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Found 3 results

  1. Ruan123

    Moving to Canada in Jan-Feb 2019

    Hi We have been in the process of applying for Express Entry to Manitoba. (Process started about a year ago, when we decided we want to move to Manitoba from SA - process officialy started early this year). My husband has a possible job offer and should we leave in Jan-Feb 19 we would need some pointers on below: Travel insurance and medical coverage. Which airline to fly? Who allows dogs in cabin? How to go about in renting a house so that when we get there we have somewhere to live. (or are hotels cheap enough for us to book into while we look for somewhere to live?) What is the process in buying a car once we get there? My husband needs to take over some tools, will it be cheaper to sell here and by new ones there? (he is a Diesel Mechanic and will need them to work) Just some general information regarding the whole process, things we need to do or get in place before we leave and once we get there, will be greatly appreciated! Regards
  2. So now that we'e received the great news that our PR has been approved we need to start making plans for the big move!! My first question, probably of many, is about accommodation? We are a family of 2 adults and 4 young children. So the picture is of all of us just landed in Halifax scurrying to get all the luggage together without losing one of the kids in the process and then stepping out of the airport... What now??? We are thinking of renting a place from day one so that we can head over there directly from the airport because a stay in a hotel for a couple of days would be just too expensive for 6 people. So then we need to decide where we will rent a place, what size, furnished or unfurnished... Where do we start looking for a place? I have seen nice looking places on but I have no idea if the pictures tell the whole story. How do I know they aren't hiding a big whole in the roof in the middle of the bedroom? If we take a furnished place it is inevitable that our kids destroy the furniture and beautiful decorations that are so sentimental to the owner, so unfurnished it is. The problem with that is we then need at least beds for all of us for the first couple of days before we can find out where to start shopping. So, should we order beds and bedding via Walmart online to deliver the day we arrive or does anyone have any other suggestions? How do we know what we need, will it be warm enough and so forth? Secondly, we need food, and eating out every meal for a couple of days might sound good to New Yorkers, but we prefer to cook what we eat. So we need cooking and eating cutlery and crockery. Once again the Walmart option comes to mind? Thirdly, we need clothes as those that we bring from SA will most likely not be suitable. Where do you suggest we start shopping for kids clothes? Any ideas or tips on how to make the landing easier will be very much appreciated.
  3. Hey everyone, Posting this here on behalf of my friend that is looking for a tenant for this condo. We rented it from her when we first moved to Calgary and stayed there for three months before we found a house to rent. Pros: Short walk to the Tuscany LRT station, it is the end of the LRT line so you are guaranteed a seat on the train which beats standing on a busy train. The condo is really nice and well looked after. The building is well run. The building has a small gym which you can use for free. 1 x undercover parking in a heated garage. 1 x parking permit to park a 2nd vehicle on the street outside the building. You can have a small pet. All snow removal etc is all taken care of. It's furnished, even with a gas braai. You only have to pay for electricity - about $40pm. Washing machine and tumble dryer in the apartment. Nice little dams and green space for walking close by. The landlord is awesome, she has been to SA so she "gets" us. We have now become friends, she is just really an awesome person. Cons: The location of the apartment in the building is above one of the garage doors so when your windows are open you can hear the garage opening and closing. Not a big deal in winter Condos have rules and you have to follow them. This condo building is strict so if you are a rule breaker - it's not for you. It is pretty small at 800 sq feet but if it's just 2 people it is fine. So if you are looking for a place, I think you could be happy there because we were. Also, she is flexible on the lease period and will probably accept 6 months minimum. If you contact her be sure to mention that you saw the ad here on SACanada.