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Making contact with any exSaffers

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Our daughter has just accepted the job as News Editor at Fort McMurray Today and has been in Fort Mac for the past 2 weeks. Her photo and write up appeared in the local paper last week. She is staying with friends who have been in Fort Mac for many years, but they are not ex-Saffers.

We moved to Canada in 2000 from the Durban area and we live in St Catharines, about 15 klms from Niagara Falls. Our daughter, who is 26, is dying to meet some other Saffers out there, and she asked me to find out if she can make contact with any other Saffers in Fort Mac. At this stage she knows no one else and would love to meet up, even have a coffee somewhere.

If there are any social events coming up, or contacts she can make, please let me know and I will pass this on to her. Its kind of lonely for her, and of course we (my husband and I) are so sad that she moved out of home and moved so far away. She did the drive from here all the way to Fort Mac in her car over the Easter long weekend, with the car loaded with her stuff. Luckily her friend who lives in Fort Mac actually flew to Toronto on the Wednesday night (red eye flight) and our daughter met her at the airport and they drove together, getting to Fort Mac on Sunday night just after 11 pm. To say I wasn't stressed (and of course emotional) all long weekend until they got there would be an understatement.

We are hoping to take a road trip in August to visit with her and bring her some of her stuff that she couldn't fit in the car, like her winter tyres (oops, tires!) and clothing, etc.

We worry about her every day, because it must be lonely and living in a new town not knowing anybody other than the people living in the same house is a bit scary. She has managed to find a shop that sells mielie meel and Milo, so has bought some of it and made pap for herself the one morning.

Anyway, hopefully there are some exSaffers out there who are willing to make contact. Contact me through this board, or email me direct (sa2can at gmail dot com). Cheers for now....

Durinda (sa2can)

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