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Volunteers Needed (Youth) - Sep 6 & 7

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I received this from a friend so if your teenager still needs some volunteer hours here is a great opportunity to help.

"Just wanted to make you all aware of the annual Weekend to End Breast Cancer and the great volunteering opportunities open to our boys. You can go to their site but……they need hundreds of volunteers to erect tents (on the Saturday) and dismantle tents (on the Sunday) and are looking for young students who can earn volunteer hours. Below is specific information. Joe is helping out this year; it’s a great way to work together as a team and rack up those volunteer hours…..

Tent Volunteers

Saturday, September 6th - Sunday, September 7th

400 Volunteers Needed – Younger Volunteers are welcome!

Assignment Date Shift Duties Number

Tent Set-Up Saturday,

September 6

8:00am - 2:00pm

Help set up tents at camp

Tent Take Down Sunday,

September 7

9:00am - 4:00pm

Help take down tents at camp

We need lots of Tent Volunteers! Individuals or groups can Volunteer to help with

the tents. Do you know of any Girl Guides, Scouts, sports teams or Youth and

Community groups who could give us a hand? Do you know any teenagers looking to

gain their Volunteer hours for high school? If so, please have them contact me at or (416) 815-9255."

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