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Guest Norman and karen

Renunciation of South African Citizenship

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Thanks Petros,

Please don't think I am anti-South Africa. This is my birthplace. It will always be in my blood and heart and soul. Much like Tracey and probably many people here my grand parents or earlier generations came to SA and made very good lives for themselves. But time goes on and things change. In this case probably not for the better. I cannot say for certain that SA will regress into a state of anarchy and civil war, but I wont take the chance to be proven right or wrong. Am I a coward for thinking like this? I don't care if people think I am.

I am more concerned with using the opportunity given to us (by our own hard work and efforts made to research options and take huge risks many are not willing to, just so they don't have to give up their "comfort and security"). This choice made by us, and presented by the Canadian Government to our family, is a stepping stone for our families future. Our son will grow up in a country that has values, a country that has moral fiber, a country that respects the basic right to life, a country that makes sure its citizens and immigrants can prosper and thrive, but it takes a lot of hard work from our side as well to make something of these rights. Our son will grow up with the knowledge and understand that choices, acceptance, equal opportunity, cultural differences, racial and ethic background are NOT the reasons for being segregated.

Our family will have every right to be as successful as we need or want to be, our family will have the freedom to go to bed and not wake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because we might find someone hovering over us with a hand gun intent on doing bodily harm or worse. Our family will contribute to a country that gives us what we desire and in return we give a pittance of time to volunteer, help a fellow human out, make a kind gesture, hand out what we don't need or have excess of, not because we expect something in return but because we have moral values and adhere to civil understanding that with great freedom comes even greater responsibility.

Tracey, we will not forget our past, Yet we cannot allow our past to hinder or hold back our future. We will use our past and that our of ancestors to define our future. We have not given up on our country of birth, and our country of birth will never be out of our soul. However the government of that country has certainly given up on us. They choose to break down the country both financially and civilly to force the masses into a form of slavery "in the name of anti apartheid and freedom". They choose to dumb down the education system, increase the dependence on social grants, utter words and ideas of nationalization, land reform without restitution, look the other way about crime, appoint corrupt cadres to key positions, move them around the political chess board when they are caught with a hand in the cookie jar, make a mockery of justice and 1000's of other things I could mention.

We choose NOT to surrender to those values, we choose NOT to support this with our hard earned taxes and investments, we choose to immigrate into our future knowing about our past and ensuring we as family contribute to the future WE WANT TO SEE AND LIVE IN, in another country. A country we will call home but not our of birth. In a country that needs us to be successful because when we succeed the country succeeds.

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There is another practical consideration regarding citizenship.

Persons born outside South Africa are South African citizens by descent - If one of his or her parents was a South African citizen at the time of his or her birth and whose births are registered.

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