk manager I am content with being a first year Risk officer but I would not want to work in a call centre in a retail bank. 

I am also keen on starting off at junior level in another field but closely related e.g. a mathematician. 

Jules - what field are you in?

I am also looking at short Canadian courses... hope that helps?

Thanking you 

Kind Regards 

Khushboo Desai 

My field is complicated to answer. I work in the international insurance division of a Canadian based bank. The complication results in a work identity crisis. I look after strategy, business planning and communications.

I probably shouldn't state this on a public forum but I am looking to get out of the banking environment. Canadian banking isn't famous for being a warm fuzzy place to work. 12 years at a Toronto head office bank is a long time. 

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