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Hi Angela

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Hie there. Tell me more about yourself. Was it realy that hard to make friends and how are the peoples reactions against people that come from SA to live there.

You are now 26 right, so how do you think your life has changed sins you've moved there till now. The place where you stay, is it close to White Rock or what.

I wanna become a chef. I love making food and i love to be in the kitchen. What do you do or are you stil studying and what are you studying for.

Well if you wanna chat this is my email address vanderh(at) so you can email me if you want to.


changed email address slightly to protect you from spam!

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Hi Ryno

It's not that hard to make friends here, the people here are so fascinated by the accents that it's pretty easy to strike up a conversation with just about anyone. Be prepared to be asked a lot about where you're from, why you moved here etc.

I started off studying for my PhD in Psychology, got 2 years into it and decided that it wasn't something I really wanted to do ( and the 10 years of studying kinda turned me off too.) I then went and did a Pharmacy Technician course and am currently working at one of the largest mail order pharmacies in Canada, supplying cheaper prescription medication to the Americans. If you are thinking of becoming a chef, there are quite a few schools here that you can go to. My ex used to be a chef, maybe I can get you in touch with him and he can tell you more about that.

Other than that, yeah I'll be 26 in a few weeks, ugg. Just recently moved back in with the parents after breaking up with the ex of 5 years. Where I live is about 30 minutes drive from White Rock, but where I work it's about 10 minutes drive.

Life has definately changed for the better since moving here. I can't help but think what my life would be like if we had stayed in SA. Just judging by my friends that are still there. I would probably be married, have a few kids and be living in crappy flat with hand me down furniture, no car, crappy job and no money. Now, I have a good job, a newer car, nice new furniture, a savings account ( with money in it) the ability to go out for dinner when I feel like it, go shopping when I feel like it and have money to splurge on myself which I know my friends back home don't have. It's a much better life over here, way more oppurtunities to make something of yourself and the ability to make your dreams come true.

It does kinda suck in the begininning, you will feel homesick and miss your friends, and if your anything like me will threaten to take the first flight back for the first little while you're here. It does get better and once you're settled in the homesickness will go away.

Just let me know if there's anything else you want to know.


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