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SA Doctors - WP and Licensure. OUR EXPERIENCE

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I just thought I would document our experience so far for any other GPs or Physicians thinking of going the Canada route.

The experience so far (more than a year since we started looking at vacancies) has been nothing like what we expected.

March-July 2014 we spent sending out CVs to health authorities and recruiters (eg. HealthMatchBC) in various provinces. We researched the different provincial Colleges Licensure processes. Most came back saying write MCCEE qualifying exam then we'll see.

July 2014 - Job offer from a SA Colleague's brother in Saskatchewan. Seems if you know someone who knows someone try to make use of the contact. According to SA docs who have been there a few years, jobs advertised on internet seem to draw a lot of interest from other parts of Africa, Asia so you need to set yourself apart by having a good MCCEE score or someone with Canadian experience who is willing to recommend you.

July 2014 - Registered with physiciansapply to have qualifications verified and register for MCCEE. Expect over a hundred dollars per qualification. They will only use a private courier account after 60 days of no response from institution. They only use DHL, FEDEX and TNT. but TNT is the only one in SA that will let you open a private account. We have had to have the verifications couriered to SA and back to Philadelphia every time as the postal copies have never arrived. Expect R400 per document per trip, if that makes sense.

Sept 2014- wrote MCCEE in Midrand. Approx. CA $2000.

Nov 2014 - exam results received and forwarded to College of Physicians and surgeons Saskatchewan for licensure decision. Health Authority paid application fees. They come back a week later saying they have changed their bylaws and for a physician to be granted licensure you have to have applied to the Royal College of Physicians and surgeons of Canada for eligibility to write their exams. That costs CA $3500.

Nov 2014-Certificate of Good Standing from HPCSA plus courier fees approx R700

Dec 2014 -after mammoth collectionnof documents, letters etc 100 pgs emailed to RCPSC for eligibility ruling. Informed it could take between 6 and 18mths ....shock horror

Dec 2014 - RCPSC needs your Intern Duty Certificate from HPCSA. Approx R300. Courier to physiciansapply R4. Source verification CA $100. They also need start and end dates of specialisation. Got letter from prof. Same costs apply.

March 2015 - intern certificate and specialisation dates verified and sent back to Philadelphia via courier. RCPSC informs us they have completed eligibility ruling but have to wait for the intetn certificate and specialisation dates to be loaded onto physiciansapply. We wait.

Supposedly, should the RCPSC ruling be positive, College of Physicians and surgeons Saskatchewan will decide on licensure and then contact referees (apparently via email). Once we have a letter from them saying he will be licensed then we can apply for TWP.

So, as you can see this is a rigorous (and hellishly expensive) exercise. But we are assured by the 10 plus ex SA docs in this small town that every bit of frustration is worth it.

The process is much more difficult than when my sister in law (GP) and brother (physio) went to BC in 2008 so don't view those doctor's experiences as comparable to nowadays.

There are other costs I have not mentioned, US visas, medicals etc

If anyone needs any more clarification or info, just ask. I'm happy to share.

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The cost of relicensing is well worth it. I had to go through the process to be licensed as a barrister and solicitor, even through I had been on the Bench for 14 years. You recuperate the cost of re-licensing very quickly once you have your professional designation. It is worth the frustration. The problem physicians do have is get an opportunity to pursue the specialist route once you arrive in Canada.

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Hi Milo,

We’re specialists going through the process you describe at the moment.  
Currently waiting for our final ruling letter from the College of physicians and Surgeons of BC and then introductions to health authorities .  Dealing with the immigration side of things feels like the next huge ordeal.

Are you in Canada now?

 What has your work experience been like?


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