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Found 7 results

  1. Hilmarie

    Help needed with NOC(s)

    I have some questions regarding the NOC that I should use for my Express Entry profile as well as for Permanent Residence application. I have the following degrees: BComm in Actuarial Science BComm Hons and MComm in Mathematical Statistics MPhil in Mathematical Science. My work experience is as follows: Jan 2011 - Dec 2014: I worked as a statistician at a research center at a university. During this time I performed statistical analyses on data in the field of Epidemiology (the study of the spread of diseases), and contributed to academic journals within which mathematical models were used to derive information about the spread of disease. March 2016 - Present: I worked as a consultant at two audit firms where I used a combination of mathematical and statistical models (focused on probability theory) to calculate the value of financial derivative instruments. The models are calibrated using either historical share price, interest rate or foreign exchange data or data on these variables currently observed in the market. I also worked on an engagement where I had to calculate risk statistics Can you kindly help me to identify the correct NOC(s) to use for my work experience above. My opinion is that the work experience listed in bullet (1) falls under NOC 2161 Do you agree? Since my work experience in finance (see (2) and (3)) involved the application of mathematical models and probability theory to value financial derivative instruments I would like to argue that this work experience falls under NOC 2161 as well. However, I am afraid that for some reason I should choose NOC 1112 (Financial and Investment Analysts) or NOC 4162 (Economists and economic policy researchers and analysts) as these NOCS are specifically related to finance. The job duties of these NOCs however do not fit my job duties accurately. Also, can I use more than 1 NOC for (1) express entry profile and (2) PR application? Should my primary NOC be the NOC associated with my latest work experience? Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Hi there I really hope that there is someone who can help me. I am currently in the process of completing my application and will hopefully submit it this week (once my husband receives his academic assessment report from WES) Before we started this process I met with an immigration consultant to see if we were eligible to apply. During our consult I mentioned that my qualifications and area of work experience are not in the same field and she told me that this wasn't a problem. However under the work experience tab there is a field that asks me to enter the date when my qualification, necessary in the NOC description, was completed. The NOC description says that a degree or diploma in business, marketing, public relations etc may be required. I do not have a qualification in that field. My job title is 'PR and communications' but my responsibilities are definitely not limited to this title. I received the job 6 yrs ago because I had a university qualification, great people skills, very confident and good with communication. My employer did not require a degree/diploma in public relations. If I put in the date I received my drama qualification and the NOC is 'public relations', is this going to cause incongruencies on my application. Would really appreciate some insight. (I have contacted the immigration consultant but due to high volumes she has not been able to respond yet) Thanks in advance
  3. Liz88

    The PNP Adventure

    Sooooo, Manitoba PNP... Is it possible to create an EOI without having the “connection” ⬅️ Aka Human Lifeline Friend if your NOC is on their skills shortage list? Also, Everyone says you must have over 400 CRS points to even consider being eligible for OINP - at this point we are dancing on the 401 line... slim pickings - I mean unless our NOC is in demand and someone notices it’s like entering a haystack of 1000’s of needles and hoping you’re shiny enough. Any and All advice from you happy people is always welcome
  4. Chambersfam

    NOC codes

    OK, so the questions are coming thick and fast - I want to get this application right this time We are applying with my husband as the main applicant. He has worked in the investment field for twenty years and is currently the head of international distribution at a large investment corporation in Cape Town - the closest code I can find that fits this job is 0013 - Senior Manager, Financial (and other) services. He is also the chairman of a smaller company, and holds this non-executive position concurrently with his day job. How does one describe this on the EE application? I will go and search the NOC page more carefully but just thought I'd put it out there for the SACanada rock stars who answer all questions so ably
  5. Kim Lester

    Job change

    Hi everyone, I would like to ask some advice. If I have a new job opportunity (in a different field than what I am currently in and different from my education), will this affect my application? Will I have to change my NOC code according to the new job? Also, will they count my experience in that field as priority or will they take into consideration my other experience as well? I am worried that if I do a career change now, it will adversely affect our chances of getting into Canada. We are in the beginning stages - getting documents together for EE profile. Any advice would really help a lot!!! Thanks in advance!
  6. AdeleDBN

    Not sure what NOC

    Hi All, I am unsure as to which NOC to choose for my Hubby. He specializes in the installation of car tracking / GPS and alarm systems. He has over 10 years experience in this field as Technician and on Management level. He has also trained many technicians on this skill. I am unfortunately not able to find an NOC that talks directly or even indirectly to this. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  7. LilyZA

    2014 FSW Global Spreadsheet

    Hi I thought I'd share this spreadsheet we found on the international Canada forum yesterday: It shows how many people from the international forum have applied this year so far, and whilst I'm sure that it isn't 100% accurate in any way as the spreadsheet isn't official - it might help to see how quickly your NOC cap is filling up. Also worth adding your own application to help keep count.