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Found 9 results

  1. bellyhearts

    New to the forum

    Hi everybody, I am new to the forum. I have been reading and keeping up with the forum while waiting for my profile to be approved. The forum has been so helpful to us with starting our journey. My husband and I both work in IT, we are hoping to settle in BC. We have two daughters aged 4 and 1. We are also hoping to get my Mom and 17 year old sister, to join us eventually. My husband did his IELTS test on 28 September, we are waiting for the results, hoping to get them on Friday, 11 October. All documents have also been sent and received by WES. They are in the process of evaluating. The wait is what's getting to us the most now, hoping to do our Express Entry profile mid-October.
  2. Keval

    Mr Keval Soni

    Good day, my name is Keval Soni and I am 29 years old, and from South Africa. I am currently in the process of immigrating to Canada ?? to continue my career in plumbing. The city of my choice is Toronto. I have 5 years work experience as an apprentice Plumber and just recently got my international qualification as a Plumber. I am here today to seek all the help, advice and basically any information you could provide me with that I would need to know. I'll be looking to rent in Toronto and work there aswell. I'll be starting fresh meaning I'll need all the basics I.e pots fridges microwaves etc. if all goes well I'll be up there by October. Hopefully sooner. If there are any plumbers out there who could give me some advice I'll greatly appreciate that too. Thanking you in advance
  3. Rohnman

    Mzanzi Stickers

    Hello Everyone...for those of you using iphones, you can now add South African flavour to your iMessages. Sayings like... "Nou Gaan Ons Braai", "Chill, Bru!" or "Suka Wena!" and Icons like a Koeksuster or Biltong. Hope you enjoy it Visit
  4. Robyn3

    Family want to return to SA!

    Hi everyone, I'm at an absolute loss right now, not sure where my head is. All I know is that my mom and brother moved here in April and they're already wanting to go back by February. My brother is home sick and my mom says she can't find work here and can't survive on a minimum wage salary. My mom is 55 years old, trained as a nurse in south africa and working in client services/marketing for 20 years. Please can someone give me some advice on what I should do? Does anyone know of any work that she could apply for? Thanks again! Robyn
  5. I arrived in a miserable, rain swept country. In the first four months I was stuck in a job I took out of sheer desperation. I woke up in the dark, left on the bus at dawn, and watched the lethargic sun rise out of the horizon. I worked in a hardware store all day. Often on my lunch hour I had to wade through the angry rain and the frigid air into the toasty Tim Hortons a block away. Sometimes a single slurp of coffee and the sugary bite of a doughnut can kindle a little more life in your eyes. After six months I began to realize the reason Canadians love their coffee. It feels like a weapon in the cold weather. A swig of magic potion to banish the evil spirits swirling in the wind. I quickly started to figure out that using coffee shops as landmarks helps you learn the layout of a city. Another thing I figured out...winter was miserable. Some say that hindsight is perfect sight. Looking back at myself in the first Vancouver winter, part of me thought “Oh sh*t, this is forever.” I'm now writing this in my second winter and the fondest memories I have were sitting outside in the sun on my lunch break. I remember my step mother sending invisible prayers into the sky, asking the sun to come back. Ok, she wasn't actually praying, although I could feel the urgency in her voice whenever she spoke of it. For some reason I denied missing the sun at first. Perhaps, I felt stress from too many other areas in my life. Now that the sea of stress is slowing down to a trickle, I can process more of the details that were so bewildering to me in the beginning. I can be a little more honest with myself at the same time. Ladies and Genitals, here it is...I crave the sun. Allow me to rewind the storyline a little... I'm from Durban, South Africa. For those unfamiliar with the place it has amazing weather. The sun is as plentiful there as the rain is in Vancouver. It's not the safest city in the country, but if you took away the crime it's very close to being a warm, balmy, idyllic one. You have very warm and wet summers, and cool dry winters. The summers were way too hot and humid for me, but one thing I now realize is the sun was always around. The sun (in South Africa) felt like an angry mother-in-law. In comparison the sun in British Columbia feels like an excitable nephew. In Durban if you stayed outside for too long in summer you'd often get burnt, maybe even garner a few blisters in the process. In Vancouver you stay out too long...the most you'll get is a bigger smile on your face. My advice to other immigrants can be summed up in three gets better. It really does. In my second winter I no longer feel hopeless because I now have the radiant memories of summer swimming inside me. I have fantasies of lying in the sun, soaking it up again. While I write this and have multiple sun-fuelled braingasms, I'm reminded of a memory... It happened last summer. Having just arrived home from work I took the graphic novel I had been reading and took a short walk to the local park, about 5 minutes away. Once there I sat in the balmy sun and read for a bit. It turns out my brain was too weary to read a great deal, so I closed my book and lay down on the grass. I closed my eyes and began to listen to the fragments of chatter all around me. It seemed like I lost track of time after a while. It must've been about an hour I was lying there. What stuck me afterwards was that “half sleepy half calm” feeling that seeps down into your bones. Some memories are worth listening to, this is one of them. Blog post:
  6. R10M Foreign Investment Allowance From 1 April 2015 Exchange control regulations allow clients to move R10 Million per tax paying adult out of South Africa each year as part of their Foreign Investment Allowance.Foreign Investment Allowance funds can be invested into offshore investment portfolios, property, bank accounts or any other investments. Private individuals may utilize the below Foreign Investment Allowance per calendar year: R 10,000,000 per adult - SARS Tax Clearance Required (you can obtaining SARS tax clearances for FREE within 3-5 days)If you would like to PM for more details feel free to I would be happy to help you!
  7. jonathan.b

    People from "Africa"

    Hey guys I have to share a 'settling in' experience that happened to me today. I go into the branch of a bank today. (It happens to be one of the big five banks). I speak to the friendly lady at the counter and setup an appointment to see one of the consultants. I wait about 5 minutes and I end up in the office of a friendly Asian guy who works for the bank. We start chatting. I start off by asking him about the weather (this seems to work well). Once the small talk is over, He asks, "So where did you live before you moved to Canada?" I reply, "South Africa." He bursts out laughing. I'm not sure why it's funny and give a half hearted laugh in return. Somehow we get sidetracked, and we are chatting about something else. Halfway through one of his sentences he turns to me and says... "So seriously, where are you from?" "South Africa." Silence. I can see the cogs are churning at a fiery rate inside of his head. "So, you actually lived in the country?" he asks. "Yes, that's where I'm from." He still looks at me a little uncertain. Somehow I guess where his mind is going and I blurt out, "You're expecting me to be black, aren't you?" He nods and I go on to explain "white people do actually live in the country." I explain to him a little about the country, and how 10-15% of the country is caucasian. This puts him at ease, and the meeting continues. After this incident it struck me that many people hear the words South Africa, and yet cling to the word "Africa". In short, it's an entire continent ruled by black people in villages, where electricity and civilized life is rather scarce. I suppose this is one of the "hurdles" with settling into a new country. If he had heard a Canadian accent from the get-go, there wouldn't be this frustrating barrier of confusion and the meeting would continue with ease. About a week back I felt like a bit of a History teacher, explaining to a bewildered Canadian the Great Trek, and that in 1652 Dutch settlers came to South Africa, etcetera etcetera... I don't have a clue about Canadian History, so I honestly would be just as ignorant if I were to be on the other side of the situation. However, this leads me to ask the forum a couple of questions, such as: Is there any point in telling people where I'm from? I don't want to tell an outright lie, but I still want to appear geniune. How have you (in your experience) bridged the lack of knowledge people have about Africa/South Africa ? Does this cultural gap in knowledge make sense, or am I exaggerating a small issue? For those who have been here a few there a certain point at which people stop asking you where you're from?I hope everything here makes a bit of sense. Trust you are all well Jonathan
  8. alicelamalice

    Applying for QUEBEC from South Africa

    Good morning people, I would like to get some information from you guys because nobody can help me in south africa itself. I am applying for QSW and one of the things they ask for is: Originals or certified true copies of poof of your income tax payment (or proof of exemption) or proof of social security contributions (or proof of exemption) since and including 2007 for you and your spouse.Now the SARS department does not give a statement of account based on contributions, they only give an acount based on efiling, which does not help me much. The social security, which, i found out is the UIF we pay, does not have any record whatsoever of how much i contribute. I am trying to get my IRP5 stamped by sars in the hope that they do take it into account but i am at lost. Has anybpdy been there? Regards
  9. Great family business for sale. An established South African meat and grocery deli for sale in Edmonton, Alberta doing around $400,000 in annual sales. This busy shop has high quality equipment and a cornerstone to the South African community. It’s seen steady growth over the years and produces many of your South African favorites. The owner wants to step back from the busy lifestyle. For more information email