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Found 4 results

  1. Ruan123

    Moving to Canada in Jan-Feb 2019

    Hi We have been in the process of applying for Express Entry to Manitoba. (Process started about a year ago, when we decided we want to move to Manitoba from SA - process officialy started early this year). My husband has a possible job offer and should we leave in Jan-Feb 19 we would need some pointers on below: Travel insurance and medical coverage. Which airline to fly? Who allows dogs in cabin? How to go about in renting a house so that when we get there we have somewhere to live. (or are hotels cheap enough for us to book into while we look for somewhere to live?) What is the process in buying a car once we get there? My husband needs to take over some tools, will it be cheaper to sell here and by new ones there? (he is a Diesel Mechanic and will need them to work) Just some general information regarding the whole process, things we need to do or get in place before we leave and once we get there, will be greatly appreciated! Regards
  2. Hennie vdB

    PPS payout - taxed in Canada?

    Does anyone have experience with the PPS provident fund (taxfree) payout after age 60 - when you transfer that money to Canada, do you have to pay Canadian tax on that? When I turn 60, I will have been in Canada 7 years, and citizen for 3 years.
  3. FaithFUL

    Insurance quotes for moving

    Hi everybody For those that decided to move their furniture across, which sites did you use to get an idea as to what the stuff must be insured for? The moving company gave us some websites but we're going around in circles? An example: looking for a leather lounge suite on the site takes you to clothes?
  4. Hello there! We're in the process of getting everything sorted for our trip to Egypt (in pursuit of NBPNP). We went to well known travel agent who have not contacted me at all (apart from sending flight itinerary) with regards to hotels, tours & travel options in Egypt etc. We've got two months to sort these out. Being a "list" kinda girl I have stalked TripAdvisor for nice & affordable hotels, found some, booked them. We found flights for cheap with the shortest travel time. Medical cover is sorted - our medical aid covers emergency medical care while out of the country. Travel insurance - I found out that our credit card has got FREE travel insurance if you pay for the tickets via credit card, how awesome is that! I have to mention that our travel agent said that we'd have to sort out the insurance part ourselves, surely she should know and could have mentioned that most credit cards offer free insurance and that most medical aids covers you as well? The one thing I'm unsure about is the visa. Gooooooogle has not been very helpful on this part. I have however found a website that offers this service. They charge R600.00 for the two of us & it takes about 16 days for the visa to come through. I can't find anything on Hello Peter and just need to check if they legit. Can anyone vouch for them? Can we book our flights before getting the visas? Yes, it's a silly question but I need to put my husband at ease Spending money: we're planning on putting funds into the credit card to use over there. Our bank charges a maximum of R50.00 per international transaction, whether it's a swiped purchase or cash withdrawal. I think that's quite reasonable? In my mind this would be the safest way to travel with money? Is there anything I'm missing or does anyone have any tips?