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Cattery in Calgary

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Hi all,

Ok next phase of planning:

We are needing to bring the three feline fur coated kids with us when we leave.

Two options.

1 - leave them behind in SA and fly them over once settled, where ever that may be. But finding a friend or family to look after them and they wont be at "home" could mean that they go missing or worse get knocked etc. Then we can look at boarding them in a cattery here in SA and sending them when we are settled.

2 - if we are going to do a cattery, why not just bring them over on the same flights or the next best flight to Calgary and stick them in a cattery there. I looked online and see there are maybe 2 places that seems fairly reasonable and

Now could anyone comment on either idea but mostly we would like to know if anyone has used a cattery in Calgary?

The reason is we are landing in Calgary and want to explore Alberta for about 2 weeks before making a choice on Alberta or Ontario. So kitties need to be housed (and its gonna be a huge thing for the one male as he is a perpetual outdoor cat - has been for the last 9 years, he comes and goes although not far from home, all day long), for that time.

Any other suggestions on cattery etc in Calgary area. They are friendly cats, the one rust colored ginger male being a little more nervous that the other two (brother and sister, tawny gingers).

Thanks again for all your inputs.

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