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Found 1 result

  1. Raymond Chown

    PR application

    Good day everybody I hope someone can provide some advice. My wife received an invite to apply in January from the EE pool, and we submitted all our documentation in early March for our PR application. In the meantime, my family and I have relocated to Canada via work visas and permits through a transfer with the company I work for. We have recently received an email stating our visas are ready, and we should submit our passports and so forth to the VAC. Problem is, we are in Canada already, and we cannot determine whether the email is a duplication with regards to our work visas we received. The immigration lawyers who arranged our work visas think it is a duplication. The Application number is as per our submitted express entry profile. The application number starts with an "E", whilst our work visa number started with a "W". My wife's online CIC express entry profile does not indicate that we need to submit our passports, it just states that the medicals were "passed" and the rest of the items were still "in progress", "under review" or "no other document required at this time". The email we received is as below. Can anybody tell me whether the approval emails look like the one we received, or are they different? Does CIC not issue a letter with a barcode with which they request your passports? We received letters like that with our work visas which we had to take along to the VAC. Thanks Raymond UCI: XXXXXXXX Application: E000XXXXXX August 24, 2016 Dear XXXXX XXXXXXX: YOUR VISAS APPEAR READY TO BE ISSUED Your file appears to be complete and ready for visa issuance. Before we can issue your visas, we require: 1) Duly completed Annex A; 2) Two (2) recent passport size photos of all family members accompanying you to Canada (these photos must not have any holes, (i.e. not be stapled, glued, pinned, etc…); 3) Valid original passports of all family members accompanying you to Canada. Please ensure that your passports have at least one (1) blank page. The validity for all visas will be the same. Visas will be valid for one year from the date of your medical exam or for the validity of your passport, whichever is less. Sending your passports, photos and completed forms Passports should be submitted via the Visa Application Centre nearest you: Pretoria : Canada Visa Application Centre Block D, Brooklyn Office Park 1109 Jan Shoba Street Brooklyn, Pretoria South Africa Harare: Canada Visa Application Centre 100 Prince Edward Street Milton Park, Harare Zimbabwe Port Louis: Canada Visa Application Centre International Organization for Migration (IOM) St. James Court St. Denis Street, Port Louis, Mauritius Please note that there may be additional fees charged by the VAC. Please consult their websites or contact them directly for further information. Thank you for applying for immigration to Canada and we wish you success in your establishment in Canada. Annex A File: E000XXXXXX 1. ENSURE THAT YOU PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION FOR YOU AND ALL FAMILY MEMBERS ACCOMPANYING YOU TO CANADA CONTINUE THIS INFORMATION ON A SEPERATE SHEET IF NECESSARY FAMILY NAME FIRST NAME HEIGHT (IN METERS) EYE COLOUR Your Name XXXXX XXXXXXX Spouse Child 1 Child 2 Child 3 Child 4 Child 5 Child 6 2. YOU HAVE ENCLOSED PASSPORTS FOR EVERYONE IN YOUR FAMILY WHO IS ACCOMPANYING YOU TO CANADA. 3. YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT PAGES IN YOUR PASSPORTS SO VISAS MAY BE INSERTED 4. YOUR PASSPORTS ARE VALID 5. YOU HAVE ENCLOSED TWO PHOTOGRAPHS FOR EVERYONE IN YOUR FAMILY 6. IF SENDING PASSPORTS BY COURIER: HAVE INCLUDED A PRE-ADDRESSED ABD OREOAUD AURWAY BILL. Photograph Specifications TAKE THIS WITH YOU TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER · Immigration photographs are NOT the same as passport photographs. · Two recent photographs of each family member will be required. · Do not write on the back of the photographs. Use labelled envelopes to identify individual family members. Notes to the photographer The photographs must: · show a full front view of the person’s head and shoulders showing full face centred in the middle of the photograph; · have a plain white background; · be identical (black and white or colour) produced from the same untouched negative, or exposed simultaneously by a split-image or multi-lens camera. The photographs must: · measure between 25 mm and 35 mm (1” and 1 3/8”) from chin to crown; · have a 35 mm x 45 mm (1 3/8” x 1 ¾”) finished size.