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Found 3 results

  1. Avital

    City & Guilds

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and I have seen a lot of helpful information on the forum so thanks so much for this. My husband, our 7 month old son and I have decided that we would like to start a brighter future in Canada. After seeing an agent and doing intensive research and reading, we decided that we would attempt to apply ourselves. I am experiencing an issue with getting my education recognized and wanted to find out if anyone else has gone through something similar. I studied an International Professional Advanced Chef Management Diploma through Capsicum Culinary Studio. This course was a 2 year course but I received three separate diplomas for the course: Diploma in Patisserie, Diploma in Food Preparation & Cooking and an Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts. These Diplomas are from City & Guilds and are level IVQ 2 & IVQ 3. It was advised to me to go through BCIT to have my education assessed but they are not even considering it to be a 1 year course. This is the reply I received from them: "Thank you for your email. Please note the credential that has been submitted is out of scope of what we can assess. We cannot do this credential because it less than one-year duration and it is a trans-national credential. You are welcome to apply with any other academic credentials the client may have. " I would like to try and have it assessed through IQAS as this was another company recommended to me by the agent but IQAS requires me to pay up front - which I don't mind doing if I get the results I need but of course this cannot be guaranteed. Any advise on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I am currently studying a business degree part time so if all else fails we will wait to apply at the end of next year, but if my previous course is recognized - we can start the process earlier. Thanks in advance!
  2. jodrih

    Alberta job hunt

    Dear Forum members, We have been granted Canadian PR, have landed, and gotten our PR cards. We are back in SA to sell all the stuff like the cars and house and maybe some furniture as well, before we finally move. We visited Vancouver and Whislter, what an incredible experience, I get tears in my eyes when I see that a city can be so enjoyable and that fact that people can be so friendly and helpful without the issues we face here back home, it is not comparable and the difference between first and third world is incredible. BC is beautiful! I am a bit concerned about finding a job in Alberta as this is the province we think we would be able to settle in best. Nowadays with the oil recession I think it is more difficult. However I am interested in the pharmaceutical sales industry or as you may call it a medical sales representative. I have very good qualifications and over ten years experience as a private healthcare manager in a private hospital group in South Africa. I am a pharmacist in the last stage of PEBC exams, but the PEBC exams is incredibly difficult and very expensive in SA currency. I have no idea if Alberta works with job agencies or how to approach the job search. What I have heard is that Alberta/BC/Canada will appoint people who are residing in Canada and the job search will be easier, you actually will not be considered when still residing in South Africa. Do you think one should apply via IQAS to get your qualifications assessed first ? I will appreciate any comments or suggestions. Please help. Kind regards, Jodrih Bloemfontein 051-4460486 I
  3. Dear All Could someone in the medical field or with knowledge of the medical field in Alberta province please advise us. My wife has a Bachelor of Science in Biomedicine with post qualification of clinical pathology in medical laboratory. She is currently registered with HPCSA (equivalent to CSMLS in Canada) After much research, it seems that Laboratory Services in Canada use IQAS as the preferred ECA body rather than WES. Is WES not valid for the medical industry? I ask as I do not wish to have to pay for my ECA twice.Does anyone know if IQAS is acceptable for the CRS calculation for entrance into the EE pool? Have any immigrants had luck being employed as a medical laboratory technician? If so, did you have to start lower down the ladder as a lab assistant and work yourself up again, or did they recognize the Saffa experience right off the bat? How would you compare the medical industry in Canada vs SA? Should one apply to write the Canadian board exam with CSMLS before applying for employment? I have read that labs don't run 24/7 like here in SA. Is this true and if so what are the typical hours? Thank you in advance to all those whom respond!!!