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Found 9 results

  1. Our Story so far So my Wife and myself have done our IELTS exams , we did our degree equivalency via WES both are 4 year Degrees. But Due to age , myself being 41 and my wife 32. Our EE points are 310 for myself as primary or else 350 if she was. Then if we have more than out 7.5 average in IELTS to a max of 9 , we will only get 40 point more thus < 400 Points in general. So that means I need to get a Work Visa, but cannot go looking for work. What can we do ?? Time is ticking and doing more studies is worth less than the years etc loss via age ? I feel totally powerless , stuck here unable to get my wife and kids out. I have lots of work experience as a Developer for Big Government Projects , Universities etc . but the system is rather impersonal and only looks at a number not your story *We looked at NZ also but you cannot get in with out work and you may not go look for work. Aus rules to get in is also hard with a very high IELTS expected and we don`t like Aus even if it could be a spring board to NZ after x years Thanks for your help
  2. Reibtseb

    Brother Visiting From Cape Town

    Hi all, So my brother is starting to look into visiting, and he has a few questions. He is based near Cape Town. Does he need to fly to Pretoria to do biometrics?! Is getting both our unabridged birth certificates the only way to show family ties? I'm hoping I don't have to try apply from here... Feels like PR was easier to get than a TRV...haha Thanks in advance!
  3. We desperately want to move to Canada but we were told we need a work permit to find work in Canada however you need an employer to have a work permit ??? Is the only way to find work online? Or could we go over for a week on a tourist visa looking for work? Please help us out 🍁
  4. Dmorison

    Getting over to Canada

    Hi everyone, I am wanting to move over to Canada. My grandparents are Canadian citizens and live in Calgary but no one else in my family is. I am a 24 year old 3D animator with 2 years experience. My grandparents would be willing to sponsor me if it is possible. Would this be a route I could take? I have read that it might be possible to apply for a work visa while in Canada on a visitors visa that is valid for more then 6 months, is this possible? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hey all! Finally received Passport request for PR Card, Yay! However I have a question and hoping someone can help. I will be sending my Passport tomorrow to CIC for processing which will take at least 30 days AFAIK, but I have business travel to the US planned for later this month. Does anyone know if there is any form of temporary travel document I can get to travel to the US without my Passport? Thanks!
  6. MichelleJames

    Stuck On Visa Application :(

    Hi everyone. Please tell me someone can help me?? I seem to be very confused on the Visa Applications. Hubby has to go write his Red Seal exam in Canada and we have decided to make this our LSD trip in a sense, while we are in the country. Unfortunately we can only book the test within 60 days of the exam date. I have no idea how to go about this. Should be first apply for a visa, then book for the exam and then the plane tickets? I am just worried that we book the exam date and then our visa's aren't finalized in time, or is it possible to apply for a visa first before applying for the exam and plane tickets? Which Visa would be the most appropriate for Hubby to apply for? Which Visa should I apply for and should I also state on mine that hubby will be writing an exam during our stay? Can we state on the online applications that he'll be writing exam or would it be best to travel to Pretoria and apply in person? I did some research and found 3 email addresses, one for the VAC and two for the High Commission. I sent all of them the same email asking for assistance on the above as well as the cost of a visa and the application times. VAC responded this morning basically telling me that they can not advice me on anything and I should enquire with the High Commission on I sent them an email to enquire about this information and the automated response states that the standard response time is 30 days. I decided to give them a call to enquire on which visa we should apply for but I was told that I should send an email and they will get back to me. She also provided me with a website where I would be able to find everything I needed to know. The line was really scratchy but here's the link: From the tone in her voice and the amount of noise in the background I could hear that she was clearly busy and I felt as if I was interrupting something that might be important. The link doesn't open up, so if anyone has the correct link for me, I would really appreciate it. Where exactly do we apply for a visa and how long does it take and cost? I would really like to take this trip before the year is over so that we can start with the actual application as soon as humanly possible. Please please help me. Sorry about the long, long list of questions. I really do appreciate your feedback. Thank you very much in advance
  7. Radyns

    Adventure in Canada

    Hi All I would really appreciate some help. There has probably been hundreds of these queries but i cant seem to find any that provide the info i need. My wife and I are looking for ways to work/live in Canada J We got married 6 months ago and are now looking for adventure while we have the chance. We do not want to immigrate, we want to go for a year, or 2… or 3 to work, travel, gain experience, serve the Lord and have the time of our lives. We have a massive passion to go to Canada, and we figure if we don’t do it now, we will never get the chance. Is it easier to get a working Visa for a few years than it is to immigrate? If so, how do you go about it? Where do you start? We would really apreciate any advice or tips. Ons sal regtig enige hulp waardeer. Groete
  8. ElizeE

    Should we use an agency?

    My husband and I are very interested in living and working in Canada for a few years (3 or 4), but we do not intend to stay there permanently. I have made some enquiries at an agency who assists one with one's visa application. They sound confident that we'll both get the visas (don't know if that's just a marketing ploy), but wants to charge us R15,000 each to handle the process. This seems like a lot of money, especially since one still has to add visa fees, medical fees, flights, etc on top of all that. We went on a working holiday to the UK a few years ago and I managed to organize everything myself without any problems. I realize that this is a different ball game, and do think I'm going to end up needing help especially in finding a job, but surely I can do the bulk of the work myself? So here is my question to all of you who have been through this: Should I use an agency and if so, can you recommend any?
  9. Canadanewbie

    Entrepreneurial visa

    For those South Africans wanting to start your own business in Canada take a look at this new visa: