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Wildlife in FMM area

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Ingrid Brunkhorst Hurrell
No 7, 8 and 9 went like this....

no 7 was caught by our tenants while we were away and let out down by the river area.

No 8 was trapped in solitary confinement yesterday for a couple of hours till I got home to take him for his turn at a joy ride.

My wife had him covered and in the shade during the day with enough food.

no 9 was caught today. Earlier we noticed the cage was empty, door shut and the Skippy cleanly licked off the platter. Perhaps it was a mouse that managed to escape trough the mesh. The door cannot be lifted up by a cleaver animal when it shuts down.

We have not caught sight of any fast moving rodents flashing by since the departure of no 9. For the time being there is peace in the park. The whole clan should be happy in their new environment down by the riverside. It would appear that Sam kept the others away from his claimed territory. And probably left his scent everywhere. When he left the clan took the liberty of invading the territory while Sam was out of town.

With the ducks flying south we are left with Blue jays and other birds to draw our attention.

We have a water fountain in the back yard which is an attraction for various small animals.

While we were gone to the promised land (NFLD) another bear came to visit the neighbors, but not for long. Just wandered into open space, then ducked back into the bush.

This has been an awesome thread - thanks Pierre

Full of humour and life in Canada.

Thank you for not killing the lil squirrels as so many would do.

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