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Found 12 results

  1. Theron

    Sept 2019 PR Applications

    Hi everyone. Let's keep in touch if you applied for PR during September 2019. Also checkout the Consolidated e-APR Tracker (Express Entry Permanent Residency Application) on myimmitracker. Good luck to everyone!
  2. Luke_L

    Pregnancy and PR

    Hi All, first post on the forum and a bit of an unusual question. We just got informed that our PR application has almost been finalised and we just need to bring our passports within 30 days (myself, my wife and our son). Thing is my wife is pregnant and is due any day now, so we still need to get the new baby a passport and then get her on the application. We did declare on the application that she was pregnant. Should the three of us go and get our passports in in the meantime? I've emailed an enquiry but they seem to take a while to get back. We weren't expecting such quick turnaround (2 months) from submission, and were going to add baby #2 once she was born. Anyone else had any experience of having a child in the middle of the PR process? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone. Like I said in my introduction thread, I am looking to emigrate to Canada through EE FSW. I don't have a job offer or a PNP, but if I do the CRS points calculator from with all of my info as it is today, I get a score of 403. If I do it as it should be in 18 months time, when I have finished my post graduate diploma and refreshed my French sufficiently, I can get to 440, 460. So the question is, should I create an EE profile now with that score, and hope for/apply for PNP so long, or should I do the decorous thing and wait the 18 months I need to to get the higher CRS score and the greater chance for an ITA? Keeping in mind that the IELTS is vrek expensive, to have to repeat in 2 years' time. I am really interested in your opinions and thoughts on this matter. The other question I have is: if you get an ITA, and all of the information you gave on your EE profile is 100% true and you have the documentary proof of all of it, is it very likely that your PR would be declined? If so, on what grounds, do you think? I'm really, really scared of this happening, although I can think of no reason it should.
  4. If you are affected by this, then here's some good news.
  5. Samanthadlp1

    Temporary Residence And Work Permit

    Hi All! The process to get us to Canada has been taking forever, so I just wanted some advice to calm my nerves. We applied for jobs for my husband in May 2016 and he was approached by an interested party in June 2016. The "employer" hired a Representative in July who would assist him in applying for the LMIA to bring my hubby over, initially stating that if all was in order, we would be able to apply for our visas and land in December/Jan. We got the official job offer (but did not sign as the employer wanted the rep to look over it first). It was confirmed on the 21st of November that the LMIA had just been submitted. And confirmation came through on the 29th of November that they received a file number. So here are my questions: As far as i am aware from the info online,a signed job offer by both the employer and employee needs to accompany the LMIA application, so since we did not sign, how was it submitted and a file number received stating that all was in good order to proceed? How long does the LMIA process typically take as my husband's NOC code is 7321 and the offer is $30 per hour in British Columbia. The rep says it will take 3-5 months to get an outcome but surely it cannot take THAT long can it? My husband went for his IELTS tests in June 2016 so they expire in June 2017. So my question is, how long do the results need to be valid for...(example: do they only need to be valid at the time of Temporary Residence and Work Permit Application, or do they need to be valid for a certain amount of time after one lands in Canada-so basically, will he need to redo the test if we are only able to apply for the Visa's in March or so?) The rep advised that we should apply for dual intent as our main goal is to become Permanent Residents (but the employer can't wait upto another 18 months for us to get there), so the rep has advised that we go ahead with the Temporary Residence and Work Visa's and apply for Permanent Residence status only once we arrive in Canada...Any advise surrounding this? The CIC site says that Temporary Residence Visas are issued within 22-26 days and Work Permits anywhere up to 5 months. As we are applying online, and not on paper, can anyone advise how long this process actually takes or is the 5 month mark about right? Thanks all, sorry for the many questions but my heart can't take the waiting...I'm sure you all know how i feel at this point.
  6. The government of Canada has set an ambitious target in its 2016 Immigration Levels Plan, aiming to welcome up to 305,000 new permanent residents over the course of this year across a range of economic, family, and refugee/humanitarian immigration categories. This is the first time in many years where a Canadian government has set a target of 300,000 or greater. The 2015 immigration level target was 280,000. Economic Programs (includes PNP, FSW, FST, CEC, etc.) - it is between 151,200 to 162,400 Family Class (includes spouses, parents and grandparents, etc.) - it is between 75,000 - 82,000 Refugees, Protected Persons, Humanitarian - 53,800 - 60,600 For further breakdown and more of the story, click here -
  7. Leany85

    Work for PR applicant spouse

    I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice? My husband and I have submitted our EE PR application, with me being the main applicant. If all goes well, we are expecting an answer around Feb / March next year. My husband is an experienced computer engineer with a BEng degree and we suspect he will be able to find work much faster than I will (I am in the digital marketing/ communications industry). From what I understand he will need to apply for a work permit once we arrive in Canada, and then wait several months before he is allowed to work. Are there any other ways that we can try for him to find employment sooner? A friend recommended getting in touch with recruiters once the PR application is finalised and trying to find work be fore we go, so that he is "pre-approved" to work before we land. Is that possible and has anyone else followed a similar route? Advice and recommendations welcome.
  8. Ydean Hartzenberg

    EE Application

    Hello everyone. I have been thinking about creating a thread on Express Entry Applications. I can't seem to find one that gives some form of guidance and thought it worthwhile to have a place to exchange information and ask questions. Please forgive me if there is already a thread like this one. My wife and I have decided to get our paper work in order for the big move. The decision is not one we took lightly. There are so many factors one have to consider, family, the wild-wild west, money, and then the big one; a stable future. We are still young and have no children yet, hence this seems like the easiest time to do something this drastic. I have done some research of my own, reading through numerous threads on SaCanada, CIC website and the various PNP sites. All the information seems overwhelming and I sometimes feel drowned in a sea of uncertainty. Could someone please assist and give a little bit more clarity on the whole process of applying for PR through EE. We know people in Manitoba and Alberta since I lived with these friends in 2006. My wife and I also visited them in December and started the talk of moving over. We therefore do have connections in Canada and don't know whether or not this would mean any advantage to us. We have started gathering documents. We sent our credentials to WES about two weeks ago, did our IELTS exams this past saturday (01/08/2015) and will be applying for our PCC today. If all goes well we hope to submit our EE profiles with all the required documents within the next month. My train of though, and if anyone could perhaps comment I would greatly appreciate it, is to submit our EE profiles separately with each other as spouse. My wife has a degree as a High School and College Teacher and I have a diploma in Civil Engineering. From what I can gather it seems our CRS scores would be just below or above 400, depending on the scores we get from IELTS. After submitting our profiles contact our friends in Canada and send them our resumes and hope for a job with a positive LMIA. Concurrently also try to pick a PNP that might be suitable for us (still want to do some research regarding this matter). If anyone could please give some guidance or clarity it would be great. Yours kindly
  9. Hi: I would like to know that how long can a Permanent Residence holder stay out-side South Africa? in what situation, he/she will lose her PR status? Thank you so much.
  10. Hi guys I thought I'd share my first experience of Canada with you guys. Earlier this year - being the first two weeks of January - my myself and five other family members went to Visit Canada. Seven years back we'd applied to get in, so now was the window period where we had to fly over, in the middle of winter, and get our Visas stamped. The timing wasn't the most ideal, but on the other hand it would give us an idea what we were in for when the weather was at it's worst. My brother chose to stay there and find work. My brother and myself stayed in a student hostel called the Planet Traveler. If you are about 18-35 years of age and still have no family, staying at a hostel is a great experience, not to mention a good way to meet first time travellers. We stayed in Downtown Toronto (on College Street), where the people are friendly, the food is cheap (provided you shop around china town) and the city itself is safe...very safe. I recommend journeying to the Distillery District, it's a great touristy place of old Brickwork with a chocolate factory, local brewery, and other interesting trinkets. Coming from third-world South Africa, when venturing out of your house around 22h00 is enough to give you that third eye at the back of your head. The second thing was the public transport, was reasonable priced and efficient. I was rather amazed that the more I walked around I felt that the city was looking after me. One experience I remember fondly was around 04h00 (the jet-lag was still in our bones). My brother and myself roamed around the snow-blasted streets in search of a drink. After realising the laws - if I remember correctly after 0h00 - I think certain stores can't serve alcohol. Another more important issue, was the stamping of the Visa. They were stamped on January 1, 2013 so my question is: - How much time do I have left in SA before I move over? (I did hear something about spending two more years in and then a further three in Canada to get citizenship.) - How is this worked out? If someone could give me closure on this I know my time is running out, and I'd hate to miss out on being a Canadian citizen after around 7 years of waiting. Has anyone else had regrets, or feelings they'd like to share. My Parents didn't have such a glamorous time, since their kids (about 4 and 11) struggled to get use to the cold weather. They stayed in the entertainment area of Toronto, it a little more upperclass and people are less friendly (this was their impression, perhaps it was a combination of the cold?) Let me know your opinion, I'm intrigued Jonathan
  11. Hello All! I'm Canadian but have lived overseas in Europe since 18 and now the past 4 years in SA. My husband is born and bred Afrikaaner and has finally had it with South Africa. We want to move to SouthEastern Sask or SouthWestern Manitoba (preferably somewhere between Brandon and Regina) as that is where I'm from originally. We hope to sell our business here in the East Rand (tyre fitment centre) and open/take over another one there. We are expecting our 2nd child together in July 2013. Our 1st is turning 2 this year. Luckily the children are also Canadian citizens so it is just my hubby and possibly in the future his 16 year old son who need to apply for permanent residence. I see most of the people here are going it via the skilled worker venue, but we of course are going the spousal sponsorship route. I have been finding very difficult to find any information for someone in the same boat as us. Any suggestions, websites, forum links that can help me would be much appreciated. I have as of today applied for all the unabridged birth and marriage certificates, vault copies of birth and marriage, as well as a new passport for my husband as his expires early 2015 and I'm afraid of going through all this mess and then not getting perminent residence until the end of 2014 or later, only to have his passport expire on us!! We want to move around December 2014. ANY ADVISE FOR US WOULD BE SO WELCOME. I'm just really stressed about all this paperwork. THANKS FOR BEING A PART OF THIS! PicketFay aka Amanda
  12. StephenBreetzke

    Application Mystery - Where to go and what to do?

    Hi all... Stephen here (or for those that prefer, Steve). I am new to these forums and find myself unsure of what I should be doing concerning the application to immigrate to Canada. To give you a bit of background of who I am and the position I am in, here is my story. I am a 36 year old male that is in a common law partnership with my 29 year old girlfriend (Melissa) and her 4 year old daughter (Roxanne). We are not married as of yet, but will be pursuing that in the future. I have been wanting to immigrate to Canada for many years now, and now that I have a family of my own, I find it even more important to get this application on the go ASAP. I qualify for the FSW program and have more than enough points for the application. I have a B-Tech (Hon) Degree as a Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist (CPO) in the medical field with about 9 years of experience. Melissa (my girlfriend) however does not meet the standards to apply on the FSW program, but might possibly be able to get a job offer in her current field, but we have not pursued this option to it's fullest as of yet. I have been waiting for the applications to open for the FSW program to see what changes might have been made, and now I find that my job is not one of the 24 that is being accepted at this time. I think the NOC code that I should apply for is 3219. I feel I have encounted a spanner in the works. Where do I go from here?... 1) Do I wait for my NOC code to become available for the next application? 2) Do I try and find a job and go through on a work permit? 3) Do I apply anyway on the FSW program now, in hope that at a later stage my application is accepted? I feel Canada will be a great move for us as a new family. I would like to land in Canada before Roxanne starts primary school, or at least within the first year or so of her starting school so that she follows the same curiculum as the rest of the kids. Basically, I would like to make it as pain free for her to move with us. Any advise and guidance would surely help me tread water in the right direction. With my best regards, Steve.