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Found 7 results

  1. Spherocyte

    Physician Job offer Manitoba PNP

    Hi, I’ve been offered a job (specialist physician). Currently have an application in EE but CRS 416 due to age. I know I can get some points (max of 50) I think for a valid job offered which meets the criteria. Already maxed for IELTS and education so not way of increasing this score. This one does but I’m still waiting for the LMIA details. Been in the pool since August 2019 and doubt that’s even with the extra point for the job offer that EE FSW is the route to go for me. I’ve been exploring the Manitoba PNP and wondered if anyone has been through this. I know that one requirement is that you have a family worker or “friend” resident in Manitoba - we have a friend. So from my research thus far, it seems like the work permit route is not the way to go unless the job is non permanent. Is this true? Has anyone gone the Manitoba PRP route? I would expect it to be smooth sailing if I have a job already but on the online application, they don’t ask any details about the job or skill set. If anyone out there has any advice I’d be most grateful
  2. Liz88

    The PNP Adventure

    Sooooo, Manitoba PNP... Is it possible to create an EOI without having the “connection” ⬅️ Aka Human Lifeline Friend if your NOC is on their skills shortage list? Also, Everyone says you must have over 400 CRS points to even consider being eligible for OINP - at this point we are dancing on the 401 line... slim pickings - I mean unless our NOC is in demand and someone notices it’s like entering a haystack of 1000’s of needles and hoping you’re shiny enough. Any and All advice from you happy people is always welcome
  3. So...whilst reading through the WWW, I've stumbled across another way to get into Canada (perhaps). This is nothing new. It's been around awhile actually. But have any of you guys heard of Morden? Host, Ingrid, actually posted about it a while back in 2014 ( Morden is a city in the south of Manitoba. They continue to accept immigration applications and are targeting applicants outside of Canada. The requirements for the application are (somewhat) similar to EE. They only have a small number of applications that they can take so they focus more on applications that fall under one of these professions: If you are in one of these occupations, then this might be your chance. Application to Morden seems to be paper-based. You apply and get invited for an exploratory visit (mandatory and at your cost). You visit and pass an MPNP interview. If you pass the interview, you can apply via Manitoba PNP (MPNP) with Morden support. For more info -
  4. MaryJane

    Manitoba PNP

    Hi guys Just thought I'd start a new thread since we don't seem to have one for Manitoba. Who knows? Somebody out there might be interested. We don't watch this PNP route too closely at the moment but out of interest, Manitoba had their 2nd draw for their PNP EOI last June 5. The results are that they've issued 126 + 202 advices to apply so that makes another 328 EE applicants likely to be receiving PNP soon. Their 1st draw happened mid-May with 151 invitees.
  5. Andz

    Life in Winnipeg Manitoba

    Hi ALL Anyone living in Winnipeg, would like to just get an overview of how the place is, weatherwise , environment, general cost of living, population make up , schools etc.
  6. I did a comparison for some farmers. The differences between Canada and South Africa, are amazing. Unfortunately it is in Afrikaans. Did you know that SA is just twice the size of Manitoba???
  7. Hello All! I'm Canadian but have lived overseas in Europe since 18 and now the past 4 years in SA. My husband is born and bred Afrikaaner and has finally had it with South Africa. We want to move to SouthEastern Sask or SouthWestern Manitoba (preferably somewhere between Brandon and Regina) as that is where I'm from originally. We hope to sell our business here in the East Rand (tyre fitment centre) and open/take over another one there. We are expecting our 2nd child together in July 2013. Our 1st is turning 2 this year. Luckily the children are also Canadian citizens so it is just my hubby and possibly in the future his 16 year old son who need to apply for permanent residence. I see most of the people here are going it via the skilled worker venue, but we of course are going the spousal sponsorship route. I have been finding very difficult to find any information for someone in the same boat as us. Any suggestions, websites, forum links that can help me would be much appreciated. I have as of today applied for all the unabridged birth and marriage certificates, vault copies of birth and marriage, as well as a new passport for my husband as his expires early 2015 and I'm afraid of going through all this mess and then not getting perminent residence until the end of 2014 or later, only to have his passport expire on us!! We want to move around December 2014. ANY ADVISE FOR US WOULD BE SO WELCOME. I'm just really stressed about all this paperwork. THANKS FOR BEING A PART OF THIS! PicketFay aka Amanda