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Found 10 results

  1. PhilipCX

    Link between passport and PR card

    So we might need to do a soft landing in the new year if our application is processed on time, as our medicals is expiring not long after. We can only hope that this is the case, but what will happen will happen. My question is, if we do a soft landing in Jan/ Feb, they will then proceed with issuing PR cards to "our address" in Canada, are these PR cards linked to the Passport number you entered the country on or are they only linked to your biometrics? Because I would then on our return to SA like to apply for new passports which will be valid for a longer period and hopefully avoid to ever have to renew them again in SA. So when re-entering Canada it will be on new passports, but either with our PR cards or those permanent resident travel documents that you can apply for. Has anyone else done something like this or have any input? Thanks
  2. Meyer88

    Travel history

    Hi Forumites I was hoping for some advice. We are busy finalising our docs to PR application. If one went for a 3day cruise from durban to the Portuguese Islands and back... Should this be included in the travel history section.... as the stamp on the old passport only indicates Durban harbour entry and exit... So not really sure where to indicate this as it's not like we really went to another country etc. But also saying that we don' have anything to hide, any inputs? Thanks
  3. Vantheman

    Passport Renewal Query

    Hi allHope you're all having a fantastic Friday! So, my wife's passport expires in June 2019 and she has visa's valid until 2023. In addition, all Canadian PR related documentation references her existing passport. We booked our flights today to activate our PR and land on 3 June 2018. We are not sure when we will return to SA. However the travel agent has advised that while she can travel on her current passport, she should apply ASAP to renew her passport before we leave. This means her existing passport will be deactivated but would need to be submitted with her new passport application at SA Home Affairs. A phone call to SA home affairs informed us that they cannot guarantee her existing passport will get back to her with her application (no comment). I am loathe to get ourselves into a situation where we have to replace the existing visas, especially the PR one, before our landing in June. We are concerned about this process and possible complications. Does anyone have any advice or similar experience being in this situation? Is it difficult renewing your SA passport while in Canada? We'll be settling in Vancouver initially. I'm thinking to rather play it safe, get our landing done and then apply for a passport from Canada as she'll have about 12 months left in the existing one, which she can use for her flights in and out of SA. Would thoroughly appreciate any advice you can give.Thanks Van
  4. Naas


    Hi, I am a first timer user of the forum and have applied for temporary residence/work permit, not sure what the difference is? If anybody can advise please. I have had a passport request on 22 December 2017 and have handed in my passport on 9 January 2018. I see on the forum last year the average turn around time was 14 days with a best case of 7 days and worst case of 21 days on average. Does anybody know how long it takes now? I need to be in Toronto on 01 February 2018 to start work.
  5. Good day members. I would just like to hear comments from any individuals that are willing to share info, experience or just to add their 2cents. After having a look at the OINP document requirements I have observed the following: Your passport must have been valid for at least two years prior to your application. If your passport has not been valid for at least two years, include copies of all of the pages of your previous passport. Now for majority of people I guess this will not be a problem. But in saying that not all of us has had the need for a passport and have had the opportunity to travel across borders. So to put it rather bluntly, am I screwed? My passport is new I guess 6 months old. I had a passport that expired somewhere in 2011 and honestly without needing to elaborate on it, there simply was just no need to renew it back then. So by having a valid passport that is not older than 2 years will this seriously prevent me from obtaining a PR? AND Did you really submit all previous works payslips, IRP5's etc? I only have work experience reference letters from those employers? I really will struggle to find payslips and employment contracts. Any experiences or inputs that you would like to share? Are all the PNP requesting this? Any way around this? Thanks
  6. Dupie

    Kids passports and birth cert.

    Hi We are about to apply for unabridged birth cert. for our kids. Now we heard that if the parent whose details is in their passports is travelling with them we dont need the unabridged certs. Is this true?
  7. Jaco M

    CPCO-Final Request E-mail

    Hi everyone!, So I received an e-mail yesterday that I need to send in my passport to get my visa issued for my PR application. Is it easier to submit it via courier or just swing by the offices in Brooklyn, Pretoria to drop it off? I'm not quite sure where to take proper photos in Pretoria. I have little confidence in the Kodak shops I've previously visited. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Kind regards, Jaco
  8. Hey all! Finally received Passport request for PR Card, Yay! However I have a question and hoping someone can help. I will be sending my Passport tomorrow to CIC for processing which will take at least 30 days AFAIK, but I have business travel to the US planned for later this month. Does anyone know if there is any form of temporary travel document I can get to travel to the US without my Passport? Thanks!
  9. A couple of years ago when we were still in SA, someone told me that if you are not born in SA, but are a naturalised citizen, you lose your SA citizenship if you have been out of the country for more than a year and have to reapply for it. My husband was born in Zim and became a naturalised SA citizen. We have been in Canada on PR status for almost 2 years and want to go back to SA for a visit next year using our SA passports. I just hope there will be no issues. Does anyone know about this or know of an expert to ask? Thanks.
  10. Driekie

    Finger prints for Passport

    Where would we go to get our finger prints done to renew our Passports? Been to RCMP but they wouldn't do it. Any ideas?