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Found 6 results

  1. Hello I've been in Canada since Dec 2018 and filed my SARS tax return last year like I normally would, but didn't change any details. Can anybody tell me which details I have to change on my profile? Do I have to put in my Canadian address and phone number? Additionally, when filing this year, I will be submitting a zero/empty return. I have not financially emigrated, but don't live in or have a home in SA. Was only back in SA for 3 weeks in 2019. Do I mark the box that says "Mark if you ceased to be a resident of RSA during this year of assessment."? And the next question asks "Were you unemployed for the full year of assessment and did not receive any income...". I've been employed for the year of assessment in Canda, but not at all in SA. Does this question only apply to SA? Anything else to consider? Thanks
  2. Hi all, Any idea how long TAX COMPLIANCE STATUS SERVICE ACTIVATION takes? I requested activation weeks ago via eFiling, and nothing has happened yet... Thanks.
  3. Liz88

    It’s about the Money Hunny!

    Shhhhhhh.... so tell me, how does one sneakily start siphoning all your money out of SA undetected *insert James Bond music* I’ve seen comments about how “financial emigration” isn’t the way to go due to assets being frozen So what then? Do you cash your pension and start sending money to a RBC bank account which you opened from here? Sale of houses and cars? Where does that money end up and how? How much involvement is needed from a SARS point of view if any? Some say they leave their SA bank accounts open and just vanish by giving a close relative power of attorney to close everything once settled in 🇨🇦 How does one declare if you’re coming into Canada with $10,000 or more? What did you do? What was your experience...
  4. Good day fellow forum members. Would like some information from those of you that might have something to share. To make a long story short. I am in the process of registering on the Express entry program and getting all documents in order and trying to determine what hurdles I could potentially face and sorting them out before I need to resolve problems when I have a limited number of time e.g.. 90 days to submit application etc. Problem background - Since I want to potentially immigrate I am getting all my ducks in a row or at least I am trying. I however realised that I have an outstanding balance at SARS of about R2500, this is not a problem and I will pay. I however still need to submit two tax return IRP5 documents from 2011 and 2013 respectively. Now I don't know why that was not done either I was sleeping or the company had been sleeping but none the less that is my situation, and to complicated matters even more...The company where I am supposed to get those IRP5's presently so that I can submit them to SARS had been closed and does no longer exist. I need to get this sorted, not only because I want to immigrate but obviously being in good standing with SARS is non negotiable. Questions : 1.) Any input, tips or help as to how about I will be able to "fix" my situation. 2.) Will at any point in the express entry process or the Application for permanent residency it influence my chance of being approved if I have not submitted all my information to SARS? Will CIC require IRP5's or proof of good standing to SARS or any such thing? Regards
  5. MaryJane

    SARS Tax Season

    Just a reminder for those that still do them... SARS tax season is upon us. SA tax season starts on Canada Day, 1 July 2015. Important deadline dates to remember are: 30 September 2015 - for manual or postal submissions 27 November 2015 - for submission at a SARS branch (non-provisional taxpayers) 27 November 2015 - for eFilers (non-provisional taxpayers) 29 January 2016 - for eFilers (provisional taxpayers) From SARS website:
  6. DavidD

    SARS History?

    Hi came across this alarming news in Business Day. Appears as if another previously functioning state institution is being compromised. Looks like the rule of tax law is being subverted in order to protect President Zuma from paying his tax liability for the finantial benefit he received by way of Inkandla. ( quarter billion rand emplyee benefit?)