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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I've been in Canada since Dec 2018 and filed my SARS tax return last year like I normally would, but didn't change any details. Can anybody tell me which details I have to change on my profile? Do I have to put in my Canadian address and phone number? Additionally, when filing this year, I will be submitting a zero/empty return. I have not financially emigrated, but don't live in or have a home in SA. Was only back in SA for 3 weeks in 2019. Do I mark the box that says "Mark if you ceased to be a resident of RSA during this year of assessment."? And the next question asks "Were you unemployed for the full year of assessment and did not receive any income...". I've been employed for the year of assessment in Canda, but not at all in SA. Does this question only apply to SA? Anything else to consider? Thanks
  2. Does anyone think that it is worth going through the process of entering the Express Entry pool if one only has about 440 points? We need to rewrite our IELTS, since it has expired since we last attempted this process, but everything else is still valid. Not sure whether we should attempt this again, or if we should rather save our money to try for Australia (or NZ, if all else fails). Any thoughts? My partner will be the main applicant, so is it worthwhile get my extra post-graduate degree verified to help to boost our application? Any ideas how long that takes nowadays, if using MIE and WES for a Tuks degree? Other questions: I am a freelancer (so obviously self-employed, but with no registered business). Has anyone been able to get points for this type of employment? If you were planning on emigrating to Canada, would you delay starting a family until you actually got to Canada, or would you have a child in South Africa and go through the process of adding the baby to your application? Is it realistic to expect to find decent work as a financial manager in the Maritimes, or is that a pipe dream? How long has it take you to feel somewhat settled? What is the average amount of time for an Express Entry application to be processed, in your experience? Would appreciate any input!
  3. RikusF

    Poject Manager seeking job

    Good Day I am a 28 year old IT Project Manager in the Financial sector with a BCom degree in Business Management. I have ~6 years work experience in various positions, mainly in the Financial industry. I am an innovative thinker who likes to find new solutions to problems. I enjoy changing and challenging environments. My Express Entry profile is currently in the Express Entry Pool and application underway. Myself, my wife and two children are very serious about moving to Canada, and we are planning to move as soon as I can find employment. My LinkedIn Profile URL: Regards, Rikus Fischer
  4. ilette

    Financial emigration from SA

    Hi all Can anyone recommend a good financial emigration consultant in SA that deals specifically with emigration matters, paying out of annuities, tax clearances, advise on keeping our company or personal bank accounts, etc. We are leaving SA probably next month but leaving our 2 kids in varsity behind. Thus we cannot close everything and go - need to leave some funds for the kids, and be able to transfer funds to them quickly, etc. We have 2 companies and 2 personal bank accounts and need to juggle between it - therefore we need a professional for advise! Any help...?