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Found 3 results

  1. Austin

    Work Permit & Job Offer

    Hi All First time joining this forum and have lots of questions I want to ask. Hoping their kind hearted people who can help me and by the looks of this forum, there are many of you kind hearted ones on here. But first a very brief back ground info of our current situation and where are in the whole process. I'm 35, married, wife is 30 years old and we are in the beginning stages of our immigration process. We've met with our immigration solicitor last week to get the ball rolling, just awaiting his e-mail with instructions on the next step to take. He is legit and his practice is based in BC, but also has offices in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and one here in SA. After meeting and discussing matters with him and reviewing my assessment, it has been established that I only qualify for one entry stream, namely PNP Job Offer Stream, so our successful immigration is contingent on whether or not I can find a legitimate job offer with a LMIA. The LMIA application will also be done by our solicitor on behalf of the prospective new employer. We were also told that certain provinces are closed to us due to certain out of our control factors, for e.g. Alberta (our preferred province, have friends living there, so we are somewhat saddened about this one) due to high levels of unemployment in this province, Calgary has hit a new high in unemployed people - 76,000 - highest in Canada, so looking for work there will be near impossible as a foreign national who is coming over on only a work permit, as Canada has a "local first" policy, and rightly so, SA has the same policy all be it a lot more relaxed one. Some other issues are point scoring systems, language barrier ect. But fortunately these issues are few and there a more solutions than problems. So with this all in mind, I am hoping there is someone on this forum who has been in the same situation and made it thru, who can give me some advice. My questions are as follows: How did you manage to secure a job offer with a LMIA? How did you navigate the networking aspect in your attempts in finding the right job? (as not all job vacancies are published or advertised online, a lot are only by word of mouth ect) Where and what platforms did you use or had at your disposal that helped you in securing a job offer? Your assistance and/or guidance and advice will greatly be appreciated. Our solicitor will also help with a lot of these matters as well as guide as thru the whole process step by step. But one of his very important points was about networking and sourcing connections in the industry in which I am employed but also in other fields in which I have knowledge and some experience to maximize my chances of finding the right job. Where better to start down this avenue than right here, where there are many people with whom I can get into contact with and who have gone thru this labyrinth of Immigration. Many thanks in advance for any help and advice you can give
  2. ChrisBooth_360

    Applying for an open work permit

    So I've been searching all over the Canadian government website trying to find out if it's possible to apply for a temporary open work permit without having a job first. I managed to log in and take a questionnaire, but at the end of the questionnaire, it just told me that I was not eligible to immigrate and that I should look into how to apply for a temporary work permit. And when I clicked on the available link, it just took me straight to the beginning! Does anyone on here know if it's possible to just apply for a temporary work permit without having a job first? And how would I go about that? (The government website has been very difficult to navigate) P.S. I'm not looking to immigrate to Canada, I would just like to work there for a year or two. And I am currently looking for a job too.
  3. dmkza

    Work permit

    Has anyone applied for a work permit lately and how long did it take to get approved? Our agent says that it should take about 4 months. We have a possitive LMO. Thanks in advance