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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all! It's a pleasure to meet everyone. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading threads on this forum over the past while, leading up to my own application period. Now, I can happily say that's begun. I'm busy getting all my documents in order, getting ECA, etc. and intend to enter the pool at the start of 2020. After a lengthy period of research, I settled on Edmonton as my destination, due to a number of factors I know about myself, and I'm sure I'll be happy with my decision. However, I am somewhat concerned about how long it'll take to find work there, so any insights will be greatly appreciated. I have a marketing master's and a couple of years of full-time marketing experience behind me. Luckily my field means I can work at an extremely broad range of companies/institutions. 1. At what point do you think I should begin reaching out to companies advertising jobs (and recruiters)? 2. What do you think the chances are of my getting Skype/phone interviews while still in SA? 3. Any advice in terms of what to do once I've hard landed next year, for finding work soonest (if I haven't already)? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. Hi all, I have the privilege of having a really cool boss here in SA. As I know it's extremely difficult to get a job in Canada from South Africa, he said that he would be willing to support me for a couple of months in Canada (as my job mainly involves computer-based work). Now, the amount that I will make when converted to CAD isn't much, but it will supplement my savings as I look for a better job in Canada. What are the tax implications for this? Will I be losing too much salary to various regulations and conversion fees etc? Should I rather go straight to McDonald's for a job when I land? I'm generally a rather risk-averse person, and like to have some level of financial security - so this is all very daunting for me. Any advice?
  3. Our Story so far So my Wife and myself have done our IELTS exams , we did our degree equivalency via WES both are 4 year Degrees. But Due to age , myself being 41 and my wife 32. Our EE points are 310 for myself as primary or else 350 if she was. Then if we have more than out 7.5 average in IELTS to a max of 9 , we will only get 40 point more thus < 400 Points in general. So that means I need to get a Work Visa, but cannot go looking for work. What can we do ?? Time is ticking and doing more studies is worth less than the years etc loss via age ? I feel totally powerless , stuck here unable to get my wife and kids out. I have lots of work experience as a Developer for Big Government Projects , Universities etc . but the system is rather impersonal and only looks at a number not your story *We looked at NZ also but you cannot get in with out work and you may not go look for work. Aus rules to get in is also hard with a very high IELTS expected and we don`t like Aus even if it could be a spring board to NZ after x years Thanks for your help
  4. Meyer88

    Safety Advisor/ SHE officer

    Hi kind people. Any members that are Occupational Safety Advisors, SHE practitioners, safety officers that already made the move across hat I can get in contact with? Rgds
  5. Meyer88

    Resume/ Cv

    Good day members. I was wondering if there is anyone that can provide me with some insight, advice etc. I am looking for a legitimate and reliable service to "Canadify" or call it what you will my CV. I believe it is extremely important to make your cv appeal to the Canadian job market and have been told that this is actually crucial. So is there anybody that I can get in contact with that will be able to help me with this? Any info to get me going in the right direction will be appreciated...
  6. ChrisBooth_360

    Applying for an open work permit

    So I've been searching all over the Canadian government website trying to find out if it's possible to apply for a temporary open work permit without having a job first. I managed to log in and take a questionnaire, but at the end of the questionnaire, it just told me that I was not eligible to immigrate and that I should look into how to apply for a temporary work permit. And when I clicked on the available link, it just took me straight to the beginning! Does anyone on here know if it's possible to just apply for a temporary work permit without having a job first? And how would I go about that? (The government website has been very difficult to navigate) P.S. I'm not looking to immigrate to Canada, I would just like to work there for a year or two. And I am currently looking for a job too.
  7. CarlaBekker

    Industrial Design in Canada

    Hi there, I am a newby to all of this. My boyfriend/life partner and I want to immigrate to Canada. I am an Industrial Designer and have been told that it will be best if we try get a visa on my 'qualifications' etc. So here is my questions: Are there any Industrial Designers who has moved over? How easy did you find it to find work while still in RSA? Would it be possible to find work before we go over? I've had a few people tell me that it might be easier to apply for my Masters degree over there and then apply for residency once I've completed my studies, is this true?. I've already started with my Masters in Cape Town but should be able to transfer the research I have done thus far. Has anyone taken a pet over? I would assume that Industrial Design being on the scales skills list would make it a little easier to get the right paperwork. I contacted an immigration company in Cape Town and the gent who I spoke to had a nasty attitude because we are only in the fishing stages right now and wasn't ready to move right away. It would be great to hear from other people in a similar industry that has made the move. A person can only learn so much from online blogs. Also, is it ridiculous to be hoping to find work in specific cities or is it best to just grab what you can find in the beginning? Thank you for any advice in advance, hope to be meeting some of you in Canada soon!
  8. Leany85

    Work for PR applicant spouse

    I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice? My husband and I have submitted our EE PR application, with me being the main applicant. If all goes well, we are expecting an answer around Feb / March next year. My husband is an experienced computer engineer with a BEng degree and we suspect he will be able to find work much faster than I will (I am in the digital marketing/ communications industry). From what I understand he will need to apply for a work permit once we arrive in Canada, and then wait several months before he is allowed to work. Are there any other ways that we can try for him to find employment sooner? A friend recommended getting in touch with recruiters once the PR application is finalised and trying to find work be fore we go, so that he is "pre-approved" to work before we land. Is that possible and has anyone else followed a similar route? Advice and recommendations welcome.
  9. Nanaimo is number 21!
  10. Ydean Hartzenberg

    Work Permit or Immigrate?

    Good day. My wife and I have made the decision to get our paper work in order to move to Canada. I am lost in a sea of information and am unsure of exactly how to tackle the process. If anyone can help with advice, we would greatly appreciate it. Here is my train of thought: I have contacts in Canada since I've visited there twice. I would therefore think it might be easier to get jobs for both me and my wife through the networks we've already built up, rather than going through an agency or lawyer or be thrown into the pool. I am not sure how this would impact on LMIA's and the like? With regard to the application, we are unsure whether to go over on temporary work visa's and then while we are there apply for PR. Is this the norm? It seems quicker to get into Canada this way. I would think getting all our credentials assessed and language proficiency tests done, things that take time, will enable us to see how we compete in the Canadian market, thus making us employable. Is it possible, or even advisable to do things this way round or not? We are also thinking it might be wise to get processes that take time, such as WES Credentials Assessments, IELTS, Unabridged certificates, etc..., going. Would it make a difference in the timeline once we've put in our applications at CIC this way or not?Please advise us on how to tackle this giant. Yours kindly
  11. CTColette

    Snow & getting to work

    Hi Everyone, I was talking to a friend of mine in Canada and i was told how bad the snow can get in winter and they need to clear their driveway everyday and even the path to the front door is mostly covered in snow during winter. My question is; how much does the winter snow impact on a person's coming and going to work everyday? Does everyone get up a couple hours earlier to start clearing the snow? How reliable is the public transport when it does snow? How understanding is work if snow makes you late for work etc.. Is there a snow cleaning service that you get to come and clear your driveway? I appreciate all your feedback!
  12. Nanna

    Interior Decorating Experience

    Good day fellow sacanadiens, I have a question, but don't know if it's in the right place. I am busy applying to study Interior Decorating, with a international recognised institute. Infact, one of their "schools" is in Canada as well. Now my question, After I completed my diploma, should I gain South African expierience, or should I apply for an intern job in Canada? The reason for my question is, is South African expierience going to help met at all? Hope someone out there can help me. Thanks, Nanna
  13. dmkza

    Work permit

    Has anyone applied for a work permit lately and how long did it take to get approved? Our agent says that it should take about 4 months. We have a possitive LMO. Thanks in advance
  14. Good day I am a structural engineer seeking employment in Canada. To apply for a work permit, I require an offer of employment. I have a B.Eng from Stellenbosch University and am completing a M.Eng this year, I also have 3.5 years experience in structural engineering: building structures and bridges. If any one know of opportunities or can point me in the right direction, please let me know. I am currently applying through online job portals, but personal referrals and networking will work better, I presume,
  15. SSB

    What is the norm?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to the forum, and just trying to find some info for my questions. We have received our PR and activated it this year in Feb - we are planning to make the big move next year 2015. I'm just curious - what is the norm in Canada regarding both parents having to work? Is it the norm in Canada for both parent to work?- like it is in SA? - or are a single provider for a family the norm? I assume that it does depend where, but what is your experience? Also is it the norm that people hold down 2 jobs (like I read they do in the US) - or not? I haven't seen a post yet about what the costs are for Kindergarden - for kids younger than 6. I have heard (somewhere) that it is expensive, and that maybe a parent at home for that time would be better? :S, not sure - is that true? Thanks
  16. Radyns

    Adventure in Canada

    Hi All I would really appreciate some help. There has probably been hundreds of these queries but i cant seem to find any that provide the info i need. My wife and I are looking for ways to work/live in Canada J We got married 6 months ago and are now looking for adventure while we have the chance. We do not want to immigrate, we want to go for a year, or 2… or 3 to work, travel, gain experience, serve the Lord and have the time of our lives. We have a massive passion to go to Canada, and we figure if we don’t do it now, we will never get the chance. Is it easier to get a working Visa for a few years than it is to immigrate? If so, how do you go about it? Where do you start? We would really apreciate any advice or tips. Ons sal regtig enige hulp waardeer. Groete
  17. Canadanewbie

    Parental visa and work

    For those far more clever than I, please can you shed some light, If I arrive on a 2 year parental visa, am I allowed to open a business in Canada? If so, am I allowed to earn income from that business or must I declare that income in SA, because as such I would still be a SA citizen? Can I ever become a PR via my parental visa? If so, is that via the new parental visa of which they are only accepting 5000 applications a year? Thank you
  18. mpougnet

    Temporary Work in Canada 2013/2014

    If any of you can help me I would greatly appreciate it. I am interested in going overseas next year to do some travelling and would like to start in Canada. I would possibly be keen to do some work in the ski department for around 2 months. What steps need to be taken? There might be 2 of us keen to do the same thing. Any help will do. thanks