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I used to consult the Operational Bulletins (OB) and Operational Manuals(OM) extensively in the past. They are gold when it comes to CIC and Canada Immigration. It provides for an "inside track" to get access to what is changing and what is happening in CIC. The Operational Bulletins give a good idea of policy changes and its impact; and serve as communication to the various missions overseas too.

The Operational Manuals are indeed very valuable. It is a guideline with extra information supporting CIC decision process-working to the outcome they, CIC decide on (decline or approve). The Manuals are:

Citizenship Policy (CP)

Enforcement (ENF)

Temporary Foreign Worker Guidelines (FW) (very handy)

Immigration Legislation (IL) (very handy)

Information Sharing (IN)

Inland Processing (IP) (very handy)

Reference (IR)

Overseas Processing (OP) (very handy)

Protected Persons (PP)

Identity Management (IM)

The Bulletins are at the bottom with each year a separate link. I encourage you to page through it, it will come in handy. There is something contained in these bulletins for all. Immigration consultants too consult these sources. It is not widely known as it is hidden under "publications" (previously under the old web site it was quite prominent and easy to find).

I have used these sources extensively whilst I was still "migrating". With the slate of web site changes over the past couple of years I was wondering what happened to these great resources. After some digging I accidently stumbled onto them following a search on something else. Hence my decision to place it into a post where it is more visible and better accessible to all on the forum. Not only will it give some idea as to what to expect when processing an application but it helps to better understand certain questions and what CIC is likely doing with the information we supply. Its a "crash course" in understanding CIC immigration processes and what all the application aspects mean. It will NOT make you an immigration consultant or a qualified immigration lawyer (added emphasis), but helps applicants understanding the immigration programs.

A note to all, in the event that the content moves again as a result of future web changes, good starting point would be to look for the "publications" link and then just post the updated link here. That way we can ensure we keep the access to this information agile and accessible.

Please note this post is without prejudice.


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Thank you very much for this link.

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Find them very useful and interseting too. :ilikeit:

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This is amazing thank you! 

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