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Found 4 results

  1. RuanG

    Work Permit Questions

    Hi all. I did try to find some info on this topic. Please help me if you can. I have a job-offer in BC and will hopefully be moving with the family to Canada in December. My wife will go on an open work visa. When we arrive in Canada we will continue with our PR.I do have a few questions about this process though. What is the impact of going over on a work visa instead of an PR have with regards to the following: Renting/Buying a house, Buying a car, Pension, Medical Schooling Its a great privilege to have a job offer already and I do not want to pass it on
  2. Good Day everyone, I am a qualified Commercial Pilot currently living and working in Indonesia as a Cessna Grand Caravan C208 Training Captain and Safety Officer. I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa and have been working in Indonesia for the past three years now working my way up to the top here in my current airline gathering as much experience as possible (+3500hrs TT). I am now ready to move on with my career and work for a company in Canada as I am aware there is an increasing shortage of qualified pilots in the country and my partner is from Canada. The problem is that I am unable to get a work permit or Permanent Residency in Canada as Pilots are unable to receive an Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) by a approved organisation and thus cannot earn enough points to get a PR via the Express Entry program or any other immigration program. The organisations simply refused to assess my qualifications. This is ridiculous in my view because just as much and, maybe even more, hard work goes into achieving a Commercial Pilots Licence as it does for a University Degree or higher but alas they will not assess my pilot qualifications and equate any of it to a degree or higher. I unfortunately do not have any other tertiary education apart from my flying qualifications. I have tried going through an immigration company but found them to be of little help, even though I paid a whole bunch of money for their services, supplied them with all my flying certificates, licences and other documents and particulars and completed the CELPIP General English Test in Canada, only to be told I do not qualify for the Express Entry program. I am writing this now in an effort to finally establish a way and means to be able to work as a pilot in Canada. Could anybody possibly point me in the right direction? My partner is from Canada and we have just started living together which will let me apply for Permanent Residency after we have lived together for a year under the common-law route. However, with application processing times being anywhere from 6 months to a year, I am looking at only getting my PR in two years. Surely there is a faster way to obtain the right to live and work in Canada. Especially with such a large looming shortage of qualified pilots in Canada on the horizon which is starting to be experienced by Canadian airlines even now. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. We desperately want to move to Canada but we were told we need a work permit to find work in Canada however you need an employer to have a work permit ??? Is the only way to find work online? Or could we go over for a week on a tourist visa looking for work? Please help us out 🍁
  4. Hi Everyone, Random question: What are the rules on getting married in Canada while both of the parties are on WP's? Liefie and I want to get married this year. My thinking is that we can apply for the marriage license and still get married here, but would most likely have to register our marriage in SA too, considering we're not permanent residence in Canada. I'm not sure what the implications are or if it is as simple as I'd like to imagine. Anyone been through this or know of someone that have been? Thanks, Nicky