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Found 16 results

  1. Flashie


    Hi everyone. Thursday I received confirmation that I have been approved to study in Canada for the next 2 years. Thank you to the odd bits and pieces from this forum that popped up in my hundreds of google searches. The most helpful things from this forum were actually those step by step breakdowns of other people's immigration journeys in their forum Bio. Gave me a good reference how long things will take. I was very fortunate to have a supporting mother both emotionally and financially for this or it would never have been possible at this stage in my life. I have full intention of paying her back every cent. I'll put mine below. I want this to be able to help as much to whoever it may, so for that purpose I will be very thorough in my teardown, and avoid the use of acronyms. (Pre-application) 28 July 2019: Booked my Computer Delivered IELTS academic exam in Joburg (R3720) 26 August 2019 to 27 August 2019: Flew to Joburg for my IELTS exam 3 September 2019: Received IELTS exam results (Listening: 8.5, Reading: 9, Writing: 7, Speaking: 7.5, Overall Band Score: 8 ) 1 October 2019 to 12 October 2019: Visited Vancouver (First trip out of SA!) for leisure, research and university tours (Application) 7 October 2019: Applied to VIU in Nanaimo for a 2 year diploma in IT (R1712.98) 10 October 2019: Contacted by the department chair of my diploma program for a video interview 16 October 2019: Video Interview 17 October 2019: Received offer to study at VIU 18 October 2019: Applied for my Police Clearance Certificate through my local PD (R114+R250) 23 October 2019: Paid a deposit for my 1st semester via FNB's Forex/Swift payment 24 October 2019: Received acceptance letter for study and work from VIU 26 October 2019: Applied for my study permit via "" (This site will become your best friend over the next few months) (R1678.58) 12 December 2019: Sent my Statement of Purpose and my Sponsorship letter to Pretoria Immigrations Canada as I left it out of my application initially 30 December 2019: Received request to do a Medical exam 2 Jan 2020: Decided on TravelDoctorCorporate in Joburg, got an appointment for 7 January 2020. 6 Jan 2020 to 8 Jan 2020: Flew to Joburg to do my medical exam (R2963) 9 Jan 2020: Received my medical report results copies I requested 13 Jan 2020: Received my passport request to Pretoria CVAC 14 Jan 2020: Sent my passport to VFSGlobal in Pretoria along with required fees and paperwork (R440.70) Was only let known by a notice at the PD after 12 weeks that I am supposed to contact Pretoria Postnet for my Police Clearance certificate to be sent back (R450) 16 Jan 2020: Received approval to study In Canada 17 Jan 2020: Received Police Clearance Certificate Throughout all of this application, life continues though. I've had other 💩 hit the fan in the meanwhile such as someone doing a hit and run on my car, getting that fixed, selling off my gaming PC and tech equipment, surgeries, Christmas, Job interviews (Still 8 months left until I leave, people! Have to do something! 😛) So keep all of this in mind. It isn't just purely waiting for action all the time. Thank you all so much for the odd bits and bunches that I found from this site to help me through my application. If anybody has questions I can help with or answer, feel free to message me while this post is still relevant. I'd be glad to answer them. This is something I'd have liked while I was applying. Thanks again. Bye
  2. Kayla

    VAC Query

    Hi guys!!! So so excited!!!! Our passport request for Our Work permits has just come through!!! It only took 5 weeks to go through!! Yipppeeee!! What I wanted to ask is do we need to deliver our passports in person to VAC? We are in Cape Town, but have been advised by our lawyers to deliver it in person. Would that mean we’d all need to fly to Pretoria? Or could just my husband deliver the passports? Thanks you thank you 🙏 Kayla!!!!
  3. bezzy

    work permit questions

    Hello all , Long time stalker, first time poster I am planning to enter Canada with a work permit and apply for PR once there , The company that has offered me a job has already been issued with an LMIA for the offer and I am now doing the application for visas. I have a few queries regarding the required documents before I submit my application. I have tried contacting VFS as well as CIC and nobody seems to be at their phones when I call So here’s hoping that somebody here has experienced something similar. The rundown: We are a family of 4 ( Myself, wife , daughter : 10 and son : 8 ) We are going to Ontario ( Specifically around, but not in, Toronto ) My wife wants to work in Canada My kids need to go to school The LMIA is for 3 years The Confusion (There’s so much of it): For my application I need a Employment reference letter Can I use payslips to confirm my current position or must this be an actual letter from my employer ? For my wife’s application Purpose of travel Can I write a letter stating that she is accompanying me for the duration of the LMIA and that she would like to contribute during that time ? For the kids Should I be applying for a visitor’s visa ( there seems to be much debate about this ? ) Thank you so very much for all the incredibly useful information that this forum has made available already.
  4. Samanthadlp1

    Temporary Residence And Work Permit

    Hi All! The process to get us to Canada has been taking forever, so I just wanted some advice to calm my nerves. We applied for jobs for my husband in May 2016 and he was approached by an interested party in June 2016. The "employer" hired a Representative in July who would assist him in applying for the LMIA to bring my hubby over, initially stating that if all was in order, we would be able to apply for our visas and land in December/Jan. We got the official job offer (but did not sign as the employer wanted the rep to look over it first). It was confirmed on the 21st of November that the LMIA had just been submitted. And confirmation came through on the 29th of November that they received a file number. So here are my questions: As far as i am aware from the info online,a signed job offer by both the employer and employee needs to accompany the LMIA application, so since we did not sign, how was it submitted and a file number received stating that all was in good order to proceed? How long does the LMIA process typically take as my husband's NOC code is 7321 and the offer is $30 per hour in British Columbia. The rep says it will take 3-5 months to get an outcome but surely it cannot take THAT long can it? My husband went for his IELTS tests in June 2016 so they expire in June 2017. So my question is, how long do the results need to be valid for...(example: do they only need to be valid at the time of Temporary Residence and Work Permit Application, or do they need to be valid for a certain amount of time after one lands in Canada-so basically, will he need to redo the test if we are only able to apply for the Visa's in March or so?) The rep advised that we should apply for dual intent as our main goal is to become Permanent Residents (but the employer can't wait upto another 18 months for us to get there), so the rep has advised that we go ahead with the Temporary Residence and Work Visa's and apply for Permanent Residence status only once we arrive in Canada...Any advise surrounding this? The CIC site says that Temporary Residence Visas are issued within 22-26 days and Work Permits anywhere up to 5 months. As we are applying online, and not on paper, can anyone advise how long this process actually takes or is the 5 month mark about right? Thanks all, sorry for the many questions but my heart can't take the waiting...I'm sure you all know how i feel at this point.
  5. ilette

    work permit approved

    Hi everyone - sharing the good news!! We received approval of our application for work permits (submitted by hand on 29 April in Pretoria) on Friday!! Exactly 12 weeks after submission. We are already booked on flights leaving on Saturday 30 July to Vancouver..... It seemed like an unbearably long pregnancy and now that the little baby is here.....WHAT NOW??? So this week is hectic, paperwork, greeting everyone, getting bank matters in order, and lots of other stuff i can only think of in the middle of the night!! Thanks for all the support from this amazing group!!
  6. Happy weekend guys. So the company my wife works for have recently setup a branch in Toronto. They are sending a permanent employee to handle recruitment and office management as well as staff for a 6 month period. For her to transfer at the end of the year, would the company need to apply for a LMIA? She has been with the company more than 3 years and is almost at the highest level in the role (they have a grading system). This generally would take 3-4 years to get to that point. From what I understood, from previous posts, that a LMIA is not necessary. Am I off-base?
  7. Patster23

    Proof of funds for a child

    Good day SaCanada Peeps!! So I am sitting with a little bit of a dilemma here , my Immigration Consultant suggested at the beginning of application process that we do my WP application get that approved and then do my son's TRV(not too sure why she wanted to do it this way). My WP process is now completed, approved and done!! Now the problem that now that we are busy with my sons application process she has requested proof of funds !!! I dont really have any as i am going on a WP never needed proof of funds as I am going to work. (New employer is paying for the whole application process) . Now I have done some research because I am stressing a little and i need some advice to see if i am actually on the right track and this is what I found on the CIC website. Now can i not provide a letter from my Canadian employer stating that I will be working there thus providing for my son???? Please help me, I am stressing out quite a bit here and not sure what to do.......... Thank you in advance Patricia
  8. Hi Guys, A lot has been said on here regarding the timeline of applications, but our situation is fairly unique and complex at the same time: We are in the process of emigrating to Australia actually but the company I am going to work for wants me to start as soon as possible in Montreal. They are a Canadian company based in Montreal. We are to work there till our Australia PR comes through (about 6 months) and then they will relocate us to Australia. So for now we are looking at some advice to give the company on what is the best avenue to pursue on getting us to Quebec as soon as possible, and if it is possible at all to start with. There's one caveat though: My wife is expecting our third child end April 2016 - which puts a deadline on us travelling on international flights by end February 2016 (latest). We like the idea of having our baby in Montreal, stay there for 6 months and then take the family over all together to Australia. Also bear in mind I actually submitted a complete Express Entry Profile with Police Clearance done earlier this year, so we pretty much have everything, but that was for rest of Canada not Qeubec. 1. What do you think? Can we get a temporary (6 months) kind of visa for Quebec in this short period of time? We need to fly in February. 2. Anyone know the cost implications of being in Quebec for 6 months without a PR (the company will pay for the birth expenses in Quebec) Any agents that could assist would be very helpful. Thank you!
  9. Patster23

    Work permit Query

    Good day all I just have few queries for those who have applied for a WP, with positive LMIA 1) what is the time frame for visa processing if my Representative is in Canada and I am in SA.(application was submitted online)? 2) Once documents have been submitted what is the next step( What else do I need to get sorted so that I am ready for the next step of this application) I apologise if these questions have been asked before by someone else. Thanks
  10. Patster23

    Employment certificates

    Good day all I am new to this whole process posting on forums but I have noticed that everyone is always a great help with advice from reading previous posts. So I apologise beforehand for my long winded post. I have a job offer from a company in Alberta, the LMIA has been approved now I am busy with the work permit process with the immigration consultant who is in Canada. She has now sent me a list of documents that she requires to go forth and on that list is Employment certificates. Now I understand the current and previous employers (a very small list) can give me a letter stating that I was employed by them at such and such a date and my duties etc. but the problem I have is that one employer has since then closed their company and is willing to write up a letter but they have no more letterheads or documents with their logo and details. How do I go about this? Thanks in advance
  11. Ydean Hartzenberg

    Work Permit or Immigrate?

    Good day. My wife and I have made the decision to get our paper work in order to move to Canada. I am lost in a sea of information and am unsure of exactly how to tackle the process. If anyone can help with advice, we would greatly appreciate it. Here is my train of thought: I have contacts in Canada since I've visited there twice. I would therefore think it might be easier to get jobs for both me and my wife through the networks we've already built up, rather than going through an agency or lawyer or be thrown into the pool. I am not sure how this would impact on LMIA's and the like? With regard to the application, we are unsure whether to go over on temporary work visa's and then while we are there apply for PR. Is this the norm? It seems quicker to get into Canada this way. I would think getting all our credentials assessed and language proficiency tests done, things that take time, will enable us to see how we compete in the Canadian market, thus making us employable. Is it possible, or even advisable to do things this way round or not? We are also thinking it might be wise to get processes that take time, such as WES Credentials Assessments, IELTS, Unabridged certificates, etc..., going. Would it make a difference in the timeline once we've put in our applications at CIC this way or not?Please advise us on how to tackle this giant. Yours kindly
  12. Hello everyone! Our work permits are supposed to come thru anytime between now and end of 2014. Will we have medical insurance cover being pregnant prior landing in Canada/having our Work Permits ... or would we have to pay for all appointments, scans and delivery? Do fathers get time off work / 'maternity leave' or does it depend on the company? Thanks so much!!
  13. dmkza

    Work permit

    Has anyone applied for a work permit lately and how long did it take to get approved? Our agent says that it should take about 4 months. We have a possitive LMO. Thanks in advance
  14. warney

    Another Newbie

    Hi Everyone, I've been reading all the latest on the forum for the past couple a days while waiting to be validated, and I just want to start by saying how awesome it is to see how united SAFAS really are. To find a forum like this is such a relief considering all the questions that are crashing through my brain. My wife Joleta and I (Warren) and our two amazing little kiddies, Skylah (2) and Aiden (10 months) are looking to relocate to Canada from Cape Town SA. We started the process in January (first checking out Oz, NZ and the UK... I also sent my CV off to a company in Dubai and I've had a potential job offer in Qatar), but we're really set on Canada. I checked out IXP visas (who phoned me nonstop), but thanks to a couple of good friends and an agent from CanadaAbroad who warned me about them, I was able to sidestep them and have a go at it myself. Using the information on CIC and Job Bank, I was able to find vacancies in my field of work and sent off my CV to about 10 companies (maybe more). I was amazed at the response. In the first week I had 3 responses (2 from Edmonton and 1 in Calgary) all wanting to do a skype interview. Anyway, long story short...I've had 2 follow up interviews and a job offer from the company in Calgary and they managed to secure a positive LMO. Now the real work starts...or so it seems. I’ve since then also been contacted by a company in Oakland. I've done a whole lot of reading, downloaded checklists and checked eligibility etc..., but I thought to check in with you first, since most of you have been through this already. - What is the best route going forward? Any tips? - Does my wife need to also secure a job or can she tag along as my spouse (what visa does she need to apply for - A Visitors Visa?). - Do we all need unabridged birth certificates (I know the kids do). - Will the new LMIA influence the positive LMO? - How much funds do I need to have in my account (do they want statements etc...we also own a house...well a part of it at least...we've paid off around R300k) Will that count in our favour? - How long does all of this take? Timeline? - Do I need to secure visitors driving permit and international driver’s license? - Are there any hidden costs? - How long before we can apply for PR? - Done a lot of research about Calgary and my employer says he grew up on the East Coast, but moving to Calgary was the best decision he ever made. What’s your opinion? - Anyone currently living in Durbanville that is looking to head over? My contact no: 0845608241, maybe we can hook up and chat. Thanks in advance for all the assistance. Super grateful!
  15. My girlfriend and I want to move to Alberta as first choice. Be it Calgary or Edmonton, or even the smaller places like Red Deer and Fort McMurray. I've spent almost 6 years doing IT Support at the North West University in Potchefstroom. I've also run my own Web Development company on a part time basis for 4 years. I did do it full time for almost all of 2012, before coming back to the university. I also ran my own hosting with cPanel and WHM. 2 Years other IT Support experience. So to some it up. 8-9 Years IT Support Experience. 4-5 Years Web Development and Hosting Experience. I will complete my 3 Year Diploma in IT through UNISA in June 2015. This can be completed globally. I will be doing my BTech in IT after completing the diploma. I have the other usual certificates like CompTIA A+, N+, ITIL Foundation Level. My skills include all things IT Support related like Windows (OS and Server), Mac OSX, Linux. Office Software Suite. Hardware and Software, etc. VMWare, Ticket Systems like BMC Remedy and OTRS, VPN, LAN and WiFi installations and repairs. Mobile Devices, Printers. Remote Support, Telephonic Support. Novell, GroupWise, Active Directory, Exchange. This is in a university with thousands of staff members. My web skills include languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Ajax, Python. Just started learning jQuery and revision control systems like Git. Can build a responsive website from scratch using Bootstrap I also have experience in CMS systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other out the box solutions like OpenCart. I'm also very skilled with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, NotePad++, Sublime Text. Also have beginner experience with So basically. I'm just looking for someone that will be willing to sponsor a dedicated, hard worker, who has the proof that he doesn't just sit back and relax at work, and is always busy trying to improve their skills and abilities. Be it in a small little one horse town or in a city.
  16. dmkza


    Hi all, I am new here. I have had an offer to come over to Canada on a work permit, I have accepted it. The employer's agent is busy getting all the paperwork in order. The work I found is near Edmonton. What is a good $/hour rate? I am in Farming.