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Found 9 results

  1. LislB

    Travel and personal history

    Good morning! We received our ITA on Tuesday 20 August and it has been a whirlwind of emotions! Now that we have started filling in our PR application online I have some questions. (I have searched but can't seem to find the answers...) Firstly regarding travel history. Looking in our passports, there are a few times where we left one foreign country and entered the next foreign country on the same day. Will CIC accept this or should I change the second date (the arrival date)? For example, we left Amsterdam on the 23rd December and arrived in Dublin on the 23rd of December. Secondly, spouse (that's me) personal history. We have not included my work history in the separate work history section but I know I need to include it in the personal history section. That being said, when opening the personal history section it already has my degree (education) which I completed Dec 2004. That is more than 10 years ago. Should I fill in all the personal history in between then and now? Also regarding the personal history, I have spent a large period of time being a housewife which I have put in as Homemaker - position housewife. But what should I put as the company name for this? "Our house"? Hoping that someone can help me.
  2. Click on the left on traffic cameras, then click on the camera where you want to see what the road conditions are like in that area. I do it for fun from time to time, but there was a time that I checked the road conditions before I left for work. There's also one for Toronto, not sure where. Enjoy.
  3. Piper

    VIA Rail Canada

    Hi folks Has anyone done the cross-country trip or any other tourist trips with VIA Rail Canada? Here is the link and the information: I am considering booking this for my husband's birthday later this year. It seems like a relatively economical way to travel!
  4. Jackleberry

    Address History

    I'm filling out my address history for the last 10 years. I mostly lived in South Africa, but I spent a year travelling through Latin America. While I was away I didn't have a place to stay in South Africa, I packed up my stuff and left the boxes with a friend. I don't have any family in South Africa. I'm wondering what to put as my address history for that year? Is it really necessary to put the addresses of each hostel I stayed in during the year? Please say no
  5. Hi, My sister lives in Edmonton do I need to provide anything more than birth certificates as proof of relationship? She sent me her birth certificate yesterday and lo and behold, my mom's first name has a spelling error on hers; (Anita vs Enita) everything else on our certificates is the same, will this be an issue? Also I have two passports spanning the over the past 10 years, do I need to submit the old ones pages as well if all travel within the past years is in the 2nd one, just to cover all 10 years?
  6. Hi there, Is anyone from Vancouver possibly going to Cape Town shortly and would be so kind as to take a package to a family member for me? It is for my nieces and my nephew who will be born in a few months. It will probably be in a small box, it is clothes and books. I am willing to contribute. Thanks, Ange
  7. M-N

    Travel history

    Hi Everybody, Does anybody know if there's a way you can obtain your travel history from South Africa? I've done quite a bit of travelling for work in the past few years I have the stamps from the last year or so in my current passport but I don't have my old passport to check. Is there a report or something I can get from the SA border agency? If not, any suggestions on how to handle the missing information on the PR application? I really can't remember the exact dates I traveled for all the destinations. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks, N
  8. Hi there I'm planning on leaving for Canada for a pretty permanent stretch. I'm planning to leave in Early-Middle December (depending on the cheapest flight I can find). I've found out so many useful things in this forums. Since you guys can be pretty helpful, I'm hoping you can give me some advice with the following questions: I'm already a Permanent Resident (PR), does this mean I can fly at a cheaper rate? (Someone told me about this and I just want to confirm if it's true or not.) Which airline is the best? (My best experience - when traveling towards Canada - was with Air France, but I'm not sure if some airlines are sympathetic to those who have PR status and those who don't.) Which is cheaper...Early December or Middle December? Is there one place that can compare prices for you? (It can be overwhelming consulting all the different airline websites.) Any tips to help with the jetlag? (Last time I was in Toronto I suffered for 2-3 days from it.) What is the one thing you should have packed for the airplane but didn't? Any advice or things to watch out for when traveling alone? (I'm most likely going to be travelling alone, and meeting my brother in Toronto.) Which is the ideal Winter month to travel in? Is there anyway to get a free ticket? (My mother always told me the best things in life are hellishly expensive. However, I could never say no to something I could get without opening my wallet.)If you guys could be kind enough to answer even one question, I'd be grateful! Jonathan
  9. Radyns

    Adventure in Canada

    Hi All I would really appreciate some help. There has probably been hundreds of these queries but i cant seem to find any that provide the info i need. My wife and I are looking for ways to work/live in Canada J We got married 6 months ago and are now looking for adventure while we have the chance. We do not want to immigrate, we want to go for a year, or 2… or 3 to work, travel, gain experience, serve the Lord and have the time of our lives. We have a massive passion to go to Canada, and we figure if we don’t do it now, we will never get the chance. Is it easier to get a working Visa for a few years than it is to immigrate? If so, how do you go about it? Where do you start? We would really apreciate any advice or tips. Ons sal regtig enige hulp waardeer. Groete