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Found 7 results

  1. Meyer88

    Resume/ Cv

    Good day members. I was wondering if there is anyone that can provide me with some insight, advice etc. I am looking for a legitimate and reliable service to "Canadify" or call it what you will my CV. I believe it is extremely important to make your cv appeal to the Canadian job market and have been told that this is actually crucial. So is there anybody that I can get in contact with that will be able to help me with this? Any info to get me going in the right direction will be appreciated...
  2. Hi All, I have concluded final round interviews with a hiring manager for a great position in Calgary. He has informally told me in conversation that I can expect a formal offer and they are willing to apply for an LMIA for me and I could then apply for a Temporary Foreign Worker Visa (TFW). I've yet to conclude final package negotiations and was wondering if anyone can shed some light on if I am granted TFW status and land in Canada how things like tax, health care costs, schooling costs etc would work without being a PR? Should I be pushing for a higher salary because I will have to pay exorbitant private medical aid/schooling costs until I am granted PR? PS I intend to apply for PNP once landed in Alberta. All of their PNP streams require an applicant to be residing and working in the province. I would really appreciate some feedback from people who have gone this route before me! Thanks in advance for the feedback!
  3. bezzy

    work permit questions

    Hello all , Long time stalker, first time poster I am planning to enter Canada with a work permit and apply for PR once there , The company that has offered me a job has already been issued with an LMIA for the offer and I am now doing the application for visas. I have a few queries regarding the required documents before I submit my application. I have tried contacting VFS as well as CIC and nobody seems to be at their phones when I call So here’s hoping that somebody here has experienced something similar. The rundown: We are a family of 4 ( Myself, wife , daughter : 10 and son : 8 ) We are going to Ontario ( Specifically around, but not in, Toronto ) My wife wants to work in Canada My kids need to go to school The LMIA is for 3 years The Confusion (There’s so much of it): For my application I need a Employment reference letter Can I use payslips to confirm my current position or must this be an actual letter from my employer ? For my wife’s application Purpose of travel Can I write a letter stating that she is accompanying me for the duration of the LMIA and that she would like to contribute during that time ? For the kids Should I be applying for a visitor’s visa ( there seems to be much debate about this ? ) Thank you so very much for all the incredibly useful information that this forum has made available already.
  4. Samanthadlp1

    Temporary Residence And Work Permit

    Hi All! The process to get us to Canada has been taking forever, so I just wanted some advice to calm my nerves. We applied for jobs for my husband in May 2016 and he was approached by an interested party in June 2016. The "employer" hired a Representative in July who would assist him in applying for the LMIA to bring my hubby over, initially stating that if all was in order, we would be able to apply for our visas and land in December/Jan. We got the official job offer (but did not sign as the employer wanted the rep to look over it first). It was confirmed on the 21st of November that the LMIA had just been submitted. And confirmation came through on the 29th of November that they received a file number. So here are my questions: As far as i am aware from the info online,a signed job offer by both the employer and employee needs to accompany the LMIA application, so since we did not sign, how was it submitted and a file number received stating that all was in good order to proceed? How long does the LMIA process typically take as my husband's NOC code is 7321 and the offer is $30 per hour in British Columbia. The rep says it will take 3-5 months to get an outcome but surely it cannot take THAT long can it? My husband went for his IELTS tests in June 2016 so they expire in June 2017. So my question is, how long do the results need to be valid for...(example: do they only need to be valid at the time of Temporary Residence and Work Permit Application, or do they need to be valid for a certain amount of time after one lands in Canada-so basically, will he need to redo the test if we are only able to apply for the Visa's in March or so?) The rep advised that we should apply for dual intent as our main goal is to become Permanent Residents (but the employer can't wait upto another 18 months for us to get there), so the rep has advised that we go ahead with the Temporary Residence and Work Visa's and apply for Permanent Residence status only once we arrive in Canada...Any advise surrounding this? The CIC site says that Temporary Residence Visas are issued within 22-26 days and Work Permits anywhere up to 5 months. As we are applying online, and not on paper, can anyone advise how long this process actually takes or is the 5 month mark about right? Thanks all, sorry for the many questions but my heart can't take the waiting...I'm sure you all know how i feel at this point.
  5. Happy weekend guys. So the company my wife works for have recently setup a branch in Toronto. They are sending a permanent employee to handle recruitment and office management as well as staff for a 6 month period. For her to transfer at the end of the year, would the company need to apply for a LMIA? She has been with the company more than 3 years and is almost at the highest level in the role (they have a grading system). This generally would take 3-4 years to get to that point. From what I understood, from previous posts, that a LMIA is not necessary. Am I off-base?
  6. Ydean Hartzenberg

    Work Permit or Immigrate?

    Good day. My wife and I have made the decision to get our paper work in order to move to Canada. I am lost in a sea of information and am unsure of exactly how to tackle the process. If anyone can help with advice, we would greatly appreciate it. Here is my train of thought: I have contacts in Canada since I've visited there twice. I would therefore think it might be easier to get jobs for both me and my wife through the networks we've already built up, rather than going through an agency or lawyer or be thrown into the pool. I am not sure how this would impact on LMIA's and the like? With regard to the application, we are unsure whether to go over on temporary work visa's and then while we are there apply for PR. Is this the norm? It seems quicker to get into Canada this way. I would think getting all our credentials assessed and language proficiency tests done, things that take time, will enable us to see how we compete in the Canadian market, thus making us employable. Is it possible, or even advisable to do things this way round or not? We are also thinking it might be wise to get processes that take time, such as WES Credentials Assessments, IELTS, Unabridged certificates, etc..., going. Would it make a difference in the timeline once we've put in our applications at CIC this way or not?Please advise us on how to tackle this giant. Yours kindly
  7. Braam & Sanelle Cronje

    LMIA Processing time

    Hi All, Do any of you know what is the avarige processing time of a LMIA in Ontario? My employers agent have submitted it 7 weeks ago. The employer have not received any thing as yet from EDSC.