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Found 1 result

  1. LotzofTravel

    Moving without a job

    Hi All, We just submitted our PR application and is now in the long waiting period, thinking about possibilities and ideas all day long. Exciting and also a bit unnerving. A job will be the most important thing in the beginning. We have and Ontario Provincial Nomination, so we will need to land there and stay for at least six months. Obviously we will start to look for a job as soon as we get more certainty about PR approval, it seems as if it will be senseless to start and find something without it. BUT I read so much about how difficult it is to get a/any job. Last night we got this "idea" of packing our bags as soon as we get the approval, and then stay somewhere between Ottowa and Toronto for six months, making it easier to go for interviews in either direction (and maybe the rest of Canada, we just need to be in Ontario for six months). So yes I realise it will be far from both, and we will need to survive with no income for a while. But we think maybe it will be cheaper doing it like this than stay in very-expensive-Toronto. My question is if other members did something similar? And is there small towns where the monthly rent would be cheaper than the big cities? Ideas/suggestions/warnings are all welcome!