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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I seem to have noticed that there are a few chartered accountants (CA(SA)) on the forum, and I was wondering whether you need your certificate in theory of accountancy evaluated by WES in order to do a conversion from CA(SA) to CPA? We're struggling to get any kind of academic transcript for my husband's CTA from UNISA to submit to WES. Would appreciate any help!
  2. Since I live in Namibia, I cannot go to a campus and get my academic transcript. And it has been an uphill battle. I did send my request to the general fax line as per the instructions, but who knows whether the instructions will be followed. I scoured the UNISA website and internet for email addresses, and started mailing all of them (probably 20 mails add's all in all). Finally someone responded and I was able to receive my academic transcript. I send a courier directly to this person and they collected it on my behalf. I gave clear instructions to the couriers as to the sealing of the envelope. I'm a bit OCD, so I want to be able to track the envelope when sending it off to WES. Otherwise UNISA will send it via snail mail. Received it this morning and everything is perfectly in order to send off to WES. Please pm me if you need his details. I know how frustrating the process can be and am more than willing to share any info.
  3. Hi All. My wife is looking to study in a totally new field in while in Canada, but the universities look ridiculously expensive... I have two questions: 1. Is there a distance learning university (like UNISA) in Canada that has lower study rates? 2. Would it be cost effective to do a Bachelors degree through UNISA, have it assessed by WES and then only do an 'honours' level degree at a Canadian university? Thus paying UNISA rates for years 1,2 and 3 and only Canadian rates for year 4.
  4. JennyVee

    UNISA and WES

    Hi guys Apologies in advance if this topic should have been placed under an existing discussion. I'm in the process of applying for WES, and I need to get UNISA to send stuff off to them. Just wondering if anyone knows the magic number to call or department to contact? I've had so many hassles with UNISA over the last 5 years and they're just so massive, that I'd like to go straight to the right place this time. I saw on a couple threads that some people have physically visited their regional office, so I'm aware of that option, but if possible I'd like to just email and pay. If this is wishful thinking (and it probably is) then so be it. Off to UNISA I go. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys! I've recently asked UNISA for university transcripts (yet again) and I see now that there's a new form that needs to be filled out when making such requests. The DSAR08. Tried to attach a copy but it came out blurry. A clearer copy of this form is available on the net when Googled. Just sharing....
  6. jonathan.b

    Where to study?

    I'm considering starting a diploma (in IT Programming) in RSA either through Varsity College or UNISA? Is it more advisable to start studying in South Africa, and then continue in Canada? Are degrees from certain Institutes not recognised? What is the best way to decide where to study? I would appreciate some feedback Jonathan