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Found 5 results

  1. Johannie

    Snub Nosed Pets Immigration

    Hi all Is there anyone who has taken over snub nosed dogs like pugs to Canada? I've heard it is very dangerous for them and also traumatic... I have two 6 year old pugs. They are family but I don't want to take them over if it is too much of a risk and if they are going to be traumatised after the move. Few Questions: How did you transport your dogs? Did you notice them being traumatised after the experience? Thanks in advance
  2. ZGani


    Hi All I am fairly new on this forum, but have been looking through comments eagerly in anticipation of our move in early 2018. My parents moved to Canada in 2010, and being I spent multiple years between here and there, eventually deciding to my CA(SA) articles in Cape Town. Now that my wife is finishing her articles we are looking to move back to Canada (kept that PR active), but one of the things we can't see anywhere is how to take pets over with you. We would love to hear from anybody who has done this recently, and what the logistic and costs would be, as well as any documentation we would need to get together before setting off?
  3. Rumark

    You should get Pet Insurance

    Hi everyone... I'm writing this from Ontario - I'm not sure if it is different in other states in Canada, but this is my experience. If you have pets, you should get pet insurance. We were extremely spoiled in SA and we were charged nominal fees for vet care... in Canada the prices are HIGH. 1. What Pet Insurance do you use? We use Pet Plus Us... we did a lot of research and there are many others, like Trupanion. They are mostly insured through the US, but you can do your own research and see what company and what plans suit you. 2. What does Pet Insurance cover? This depends on the company and the plan. In general they will not cover anything elective, including vet visits or elective surgery like spaying/neutering. Many companies will not pay for pre-existing conditions. You do get companies that pay for everything, even funeral plans for your dogs, but you pay accordingly. 3. Is Pet Insurance expensive and how does it work? It is expensive. We are paying $90 per month for our old Boston Terrier and about $70 per month for our French Bulldog puppy. Older dogs cost more. When you apply you have to fill out a few forms and older dogs need to go for a full physical examination and blood tests at your own cost. After you are underwritten you get partial cover for a few months where you can't claim anything that isn't a dire emergency. Thereafter you get full coverage. The coverage depends as I said on the company and plan. However we customised ours online and we have to pay an overhead of $600 the first time we claim, but only once a year. After that we have to pay 10% of the total bill and they will cover the rest. They cover up to $7500 per year per dog. The plans above ours included details that were almost unlimited but you could find yourself paying up to $400 per dog per month. You will need to tailor make it to your needs and budget. 4. If Pet Insurance is so expensive, then why should I get any? If you visit the vet you will pay $200 each time, that I guarantee you. It's about $80 for a consultation (tax is added later), but then the various injections and pills add up. We have never paid less that this for a visit, especially for vaccinations that are very expensive. They have a terrible habit of microcharging for each thing i.e. blood tests $40, drawing blood $40, blood admin $10. Remember, pet insurance won't pay for any of this in most cases. However, our old dog got very sick earlier this month and had to be admitted to their hospital. We had to pay a $1000 deposit. We were told that depending on her treatment it would cost between $1500 and $4000 for her to stay between 1 and 4 days. Luckily she stayed for one day and our total bill was $1500. We will only have to pay 10% of this thanks to our insurance. Also remember that she had one X-ray of her tummy and a simple drip in her arm for rehydration... nothing fancy. Dogs who have surgery or other intensive treatments could get massive bills. Vet bills are a whole other ball game in Canada, much like dentistry. If you have pets, get insurance before you get a massive bill in the post. Enjoy!
  4. EyelidGoose

    Pet questions for @Raquel

    Hi @Raquel How goes things in Canadaland? I was wondering if I could pester you for some info regarding pets seeing as you're the most recent person to go through the process of getting them over. I see you took your pooch with so if you wouldn't mind, could I ask who you used, what the process was like, what you had to get done this side and upon landing; whatever info you think is pertinent. Feel free to PM me if you prefer. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Sheppie

    Apartment Hunting

    Hi all, My fiance and I are moving to Vancouver in July and we are in the process of trying to find a small furnished apartment to rent. We are still on the job hunt so area is a bit confusing at the moment - however, we have our eye on Kits and maybe North Vancouver. We have picked up a lot of scams on Craigslist so we would like to avoid that if possible. I see a site called Rent-it-Furnished has some nice listings - has anyone used this site? Any other great sites or rental companies anyone could suggest? We are bringing our two Boston Terriers over as well so any advice on the pet side of things would be greatly appreciated - housing and transport Thanks!