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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there I really hope that there is someone who can help me. I am currently in the process of completing my application and will hopefully submit it this week (once my husband receives his academic assessment report from WES) Before we started this process I met with an immigration consultant to see if we were eligible to apply. During our consult I mentioned that my qualifications and area of work experience are not in the same field and she told me that this wasn't a problem. However under the work experience tab there is a field that asks me to enter the date when my qualification, necessary in the NOC description, was completed. The NOC description says that a degree or diploma in business, marketing, public relations etc may be required. I do not have a qualification in that field. My job title is 'PR and communications' but my responsibilities are definitely not limited to this title. I received the job 6 yrs ago because I had a university qualification, great people skills, very confident and good with communication. My employer did not require a degree/diploma in public relations. If I put in the date I received my drama qualification and the NOC is 'public relations', is this going to cause incongruencies on my application. Would really appreciate some insight. (I have contacted the immigration consultant but due to high volumes she has not been able to respond yet) Thanks in advance
  2. Hi everyone, Firstly, let me give some details regarding my application for context purposes. I submitted my EE profile for my wife and I on 31 October 2015 and was given a CRS score of 407. Exactly a week later (6 November 2015) and to my delight, I received a letter of interest for PNP from OINP. After a rather stressful time gathering all the required documentation, I eventually sent my pack out on 15 December 2015 which I was informed by DHL was signed for on 18 December 2015 - a total of 43 days from when I received the LOI (cutting it fine, I know ). Still haven't had any response from OINP but I'm not going to worry until the 90 day response period lapses. So there's a bit of general background about where we are in the process. Now onto my questions. Obviously, in now way do I want to misrepresent myself to the CIC or any other governmental organisation of any sort. The reason I say this is because on 01 February 2016 I logged into my profile just out of a matter of interest and noticed that my CRS score had changed from 407 to 432. Surprised by this, I wanted to find out where the extra 25 points had come from. It turns out that they came from my work history i.e. CIC had now recognized that I had 3 years+ experience. Allow me to explain my employment history to highlight what the issue is. I graduated with a BSc Engineering (Civil) in December 2013 and I have been working full time in the civil engineering field (NOC 2131) from March 2014 (pretty much 2 years). However, prior to my studies I was employed in 2 other full time jobs for a year each - 1 year in the sales industry in 2007 (NOC 6623), and 1 year in the civil engineering field in 2008 predominantly doing draughting work (NOC 2253). I had no qualifications whatsoever for either of these jobs and chose the NOC codes that were most closely related to the work I performed. From my understanding, CIC hasn't given taken into account my work in sale which makes sense as it is not in line with my intended work as a civil engineer. However, now it seems apparent that CIC is crediting me for the year for the draughting I did even though I wasn't qualified at the time. It should be noted that I have explicitly state that I graduated in December 2013 in my profile. So I guess my question is to find out if CIC recognizes unqualified work done prior to ones attainment of a qualification, so as long as it is in the same field that one is currently working in and intending to work in in Canada? Should I contact CIC to revert my score back to 407 as I only have 2 full years of post qualification work? I want to clear this up as soon as possible to avoid any confusion as we may get an AOR any day. The next question I have in regard to education. In my EE profile, I have specified that I have a Bachelors Degree (which was confirmed in my WES report). However, I am also currently pursuing an MSc in Structural Engineering (a sub-discipline of civil engineering). I was acknowledged by WES for my work up to the date of submission with equivalency of "One semester of graduate study". I was scanning through the Educational Credential Assessment - How to read your report ( and noticed that "Study Toward a Master's Degree" was under the "Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees". Do you think that I can change my profile to reflect "Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees" instead of a Bachelors degree, or should I just wait until my MSc is complete and submit again to WES? Thanks in advance to everyone who contributes