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Found 4 results

  1. tanchett

    Life works in mysterious ways...

    When I wrote my first blog post in October, I had every intention of continuing to detail every step of our process on this platform. I hoped that it would prove helpful to others and also, that sharing my fears and concerns would help keep me sane. Funny how things don't always go according to plan. If you read my first post, you'll remember that I was at that all-too-familiar stage of doubt. Doubts about why we're doing this, doubts about whether we can. And then - something completely unexpected happened that threw our lives into absolute chaos. So there we were, getting all our documents in order and all the boxes checked before submitting our application. Our WES documents were complete, we'd done better than expected on the IELTS - all was going our way. We'd made a booking for our medicals to be done in Pretoria, with no real concerns for the outcome. Aside from a previous, but treated, heart issue with my husband, my 7-year old son and I were in almost perfect health. How wrong we were. Looking back now, and as crazy as it may sound, we have nothing but our Canadian PR application to thank for saving our son's life. Without it, we would probably not have noticed that something was wrong until it was too late. Within ten minutes of seeing my son, the amazing doctors at Hatmed were able to sense that something was not quite right. To this day I still ask myself, "how could we not have noticed?" What followed was a weeks worth of appointments, MRIs and tests. For the first time in months, our Canadian application wasn't even a thought. Without going into too much of detail, it was eventually discovered that my son had a large, extra-rare type of tumor growing inside his spine. It had probably been growing for years. We had no idea. He presented no previous symptoms - just a healthy, normal little boy. Within the space of two weeks, we had found a specialist, completed his surgery and were on the long road to recovery. It doesn't sound like much as I write it down, but there are no real words to describe the rollercoaster of emotions that we went through during that period. Life, in a sense, stopped. Canada, South Africa - none of it mattered anymore. We were just constantly thankful that we started the process to begin with - without it, we never would have known. Life works in mysterious ways. So where are we now? I'm happy (ecstatic, panicked, stressed out, over the moon) to report that this morning we received our golden e-mail. We submitted our application in December 2017. It's been a long, difficult, life-changing road to get us here and we'll forever be thankful to the long list of people who helped us along the way, who held our hands and wiped our tears when it all got too difficult - who reminded us that it all brought us here. Canada - we're here, we're healthy, we've got so much life to look forward to. We'll be seeing you soon.
  2. Tracey22

    Kids Finances

    So my 12 year old is desperate to earn money - he wants things we are not prepared to pay for. So, as a 12 year old, you cannot work in the formal employment sector. Umpiring and time keeping jobs only start at 13 and 14. so, yesterday, I came home to discover that he and his friends cycled to Staples, had business cards printed for their new "leaves be gone" business. Within hours, he and his friends distributed 400 business cards around the area, and had 10 people sign up for his leaf raking enterprise. He negotiated with the manager at Staples, to put their logo on the cards, and the manager did not charge them for the business cards. I phoned the manager last night to thank him for supporting the kids' little business. The thing I love about being here, is that my 12 year old did all this on his own, using the buses and his bike to get around!
  3. Hi all. We as a family are privileged with a nice big garden and we go walk the kids in their prams in the evening, going to the local parkie and let them swing and climb. They are 1 and 2. Now we were wondering how to you manage that type of activities in Canada in winter. Do you just put on a lot more clothes and take a casual snowy stroll in -5 degrees? I would really like to hear from others how they managed to keep an active winter lifestyle with kids around. I've read that it is a good idea to take on a winter sport, and that sounds lovely to me, but what about the little ones? And what happens to their runny winter-noses? I was wondering if there is maybe less opportunity for germs to float around as they are killed by the cold? Do not get me wrong, I am extremely excited of the idea of having white long cold winters and learn some new hobbies, not yet sure how to direct my thoughts to the unknown...
  4. KAREN_01

    Passport for kids

    Hi, We are in the very beginning of our journey. I've yet to figure out what needs to be done first, second, third etc. Wish there was an easy formula/list. Myself and the kids do not have passports. When is the best time to get passports for the kids? Sooner rather than later, or visa versa? Just wondering, because I see that many journeys took very long from beginning to end and I know how fast a child's face change in a short time. I don't want to have to repeat the process - the less repetition the better. Thanks