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Hi Mr. Pierre, Need some information

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Hi Mr. Pierre,

I would like to get few more information and hope you can give me.

In my accomodation information at Penhorwood it is written that, Cable TV and internet is available. I am using laptop how can I use the internet connection? Shall I need to register with internet provider?

How much will be the montly rent for internet. Can I make International call through internet? Is there Skypaee system? How can I make cheepest rate call interational?

What about Cable T.V? Shall I get Indian Channels? Where I have to register for Cable connections?

What about mobile connections, which is the best mobile service? From where I will get SIM etc?

For applying Credit card which bank is best? Do you know any bank giving credit card without anual fee?

I have UAE driving License, with this License if I want to apply for Canada License what is the system? How long will take to get Canada License?

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Joseph you are welcome to ask questions.

I don't always have time to give lengthy answers. I appologise.

Cable tv availability would mean that the cable connection is there and a tv is installed. It would give you a few basic channels.

For anything more - which most people need - you need a decoder which you can hire or by from Shaw cable. Then you still need to subscribe to the selection of channels you prefer. e.g. family package, movies etc. Also separate fees for indivisual channels such as Asia tv which give cricket and indian movies.

You dont have to utilise the cable although it is an easy place to start off till you know more. The alternative is having satelite tv. The company will install a dish. The selection of channels is somewhat different athough all the popular channels are on both systems.

Cable internet is also available which means there is a cable connection in most rooms for connecting a computer.

You still need to sign up for the cable service. They give you an internet decoder.

You can also get internet via telephone from Telus.

Both are high speed and available 24/7 - no time dependant charges.

Amy ppl have more than one computer - so getting a router is necessary.

Any computer with a wireless card can connect to the internet. With a laptop you can access the internet from anywhere in the house via wireless.

I am with Shaw cable.

The entertainment bundle cost 108.95/m (includes TV/movies/High speed internet) BTW nothing is easy to understand about the choices you have. Dont analyse too much before you get here. The choices are also explained on the Shaw website. Good luck with it.

Cable service 5/m

Digital service 40.92/m (includes digital fee, Peoples choice multi Pack, digital cable bundle, HD plus package)

We have 3 tv decoders - you pay $5 per extra outlets/decoders

The latest invoice had a note that my monthly rate for services has been adjusted to $149.87 plus taxes.

You get pay per view movies and also video on demand.

Shaw has a long distance service you can subscribe to.

I dont use it because it does not cover calls to SA.

I use phone cards which cost $2 and give me 1hr call to SA which is more than I need.

For any Shaw cable service you can visit their shop nearby or just call them and they will deliver and set you up.

Skype is free and works fine here.

Mobile - I dont know which might be the best. I use Telus with a motorola phone which works fine. I dont have international roaming but I can call home from anywhere in the USA and Canada. It functions like one system for north America.

All mobile companies try to tie you down with contracts so be careful. They make it very difficult to get rid of them. Telus/Bell etc

Credit cards - There are many and all are probably good. I get phone calls all the time of special starter deals. I dont like to change so I just stick with the one I have.

You can get a card with no annual fee but the features are limited. There are a couple of banks to choose from near your work/home - Royal Bank, CIBC, Bank of Monteal, TD Canada trust, Scotia bank.

You can drive a rental car here with an international driving license. - make sure you get one in your home country. There may be some special requirements for people from India to prove your driving license. I believe the Indian system works different than SA for example. Only a letter is given and the authenticity is questioned. You should check with a Indian person.

To buy a car you need a driving license. It's easy to get.

You can write a learners exam almost just after arrival. You can get your driving license a day after you get your learners license. It's up to you.

You need a driving license (the international one would do) to get insurance. And you need insurance to register a car and get a number plate (even though you may have bought the car already). I did this a long time ago and don't quite remember all the rules. The local registry offices will be able to explain it to you.

You can give me a call when you get here for any other local info.

I can introduce you to a few Indian people who will get you involved in the community.

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Thank you very much Mr. Pierre for your response. Is there any books available for my Learners license test of Canada. If you know any website, I can down lode it.

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I am not aware of the learners book being on a website.

However they are freely available at a registry office.

There are two of them downtown.

You don't need to be too concerned about studying too much before the time.

It takes one read through the booklet (about two hours) and you can go for a test. No advanced reservation required.

If you fail the test you can rewrite it the next day or at your convenience.

It is a multiple choice questionnaire. You get a different questionnaire the next time.

There are three different questionnaires.

A lot of the questions are repeated in each questionnaire.

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