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Found 13 results

  1. Part 1 - Getting everything ready! WES, PCC, IELTS Our journey started in May 2020 during lockdown. Myself (28) my wife (28) and my son (1) made our decision to make a move, at first, we decided on Australia, but due to the difficulty in applying and cost, it never sat completely well with us. We just kept on reading and talking without actually doing anything. But through our research, especially in regards to my wife’s occupation, we came across possible opportunities for her in Canada. We started reading and watching as much as we could, and something about Canada just sat well with us. The process cost was a lot cheaper than Australia, and the process simpler. So, in just two weeks of starting we decided to start our process by ourselves. The following steps are as thorough as possible to help others in the future. We decided that we would pay extra wherever we could to make things move along, for example, DocAssist etc. in order to reduce stress somewhat and perhaps make things as quick as possible. I will add in the steps as we go along. I hope you enjoy! Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) - 2 Adults We decided to start with his step due to possible delays in getting them granted, and rather get them out the way first thing. I contacted PostNet Pretoria in regards to their assistance, and they sent an email with all the steps and costs in this regard. This is how our process went: Printed out form SAPS 91(a) and went to Durban North Police Station bright and early at 8 when the lady started work, paid our R300 (R150 per applicant) to the cashier and received a receipt, took our fingerprints on the form and took back both the completed set of prints and receipts. In and out in 30 min. Printed out the Application for Police Clearance Certificate and filled out all info. Made certified copies of both ID’s, and marriage certificate and scanned all above documents. Dropped off the following at PostNet for courier to Pretoria PostNet, Cost R113: • Original form 91(a) • Application: Police Clearance Certificate • Certified ID’s and Marriage Certificate • Receipt of Payment for PCC Timeline: 1/07/2020 - Did fingerprints and couriered to Pretoria 20/07/2020 – Email to say our certificates are ready to be sent back. 28/07/2020 – Collected from PostNet Total Cost: R1 213 Application - R300 Courier to Pretoria - R113 PostNet Pretoria Fees - R800 IELTS: 2 July 2020: We were both really nervous for the English tests, due to the extreme difference in possible points if it goes bad, plus the cost of R4 429 per test. But this was the first real step in making this all come true. So, I hopped on to the IELTS website and booked my wife’s test for the following month (8 August) and made payment. I then went to book a test for myself, but there were no more dates available for August. Now I generally like to get things done as quick as possible, so my first instinct was to book in JHB and catch a flight for the day for early August, but my wife convinced me to rather book in September in Durban, and save a possible flight if one of us needs to redo the test at short notice (smart lady I married). In the end both tests booked: • Wife: 08 August 2020 (Cancelled Due to Covid) • Myself: 12 September 2020 Little did I know how frustrating IELTS would become, 1 week before my wifes exam, the dreaded email arrives, cancelling her exam until a still to be announced future date. At this point you become frustrated, because form here on out, every week lost is another week added to the process, and the question of draws and points and limits start to play on your mind. The communication from the British Council was poor at best. No updates, the same generic answers to your queries, you feel like you are left in a void, just waiting for them to grace you with their decisions. 2 days before my exam, I receive an email to rebook my exam. At literal lightning pace, I follow the link and am relieved to find a new date in Durban the following week, so I was able to rebook for both my wife and myself for the 17th September, and at the end of the day only 5 days lost through the whole ordeal, not bad in hindsight. Total Cost: R8 858 2 x Tests - R4 429 each. Results: Reading Listening Writing Speaking Overall Wife 8.0 9.0 8.0 8.5 8.5 Myself 8.0 8.5 7.5 9.0 8.5 As you can see from above, unfortunately there is now clear proof that my wife listens better than I do, and that I speak too much. However, we were both ecstatic with our results, knowing that we now had guaranteed our points were going to be enough for the next draws. We received our provisional results on our IELTS profile on the 9th October, but had to wait until the 19thbefore we got our couriered results. You have to wait to get the TRF as you need the certificate number and date of results on the certificate in order to submit your EE application. WES Assessment: Next on our list was applying for our ECA through WES. We decided to get both my wife’s education assessed as well as mine in order to get maximum points. Wife’s Assessment: • Bachelor of Arts (UNISA) The easiest way of getting the official stamped transcripts from UNISA was to go to our local UNISA office, for us that is Bram Fischer Road in Durban. They would put them in a sealed envelope, stamp and sign the seal and I would then send them to WES. However, due to lockdown, no UNISA offices in Durban were open, so we had to do it the hard way. I managed to track down an email address for someone at UNISA who knew about WES and their requirements etc. and WES had instituted a process whereby they were accepting digital documents, as long as they came from the University directly. He was immensely helpful, replied to my initial query at 7AM with exactly what we needed to send to him, which consisted of: • Completed WES form (WES Provides) • Copy of Degree Certificate Received an email back at 7PM Friday Night letting us know that our documents had been sent to WES. Timeline – Enquiry 7am 10 July Documents sent 7pm 10 July WES Confirmed receipt and acceptance 14 July. Completed Evaluation – 21 July If I hadn’t found this gents email, we would still be floundering around with UNISA until their offices reopened. • Bachelor of Social Science Honours (Psychology) (UKZN) • Master of Social Science (Health Promotions) (UKZN) UKZN tended to be more difficult, due to their alumni offices being closed due to lockdown. However, we tried our luck and sent off an email with the WES forms attached and hoped for the best. 2 days later we received an email back from UKZN informing us they had digitally sent off the transcripts. My Assessment: • Bachelor of Law (UNISA) See above, followed the same process as my wife’s application. Cost: UKZN Transcripts x 2 - R140 UNISA Transcripts x 2 - Free Courier to WES – No cost, all digitally sent. ECA Assessment WES x2 - R2 976,44 each (230 CAD) = R5 952,88 Total Cost – R6 092,88 Total Cost: R16 163,88
  2. HeidiPatrick

    IELTS - Paper based or computer based

    Hi All Please can I have feedback from people who have done the IELTS test on computer? We did an IELTS test back in 2015 paper based and it was fine, but has expired now. We just trying to find out what people preferred and how the computer one actually works? Thank you 😊
  3. Hi everyone, I hope someone here can tell me whether a university lecturer should write the General or Academic Training IELTS test? The IELTS website isn't clear, and can't find anything on Thank you in advance 🙂 Rene
  4. AlexSA2C

    IELTS Writing marking

    My husband wrote his IELTS today. In task 1 he wrote the letter, signed it and then realized he was short 30 words. He wrote an additional paragraph and put an arrow coming from the place in the letter that it should be added in. The additional text was relevant to the letter. Has anybody done this and has it been included in the marking?
  5. I am so disappointed. I calculated a provisional CRS score and got to 428, but when I officially completed the application, I got 344 When I did some digging, I discovered the problem: IELTS. Each score in the IELTS is converted to CLB (Canadian Language Benchmarks) equivalents. CLB 9 will give you the highest CRS score. For my test I got the following results: Reading: 8.5 Writing: 7.0 Speaking: 9.0 Listening: 7.5 I got CLB 9 for each of them except for Listening, which I got an 8 (the sound quality wasnt too great but it doesnt help moaning about it now) for. Now I redid the official application and lied, I put in an 8.0 for listening and my score jumped to 420. This tiny little thing has a massive impact on your overall score because of Skills Transferability. There are two parts to skills transferability where your language score is relevant: Education and Foreign Work Experience. If you have at least 1 post-secondary degree and at least 3 years full-time paid work experience, you get the maximum of 100 points if you have all on CLB. I meet all the criteria except for stupid listening and I got 38 points out of 100. Apologies if this is known and available, but just needed to type this out. I am having my listening remarked at R1450. Next test date is 2 February 2018 in Cape Town, but I am considering visiting my brother in Johannesburg and writing there on 2 December, because my birthday is 18 December and I will lose 5 points after that date.
  6. Mountaineerinthemaking

    IELTS Cape Town - some info

    Hi everybody This week I attempted my first IELTS in Cape Town. I initially booked the test on a Saturday, but got an email stating that my speaking test would be the Thursday. I drove from Paarl and arrived there just afer 12. A good hour before the appointment at 13:10. I'm not sure whether it was the fact that British Council was in the name that led me to believe that it would be a highly organised affair, but it wasn't. When I arrived, there were quite a few people waiting, the official comes out and calls your name, checks that you are on the list and then you wait. I went in for my speaking test only after 2:30. Ever grateful I took a day's leave! The speaking test: I watched youtube videos on the topics and structure, got some really good tips and spoke to myself the whole morning ? In real life it went so quickly! It's inside a room with a camera and an interviewer asking you questions. Reading, writing and listening tests: This was scheduled for Saturday morning. I had to be there at 7:30, I was already awake at 4:20, slightly stressed because I didn't prepare too much. Again watched youtube tutorials. I arrived just before 7, had a double espresso at the hotel bar, and went in. There were around 150 people writing the test. All of us were standing in a corridor waiting to be processed. Best to leave your personal belongings in your car, take off your watch and leave it there also. They check in everything else and then you stand and wait. There were two lines, one for IELTS general (which I was convinced was me) and UKVI. Ascertain yourself beforehand exactly which test you are taking. When they placed me in the UKVI line, I was stressed out thinking there must be a mistake! You have your photo taken and fingerprint scan. Then you wait, and wait and wait some more. Eventually we went in, classrooms are recorded for UKVI and not for IELTS gen, but the tests are the same. We only started at 10:10, and only finished around 1:45. I think it went well but was a really long day. Here are some pointers: Know which test you are taking. Be prepared to wait around for long periods. Think Unisa, Telkom or any other service delivery centre who doesn't provide any service. Think TIA (this is Africa). (I might be harsh, the inviligators were ill prepared for everybody's complaints regarding the fresh info that was sprung on us!) Bring a copy of your ID with. None of us knew about it and had to go after the fact to a copy shop to get it done. The results are no longer couriered to you. You have to go and pick it up in town. Again, only heard of it on the day. Watch lots of youtube videos on the matter, it really helped me a lot! What struck me the most whilst sitting there is the amount of people trying to leave SA. But also, for me, this is the last step before we can submit an EE, and I guess it started to feel real!
  7. Petronel


    Hi all. I registered for the IELTS Academic test for both me and my husband. I saw over the weekend that CIC only accepts the general IELTS test results! I mailed the British Council to hear if they would change our modules but I'm still waiting for a response. Anyone here who did the Academic version and CIC was fine with it? Please give me some hope that I did not squander R6400 and have to wait until end of September to write the general test!
  8. CrystalClear

    Ielts Worries

    Hi Me, my husband and our two girls are in the process of emigrating to Canada. We just did the speaking part of the ielts and i'm in 2 minds on how we did. I'm extremely nervous for the reading, writing and listening part of the exam. Any advise or tips would be extremely appreciated.
  9. Hi there, We met some awesome people at the same point we are in the immigration process at the IELTS exam at the Rosebank Union Church on Saturday. Since we were not allowed to have our phones at the time none of us could get the contact info while we waited for the "technical difficulties" to be resolved. Anyway, thought this would have a shot at working. Kind Regards Martijn
  10. Marcola

    One step closer: IELTS score

    The results for thr 3rd December tests are out!! And we're just that one step closer to Canada:). I received an 8.5 overall score (reading and listening 8.5, speaking 9, writing 7.5) and hubby 7.5 (reading and listening 7.0, speaking 8.5, writing 7.5). So happy!
  11. graciax452

    IELTS date drama :O

    So went to write my IELTS today, was at Eden College in Lyndhurst. Arrived early but we only got to start around 9:15. About 80 people were sitting the exams. They had those who had not done the speaking exam during the week register first. As I sat down I saw on my little name paper stuck to the desk that my speaking date was actually yesterday and I missed it I was gobsmacked.. just looked at the date and laughed. what was i going to do. I did the listening writing reading, and after the exam just went to the invigilator told her i missed my exam yesterday and she said to be last today after all the other spoke. Sigh, waited around and am done voila! Just goes to skimming documents does not always work... sigh. Result on the 22nd.
  12. Hi all Need some assistance please, I submitted my EE profile back in August, and now my wife has completed her IELTS. Yesterday I added her IELTS scores to my profile and all looks fine, however my points didn't move. She scored an average of 8.0, and by my calculation, we should get an extra 18 points? Does it maybe take a couple of days to reflect? There is a small orange box under that section called 'revert changes', maybe I need to click that (though in my mind, that means 'undo changes')? Any assistance would be appreciated!
  13. Tammy

    English tests - Durban

    Hi All I have not been on the forum for years - we got to Canada in 2011 and it's been a whirlwind since then - but we are finally settling down and LOVING our new home! I am trying to help some friends in SA with their application and since we never had to do English tests - It was not required in 2005 when we applied - I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to when and where and the low down of tests that they can take in Durban! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Tammy