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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all! It's a pleasure to meet everyone. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading threads on this forum over the past while, leading up to my own application period. Now, I can happily say that's begun. I'm busy getting all my documents in order, getting ECA, etc. and intend to enter the pool at the start of 2020. After a lengthy period of research, I settled on Edmonton as my destination, due to a number of factors I know about myself, and I'm sure I'll be happy with my decision. However, I am somewhat concerned about how long it'll take to find work there, so any insights will be greatly appreciated. I have a marketing master's and a couple of years of full-time marketing experience behind me. Luckily my field means I can work at an extremely broad range of companies/institutions. 1. At what point do you think I should begin reaching out to companies advertising jobs (and recruiters)? 2. What do you think the chances are of my getting Skype/phone interviews while still in SA? 3. Any advice in terms of what to do once I've hard landed next year, for finding work soonest (if I haven't already)? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. LislB

    Vaalie to Canada hopefully!

    Good morning all! I thought I'd come introduce our little family here. My husband's parents and sister (and her family) moved to Canada in 2008/2009. He has been trying to convince me for 10 years that we should go too. I have been dead set against it for all that time until January - it is as if my heart changed. I will still be extremely sad to leave my parents behind (but hopefully they can follow at some point) but I do feel that this is what we're supposed to do next. Hubby is an electrical engineer (WITS) with a PrEng in SA and will hopefully be able to register as at least an EIT in BC. I have a music degree and have experience (a few years ago now) as a music teacher. We have submitted docs to WES (mine are taking forever to be processed here at MIE in SA) and we're writing IELTS on 13 April... Once we have those two certificates we will apply online for EE (also hoping we can secure a job offer for hubby before then as that will help with CRS points). Any advice is welcome! So very grateful for this community!
  3. Billaridoo

    Ahwê ma se kinners

    Thank you to every person contributing here. Been visiting this site for info & guidance and joined this weekend. It is a valuable source of info and answers most of the questions out there. I definitely learned how to research and read tings more than once in the TR application process. Travelling to BC early in Oct for a family visit & look 'n see. Keeping a low web presence until I return to SA and will share what I saw and experienced. Border security increasingly checking visitors laptops and phones for possibility of working/not leaving on TR visas, so playing it safe. Thus far, the CIC web application was fairly straight forward, just frustrating at times when the site was down. Awaiting final outcome/decision. Happy days.
  4. So here I am (South Africa) In my 30’s, 2 young kids, freshly back from a December (check it out) vacation in Ontario region. We’ve been toying with this idea of leaving South Africa for some time and officially made the decision now. I’ve finely combed the CIC site numerous times and completed all those possible eligibility for EE forms and am now just starting the process - paid and booked our IELTS last night and know I have a mountain ahead of me. Id like to hear from people who have already climbed the mountain or who are already much further along in the process as we are If you could give 1 or 2 pieces of advice to yourself when you started the process what would it be? What mistakes did you make, what do you wish you knew sooner
  5. Stefan1274


    Hi everyone, My name is Stefan, my girlfriend is Klara, and we want to officially start the process for FSW entry. I am looking forward to learning everything I need to know from this forum. I am a 32 year old male with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have experience in the engineering field, teaching, software development and financial consulting. P.S. Is there a place on this forum that shows a basic roadmap/flight plan for beginners? E.g. 1. IELTS 2. WES 3. Police Clearance etc. Thanks all! S
  6. Dep


    Hi my name is Dep, I m new to the site. I will be coming to Canada again to visit my boyfriend in May this year. I 've been reading comments here since last year and I 've now decided to join. All the best to everyone that is in the process.
  7. JennyVee

    Hello :)

    Hi Guys - I apologise if this post is too long! I've been reading this forum like crazy for a while now and the information I've found is invaluable. Thank you all so much! You've unwittingly informed my Google Spreadsheet Bit o' Background My hubby (Louw) and I decided last year that we wanted to move to Canada. We're both 34 and have a 1 year-old son (Finn). His birth was the final motivation for us to get our butts in gear and start working on the application. We want to give him the best opportunities, and the Great Snowy North speaks to both of us. TBH, we'd happily pack fish in the Yukon for a year if it got us over there! This is where we're at right now: Louw's Mom lives and works in BC, but has a house in Calgary, Alberta, right next door to Louw's Aunt and Uncle. This house is empty and available for us. We've done our IELTS and both got 8.5 averages. I've been waiting for UNISA to release a qualification (PGCE) which they finally did this week. These are our next steps: WES credentials assessment (I'm intimidated by this one) Police clearance (I'm heading to the Traffic Dept tomorrow to pay outstanding fines that have resulted in summons) Skype meeting with Immigration lawyer on 1 Feb (Louw's Mom's recommendation - We're wondering about: What we can do over there! We do alright in Cape Town, but our education and experience make a bit of a mixed bag. I have a BA in Communications, a Post Grad Certificate in Secondary Education, and a TEFL certification. I've 4 years teaching experience, and 4 years Marketing (agency) experience as a Copywriter and Editor. Louw is a Sound Recordist in the film industry, and has worked freelance for his own company for 10 years. So that's us in a nutshell. Little overwhelmed, but determined. Any advice is so, so, so welcome! It's encouraging to see how many peeps have made the transition, and it's sobering to see how long it has taken sometimes. I get the feeling we're in it for the long haul...