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Found 37 results

  1. Accomodation available in North Vancouver (Feb 26-April 22) Hi guys, We're looking to rent our our suite in the neighborhood of Lynn Valley, North Vancouver while we are back in South Africa (Feb 26-April 22) The right fit is essential for us as you'll be living in our home. We're willing to offer reduced rent for the right couple/family. Please send a DM if interested. - fully furnished - 2 bedrooms (King-sized bed, 2 single beds plus crib, if needed) - 15 minutes walk to mall/grocery shops - 5 minutes walk to bus stop - close to rec centre/forest/trails Thanks, Monique
  2. Hi All, We are South African an living in Aus (immigrated Nov 2018) at the moment as my hubby got a job and we managed to get a PR visa. Aus was not my first option but that is was our option at the time. We used to own a farm in the Drakensberg, but safety became a huge issue. We had threats on our daughter and stock theft galore! We have been in Aus 14months now and are still wanting to move to Canada. I have looked on the Canada immigration site but find the whole process very confusing. My husband is turning 48 this year and is a heavy duty mechanic (Diploma in Mechanical engineering through tech in South Africa). Unfortunately our IELTS have expired that we used for Aus so will have to redo those. From what I have researched the Express Entry is not an option as we don't get enough points because of hubby's age, and none of my studies es are recognised as a "skill". Any suggestions on where we start the process and which is the best option to apply for that will give us PR? Where to look for jobs (those that I have looked up won't even consider unless you are Canadian or already have a visa)? What sort of captial is needed if you want to start your own business in Canada ect? Hubby did his skills assessment for Aus and they gave him an equivalent qualification for here, so how would we go about getting this skills assessed for Canada and what is the cost in Rands? Who does he get it done through as it is a trade and does the skill assessment expire? We owned our own business in South Africa, but he is now working for an employer in Aus, whilst running a small mobile mechanic business on the side! Any South Africans that have moved from Australia to Canada? I have looked at the Alberta or British Columbia regions as options - anyone cane give me more info on these areas or pics please? I studied Kinesiology in South Africa which is know as Applied Kinesiology in Canada and I'm an Equine sports massage and equine animal behaviour, so my field is alternate therapies with humans and horses. Thank you all in advance:)
  3. Hi All, We are South African an living in Aus at the moment as my hubby got a job and we managed to get a PR visa. Aus was not my first option but that is was our option at the time. We used to own a farm in the Drakensberg, but safety became a huge issue. We had threats on our daughter and stock theft galore! We have been in Aus 14months now and are still wanting to move to Canada. I have looked on the Canada immigration site but find the whole process very confusing. My husband is turning 48 this year and is a heavy duty mechanic (Diploma in Mechanical engineering through tech in South Africa). Unfortunately our IELTS have expired that we used for Aus so will have to redo those. From what I have researched the Express Entry is not an option as we don't get enough points because of hubby's age, and none of my studies es are recognised as a "skill". Any suggestions on where we start the process and which is the best option to apply for that will give us PR? Where to look for jobs (those that Ihave looked up won't even consider unless you are Canadian or already have a visa)? Any South Africans that have moved from Australia to Canada? I have looked at the Alberta or British Columbia regions as options - anyone cane give me more info on these areas or pics please? I'm studied Kinesiology in South Africa which is know as Applied Kinesiology in Canada and I'm an Equine sports massage and equine animal behaviour, so my field is alternate therapies with humans and horses. Thank you all in advance:)
  4. bellyhearts

    New to the forum

    Hi everybody, I am new to the forum. I have been reading and keeping up with the forum while waiting for my profile to be approved. The forum has been so helpful to us with starting our journey. My husband and I both work in IT, we are hoping to settle in BC. We have two daughters aged 4 and 1. We are also hoping to get my Mom and 17 year old sister, to join us eventually. My husband did his IELTS test on 28 September, we are waiting for the results, hoping to get them on Friday, 11 October. All documents have also been sent and received by WES. They are in the process of evaluating. The wait is what's getting to us the most now, hoping to do our Express Entry profile mid-October.
  5. With fuel in our engines, we are prepared to take that leap into a new adventure by immigrating to Canada. Our 3 week investigations finally lead us to this point, where we were sadly told, we are on the wrong side of thirty, and our last and only real hope was to take a chance with the AIPP. Now I have been through the full designated employer list of New Brunswick’s (the other three provinces to follow shortly), and singled out employers in my field/scope, plus removed employers I felt had no tangibility to them (those particularly without a company hosted website) My question is, before I start applying to some vacancies, should I rather complete my language(General Training IELTS test) & the Educational Credential Assessments, or could I apply and only do the tests once an actual offer comes in? Also, any additional information that you could assist us or anyone else reading this thread will be highly appreciated.
  6. Rabie

    Canada here we come

    Hi everybody My wife and I took the first steps (of many) and finally decided on Canada. We first started with Australia and I had a job offer but something didnt feel right. So we did research and decided on Canada. We havent started anything I checked my EE (i think) score and it was 465. I was told that was good. I am a qualified Millwright with 10 years trackable experience and I am 31 years old. My wife is 28, oldest son is 10 and youngest son is 5. We are looking at either Ontario or Quebec. We dont want to live in a big city, we would prefer a big town or small city. I have so many many questions and as I start the process will definitel have many many more. So 1ste question. Where do I start? Whats the easiest way to immigrate to canada permanently?
  7. jonathan.b

    Renew your PR Card in Canada

    Hey Saffas It's been a while since I posted to this forum. At the moment I'm trying to renew my PR card. I know it's expired (around 400 days or so). Does anyone know how to renew it while you're in Canada? Can it be done online or through the mail? What is the cost? I tried reading up through the govt website today and I've downloaded the PDFs. I'm just wondering if there's a simple way of doing it? Any help will be appreciated, Jonathan
  8. Reibtseb

    (Almost) A Year In...

    Hi All, So, in slightly less than ten days I will have been here for a full year. It feels great saying things like: "My first time skiing was in February last year..." to people who ask. At work, I'm not the new guy anymore. I don't need a GPS to get around downtown Vancouver, or most cities around here. I'm not cold all the time... I remember feeling like I'm getting frostnip the moment I walked out the airport last year. Unlike the locals though, I still appreciate the rain. And Raccoons. Snow is amazing. The silence around when hiking through snow is something else. I probably like winter more than summer, driving to work in the dark is fun. I had my fair share of Lower Mainland traffic enforcement being way more efficient than what I was used to. Turkeys are way bigger than I expected. Canadian Christmas dinners involve multiple families and more food than I've ever seen on one table. Biking in freezing cold for multiple days over hundreds of km ended up being the best thing to happen to me. This country is amazing, especially nature wise, but also the fact that you can bike like that without fearing you might be mugged. Early season skiing is fun, but don't take your brand new skis... Also, don't trust the liftees loading skis in Whistler. They do NOT care about your insanely expensive skis, and will scratch the crap out of them. A chicken korma pie in Whistler, had actual chicken korma in it.... It was so good. I'm going back for more soon. I've hiked more in one spring/summer/fall than I have ever done before. I made many random friends while hiking. Pretty much all my good friends here, besides the few made while apartment hunting. Worth talking to everyone, never know who you have things in common with. For some reason, caring about the environment has taken on a new meaning here. I'm not sure the same thing is happening back in SA. I hope so. I've gotten things done that I thought was out of reach in SA, like PRK. Biking/skiing/hiking in the rain, without glasses, is next level. Stocks actually go in a direction other than down...or maybe I have just been bad at it in SA haha. Of course, I have had many a day missing family, pets. The farm I grew up on. I have a playlist on Spotify I aptly named "Homesick Songs". It's basically my favourite songs by Spoegwolf. I find listening to Afrikaans music helps. First Christmas/new year away from family in ... 29 years, it was painful, but on the other hand I had a great time with my new 'families' here. Built multiple gingerbread houses. I've come to realize I wouldn't be able to willingly go back to SA. There are so many reasons to stay here, despite the US being stupid, the government doing questionable things, or housing being insane. It doesn't affect my health and safety (yet ). I can go lie down and have a nap in a park without being afraid of something being stolen. Was never a big thing, until I did it and realized why I've never done it outside our farm. I've been forced to cook. Ugh. Food options here are great, but I miss the ready to eat stuff that Woolworths sells. It was so easy to eat kinda healthy haha. People still don't get that it's Afrikaans, not African. My colleagues are my friends. I feel lucky.
  9. tanchett

    Landing in Toronto: July 2018

    Hi everyone We landed in Toronto on Thursday and I wanted to share our experience with you before I forget anything. I’m typing this on my phone so it may be structured weirdly - apologies for that. We will be here for a week, after which we’ll head home to tie up all loose ends before heading back. We flew SAA to New York, where we spent a few days before flying AirCanada to Toronto. This didn’t add any extra admin to our trip and we weren’t asked anything about Canada when entering or leaving New York. Planning: Based on everything we read here and on Facebook, we carried the following with us: - Proof of funds (We used my provident fund as our proof of funds when we did our application. Because we are returning back to SA after this trip, I have not yet resigned and none of that money is available to me yet. For proof of funds, we carried copies of the tables and calculations we used for our initial application, and updated tables to reflect June dates). - Unabridged birth certificates for myself, my husband and my son (we were asked for my son’s in SA a few times but otherwise, none of these were asked for) - A detailed goods to follow and goods accompanying list. We did two separate lists in excel and brought three copies of each. The lists included the serial numbers for all electronic devices and approximate values in CAD for everything. Arrival: After landing, there are two lines available for you to join. One is for ‘Canadian and US passport holders and Permanent Residents’ and the other is for ‘All other passport holders’. We were directed to the ‘All other passport holders’ line. As the line is quite long, it took us about 25mins to get to a counter. The guy at the counter was approachable enough and immediately warmed up to us once he saw our COPR papers. He asked why we chose Canada, whether we’d visited before and then spent some time telling us all about the infamous Canadian winter. All in all, this was a quick and painless first stop. We were then directed to the Immigration section. Our flight arrived at 7am - I’m not sure if it was because of the early hour, but the line at immigration was very long. We spent about 40mins waiting in line before getting to a counter. From watching others at the counters while in line it’s clear that your experience is dependent on the immigration officer you get on the day. We were super lucky to be assisted by a really friendly lady. She checked our papers, asked for a Canadian address (we provided a friend’s) and asked how much money we have in cash. That was the extent of her questions. She didn’t ask anything about whether we’re going back to SA this trip, our goods to follow or our proof of funds. That being said, I’ve read many landing stories of people who have been asked these things, so it’s best to be prepared. We were ready to indicate that this was just an activation trip if we were asked, but no one did. We waited about ten minutes for her to process our documents and were then directed to the section for SIN numbers, a short walk away. As she said goodbye, she wished us luck and said ‘Welcome to Canada’ - it was at that point that it began to really sink in for us - after all this time, we were finally here. On the way to the SIN section we had to stop at a desk where we were handed a booklet with helpful info for newcomers. The two people at this desk were also very friendly and welcoming. At the SIN section, we had to fill out two short forms for my husband and I asking for our names, our parent’s names and surnames (both mother and father) and our address in Canada. There was no line here and we were helped almost immediately. The guy helping us was very helpful, gave us lots of advice and welcomed us to our new home. We received our SIN numbers within about ten minutes and then headed off to the baggage claim area to collect our bags. Once we had our bags, we had to head through customs. Here, we were asked for our goods to follow list. We were told that the goods accompanying list isn’t needed. We weren’t asked any questions about our lists - the guy glanced at them, filled in a form and within a few minutes, we were done. Because the immigration section was quite busy, I’d say the whole process took us about two hours. We’re now taking in all Toronto has to offer and loving every minute of it. Everyone we’ve met has been super friendly and we can’t wait to start our lives here. I hope this info helps anyone arriving soon🇨🇦🇨🇦
  10. tanchett

    Life works in mysterious ways...

    When I wrote my first blog post in October, I had every intention of continuing to detail every step of our process on this platform. I hoped that it would prove helpful to others and also, that sharing my fears and concerns would help keep me sane. Funny how things don't always go according to plan. If you read my first post, you'll remember that I was at that all-too-familiar stage of doubt. Doubts about why we're doing this, doubts about whether we can. And then - something completely unexpected happened that threw our lives into absolute chaos. So there we were, getting all our documents in order and all the boxes checked before submitting our application. Our WES documents were complete, we'd done better than expected on the IELTS - all was going our way. We'd made a booking for our medicals to be done in Pretoria, with no real concerns for the outcome. Aside from a previous, but treated, heart issue with my husband, my 7-year old son and I were in almost perfect health. How wrong we were. Looking back now, and as crazy as it may sound, we have nothing but our Canadian PR application to thank for saving our son's life. Without it, we would probably not have noticed that something was wrong until it was too late. Within ten minutes of seeing my son, the amazing doctors at Hatmed were able to sense that something was not quite right. To this day I still ask myself, "how could we not have noticed?" What followed was a weeks worth of appointments, MRIs and tests. For the first time in months, our Canadian application wasn't even a thought. Without going into too much of detail, it was eventually discovered that my son had a large, extra-rare type of tumor growing inside his spine. It had probably been growing for years. We had no idea. He presented no previous symptoms - just a healthy, normal little boy. Within the space of two weeks, we had found a specialist, completed his surgery and were on the long road to recovery. It doesn't sound like much as I write it down, but there are no real words to describe the rollercoaster of emotions that we went through during that period. Life, in a sense, stopped. Canada, South Africa - none of it mattered anymore. We were just constantly thankful that we started the process to begin with - without it, we never would have known. Life works in mysterious ways. So where are we now? I'm happy (ecstatic, panicked, stressed out, over the moon) to report that this morning we received our golden e-mail. We submitted our application in December 2017. It's been a long, difficult, life-changing road to get us here and we'll forever be thankful to the long list of people who helped us along the way, who held our hands and wiped our tears when it all got too difficult - who reminded us that it all brought us here. Canada - we're here, we're healthy, we've got so much life to look forward to. We'll be seeing you soon.
  11. This just in.... And here -
  12. Rabie

    Australia Option

    Ok so after talking to 4 immigration agencies al 4 say that I am not a good candidate for immigration. ?!?!?! I thought Canada needed skilled artisans. I am only halfway with my Engineering Diploma so after some tears and hard words, the wife and I decided on Australia for 3-5 years. Become citizen there and then move to Canada. I am disappointed but God does have a reason. We do want to end up in Canada. And with the Aus dollar being stronger than RSA rand I think it wil make things easier to move to canada. Any idees and thoughts?
  13. Some important updates on the QSW program. The intake period will take place on January 18, 2016 to March 31, 2016. There are 2800 spots and applications are made online ( FAQs with regards online applications - Fees at the time of posting: Application fee for a CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate) - C$773 for main applicant, C$166 for each accompanying family member
  14. Liz88

    Sole Custody for Divorced Parents

    Hello Lovely People Since we last spoke I’ve consulted a forensic social worker in terms of obtaining sole custody / guardianship of my minor children. The social worker is finding out about this very vague requirement as she deals often with families relocating to the UK - they require sole custody for immigration We are now on a mission to find out if the same requirement is needed for Canada as they form part of the commonwealth. I would obviously like to have this as a medical emergency cannot wait for a time difference in order to obtain joint parental consent if you know what I mean. I will let you know as this process unfolds. So far it looks as if the application must be approved by the family advocate and then goes to high court. This process takes some time (+- 20 weeks) as SA courts are rather reluctant to give one parent sole decision making rights. The current price tag from start to finish is estimated at R19,500 ⬅️ Nice little unforeseen circumstance that hey Taking this all one step at a time and just hoping it all falls into place If any of you can shed some light because you’ve been through it let me know ❤️ Liz
  15. Dmorison

    Getting over to Canada

    Hi everyone, I am wanting to move over to Canada. My grandparents are Canadian citizens and live in Calgary but no one else in my family is. I am a 24 year old 3D animator with 2 years experience. My grandparents would be willing to sponsor me if it is possible. Would this be a route I could take? I have read that it might be possible to apply for a work visa while in Canada on a visitors visa that is valid for more then 6 months, is this possible? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  16. MaryJane

    Atlantic Immigration Pilot

    For those who are wanting to get into the Atlantic (New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, PEI), some great programs under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot initiative are coming our way. There are 2,000 spots allotted for these programs. And the IRCC will start accepting application for these programs in March 2017. The programs are: For skilled workers: Atlantic High-Skilled Program and Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program For international student graduates: Atlantic International Graduate Program Some key details for the above Atlantic skilled workers programs: - you will need at least 1 year of work experience in the last 3 years - inside or outside of Canada - an educational assessment that is equivalent to Canadian studies - language test - proof of funds - settlement plan - provincial endorsement certificate (see below some detail on job offer) - you will need a job offer from an employer from the Atlantic province - the job offer needs to be reviewed by the province - endorsement certificate will be issued based on this - but more details on these at a later stage - the job offer for high skilled will need to be at least for a year, the job offer for intermediate skilled will need to be indeterminate - and the best part is do not need an LMIA Read up on the details of this great pilot initiative here - and here Get ready and good luck, peeps! P.S. - this is not PNP.
  17. MaryJane

    In case you missed it... has moved! Our constant accompanying website all these years has now taken up a new address.
  18. scorpion

    OID Paper Based Timeline

    Hi All Any OID/Paper based applicants here? I see most of the applicants are from express entry stream.
  19. Everybody seems to be on express entry nowadays. I just thought maybe someone out there has the same situation as ours. Below is our timeline. February 9 2016: Created profile for Expression of Interest March 9 2016: Received Letter of Advised to Apply April 27 2016: Application Submitted, Application File Number Received, Status: Received May 24 2016: Settlement Plan 2 confirmed receipt from Sponsor November 11 2016: Status: Assessment Pending January 17 2017: Sponsor Interview January 18 2017: Status: Assessment in Progress January 25 2017: Status: Assessment Completed. Received Letter of Approval January 29 2017: FEDEX papers to Sydney, Nova Scotia (inclusive of: Police Clearance and prepaid RPRF) February 3, 2017: Application received March 22, 2017: AOR Received. UCI and Application Number EP** Current Status: Waiting for File Transfer
  20. jaredvdm

    Canadian Immigration Videos

    Hey guys, Not sure if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find anything in the search. The guy, Matthew Iwama is an immigration and visa expert. His videos are easy to follow and pretty short. Hope this helps some of you. Cheers
  21. Hello SACANADA community I have been a member of this site for a long time and it helped me when we first moved to Canada We moved to Canada in 2006 and I started my Canadian business in 2007. We manufacture and distribute custom products to the North American market and we do the majority of our business in the USA. The business is profitable and has afforded us a quality life so far. I built this business with very little money and I really took the Canadian dream and ran with it In 2010 we (as a family) decided to return home on vacation for 6 weeks. During the 6 weeks I was not able to take time off so I brought my laptop along with me and worked the entire time while the wife and four kids had a fabulous holiday. By mid-2011 my company was doing around 80 percent of our revenue in the USA and I was working from a home office in Vancouver. By this time I had pretty much outsourced every function of the business except sales and marketing and things were going well. During 2011 and with a recent quad heart bypass surgery on my mother, I was pondering the future of my business and whether I should sell it so I can spend more time with my family, during this time it dawned on me that with the current outsourcing structure and the fact that we are doing 80% of our revenue remotely: how would it be any different if I have a customer in Florida and they are serviced from Vancouver or Cape Town? So to cut a long story short …here is the kicker. In December 2011 we moved back to Cape Town to be closer to family and I have been operating my company from here for the past 3 ½ years, I work PST hours which translates into an interesting schedule. . Even though we have a small mailing handling sorting and shipping office in Vancouver and we are a British Columbia registered Corporation we are managed and run from Cape Town. I had some reservations about marketing the business for sale in the USA or Canada but at the same time I have realised that a massive opportunity lies in the fact that anyone who is on their way to Canada and is looking for an opportunity to learn and train in SA and then seamlessly continue to operate the business upon arrival in Canada….this may be of interest to the right person. What are your thoughts on this? Is there anyone out there who is moving to Canada who may be interested? On a personal level I would like to simplify my life and spend time with my wife and four children, as you can imagine I have had to sacrifice time with them to operate the business in this way especially with the backward work hours. As it stands we have not listed the company for sale yet and I would prefer to remain anonymous until we do , I have requested permission from the board admin to keep this anonymous for now. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Thanks for your time Africanadian
  22. The government of Canada has set an ambitious target in its 2016 Immigration Levels Plan, aiming to welcome up to 305,000 new permanent residents over the course of this year across a range of economic, family, and refugee/humanitarian immigration categories. This is the first time in many years where a Canadian government has set a target of 300,000 or greater. The 2015 immigration level target was 280,000. Economic Programs (includes PNP, FSW, FST, CEC, etc.) - it is between 151,200 to 162,400 Family Class (includes spouses, parents and grandparents, etc.) - it is between 75,000 - 82,000 Refugees, Protected Persons, Humanitarian - 53,800 - 60,600 For further breakdown and more of the story, click here -
  23. The Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) for Canadian immigration is scheduled to reopen on January 4, 2016, at 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Applications received before this date will not be accepted. There will be a cap on the number of applications accepted, though this figure has not yet been disclosed. The PGP allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to bring their foreign parents and grandparents to Canada as Canadian permanent residents. The application intake cap for the previous application cycle was 5,000 submitted applications. That application cap was reached within two weeks of the program having reopened on January 2, 2015. Given that many potential applicants have been waiting patiently for the PGP to reopen, it is likely that that the next application cycle will reach its cap. It is not yet known with certainty whether the 2016 PGP will reopen with the same requirements and cap as the most recent application cycle, like it did in 2015, or if the Canadian government plans on making changes. For the most recent application cycle, the sponsor in Canada must have met the following requirements: Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;Be 18 years of age or older;Exceed the minimum necessary income level for this program by submitting notices of assessment issued by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) in support of their sponsorship. Sponsors must also demonstrate they have met the minimum necessary income level for three consecutive years. If married or in a common-law relationship, the income of both persons can be included;The sponsor must sign an undertaking to repay any provincial social assistance benefits paid to the sponsor and accompanying family member(s), if any, for a period of 20 years, if necessary. If the sponsor resides in Quebec, an additional ‘undertaking’ must be signed.
  24. Hi guys There's been a change to the figures on the settlement funds requirement. Please make sure your EE profiles have the "correct" amounts. As at January 12, 2016 Single - $12,164 Family of 2 - $15,143 Family of 3 - $18,617 Family of 4 - $22,603 Family of 5 - $25,636 Family of 6 - $28,913 Family of 7 - $32,191
  25. Patster23

    Immigration Scam alert

    Hi All Not sure where to post this but I would just like others to be aware of this scam. I trust this information as its from Deanne from Canada Abroad. Its scary how others like to scam people who are so desperate to get out of SA. Please be careful!