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Found 6 results

  1. TammiM

    Any Electricians Here?

    Hi guys, Just wanted to find out if there are any electricians here that have been been through the process. So my husband is qualified ,worked for himself for over 10 years, but now we have been told that he might have to go to the Ontario College to get a certificate equivalent of his qualification. This was said by my brother in Canada, he is not totally sure. Did anyone else have to do this? We have one IELTS and he needs a certificate of his qualification so that he can apply?
  2. So here I am (South Africa) In my 30’s, 2 young kids, freshly back from a December (check it out) vacation in Ontario region. We’ve been toying with this idea of leaving South Africa for some time and officially made the decision now. I’ve finely combed the CIC site numerous times and completed all those possible eligibility for EE forms and am now just starting the process - paid and booked our IELTS last night and know I have a mountain ahead of me. Id like to hear from people who have already climbed the mountain or who are already much further along in the process as we are If you could give 1 or 2 pieces of advice to yourself when you started the process what would it be? What mistakes did you make, what do you wish you knew sooner
  3. Darren Vermaak

    South African in South Korea

    Warm/Cold greetings, I am currently located in South Korea. And I am in the process of applying for an Express Visa. I sent out my degrees to WES last week and I am writing my IELTS Test on 03/03/2018. My question is - will it be possible to get the process done in South Korea with assistance from my parents back home or would it be necessary/advised that I should go back to South Africa? Lekker week and thanks for any information! Darren
  4. Kayla

    To immigrate or not to immigrate?

    Hello everyone! A bit about me. My husband and I, and our 2 young kids live in Cape Town. We love it, but the constant crime and the worry for our children's future has made us concerned about remaining in the country. My husband has recently been offered a well paying job in Victoria. The company would pay for our move and handle the immigration side of things. My concern is, how do you make that final decision to leave? I keep trying to weigh up the pros and cons in my head, but I always end up feeling just as confused and panicky. As a family we are all very close to the grandparents who live very close to us, and the idea of leaving them and moving their grandkids away makes me wonder if moving would be the right decision. Our kids are also in a wonderful public school here, would they get that same standard in Victoria? Would they be worse off if we uproot them from the grandparents they adore ? Any advice would be really appreciated ❤️
  5. Keval

    Mr Keval Soni

    Good day, my name is Keval Soni and I am 29 years old, and from South Africa. I am currently in the process of immigrating to Canada ?? to continue my career in plumbing. The city of my choice is Toronto. I have 5 years work experience as an apprentice Plumber and just recently got my international qualification as a Plumber. I am here today to seek all the help, advice and basically any information you could provide me with that I would need to know. I'll be looking to rent in Toronto and work there aswell. I'll be starting fresh meaning I'll need all the basics I.e pots fridges microwaves etc. if all goes well I'll be up there by October. Hopefully sooner. If there are any plumbers out there who could give me some advice I'll greatly appreciate that too. Thanking you in advance
  6. Hi to all. I need advice on how to move forward because I'm stuck on how to apply for immigration. To start off with myself and my wife are Metro police officers in Johannesburg (who is tired of corrupt SA) We are interested on working for a police department in Canada and as luck may have it there is vacancies open for international police officers who are currently employed as police officers. It all sounds great but here is the problem. Before they can except us they need a permanent resident permit before I can apply. ( bang ) Is it possible to get a PR if you've never been in Canada? I don't know anyone in Canada either! So what to do? The Police Departments also have no connection or influence with thegovernmentin terms of issuing of PRS. The PR is part of the application process. So if anyone can assist with advice, please. We are waiting in anticipation!!!